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  1. Performance wise I would got with ZX7. Currently playing ZX7 4 iron and 5-PW in Z Forged. Flirted with many other irons including Miura, Titleist, Mizuno but ZX7/Z Forged combo is the longest standing iron set in the history of my golfing life. Srixon has amazing feel but performance is really outstanding with the right balance of forgiveness and playability. I have completely converted ever since including Z Star balls and added Cleveland RTX wedges as well. Everyone goes through a Miura fever once in their golfing life but most end up going back to other OEMs. Myself included and my choice will be Srixon going forward most likely.
  2. I am in the market for a new 3 and 5 fairway woods. Would like to get some feedback for those who have tried Titleist TSi2 or TSi3 fairway woods. What is the main difference in performance off the tee and off the deck?
  3. I game Titleist TS3 driver but have tested both of the drivers you mentioned. I think it is worth noting that the shaft you choose will play a major role in performance. But if we are comparing just the heads, I found both STZ and ZX5 extremely well performing drivers comparable to any of the major brands out there. STZ was good but ZX5 almost kicked TS3 out of my bag. ZX5 looked more appealing to me at address and the sound, distance and consistency was much preferred. Also make sure you test them with the balls similar to the ones you usually game. Eg: Pro V1 vs Pro V1x equivalent. They would feel different off the club head as well. But overall if I am going to replace my Titleist driver from the bag, I would go with ZX5 from the two you mentioned personally.
  4. I would like to get some input/review/comparison for those who have tried both the hybrid version of these shafts. Thinking of installing them in an UDI but not sure which would suit better. Currently playing DI in my 3 wood and Modus 120x in my irons. Thanks.
  5. Do you guys use UDI off the deck on the fairway or exclusively off the tee? Looking to purchase a #2 UDI but I remember having a difficult time hitting it off the fairway in the past... But my handicap was much higher back then as well... Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have been using Srixon Z Forged for quite sometime now and I still love it. I have been waiting patiently for the next version of Z Forged to be released but seems like it will only happen in 2022. So, being an equipment junkie I am, I would like to get some blade recommendation that would perform similarly to Srixon Z Forged - aka blade but forgiving with great forged feel that has similar grind as the VT sole. Just curious to see what else is out there. Thanks in advance.
  7. For those who tried both, would like to hear your thoughts/opinions etc. Which did you prefer and why?
  8. Because WRXers are golf equipment whores....
  9. I play ZX7 4 iron and 5-PW in Z Forged. TBH, 4 iron Z Forged is super playable as well. But ZX7 gives the extra pop for slight more distance which fills the gap between my 5 iron and shortest wood.
  10. The putter in the picture looks like one of the older releases. Some of the new T Hive putter archive can be found here: https://bettinardi.com/collections/hive-archive There are a couple of things to note. Some of the T Hive putters are not necessarily tour usage putters but rather one off putters or very limited putters that is released via Hive Drop or custom order. They almost always comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). If you are after tour putters, you can only likely to get them off the tour van and they have a different markings usually with the wording "tour department" or "tour dept." On the putters as show in the image below. These do not come with COA. Then there are Hexperimental release which are somewhat like a prototype or testing phase of a new putter design or concepts which can be marked by T Hive logo or Tour Department wordings as well.
  11. There are different kinds of "soft" imo. Following are what I have tried and how I would personally catgorize them. Solid "dense" soft 1. Srixon Z Forged 2. Miura MB 101 Meaty "dense" soft 1. Kyoei Meaty "mushy" soft 1. Mizuno
  12. I moved from Vokey to Cleveland Zipcore mid bounce with VT sole. Problem solved even with only 10* bounce on my 58* wedge. Plus custom grind options for only about $10-$15 extra. Give it a try. I was a die hard Vokey fan till I tried Cleveland.
  13. Part of golf game is about etiquette, rules and challenging yourself in honest and ethical way so that we can improve and enjoy the game imo. There is this one young guy in my club who frequently does the following thinking that no one notices, even during comp: 1. Placing the marker in front of the ball when picking up then placing the ball in front of the marker when placing the ball back for a putt. 2. When his ball gets lost but finds someone else's lost ball nearby, he pretends that the wrong ball is his and continues to play without penalty. I have been continuously observing him as he plays with our group frequently but the last straw came about when he picked up one of my good ball (Titleist Pro V1x) and switched it around with one of his old ball. Worst acting job pretending strange that my ball disappeared... I am planning to exclude him from the group as this kind of behavior is just low class. What kind of cheaters have you seen at your course (or played with) and what did you do with them? Did you call them out on the spot?
  14. Srixon Z Forged - Value, looks, feel and most importantly performance.
  15. Yes wedges too. Even using 64* zipcore fullface very effectively without any digging or issues.
  16. Never heard of the double cut sole... Do you have any pics? I am going to google search right after this post.
  17. After I started using Srixon Z Forged, I can't seem to go back to regular iron sole design... Purchased and tried using Mizuno, Titleist, Miura and other brands but ended up selling all of them. It seems like I am pretty much stuck with Srixon going forward... Can't wait for the next version of the Z Forged release... Anyone having this same issue?
  18. They are very different profile from what I know. Maybe this site might help somewhat? https://exactgolf.com/pages/modus-120-project-x-and-c-taper
  19. Can anyone find Srixon Z Forged anywhere? Seems like stores are either out of stock or unable to order. Does this mean something is brewing in the background?
  20. Same here. DG120 X100 feels horrible to me personally. TI X100 is nice and reliable. Not sure why but 120 version feels stiffer and timing doesn't seem to be the same as TI X100. It's not the weight for sure because I can play Modus 120X or KBS $ Taper S flex very well. Just the DG120 seems to be a different beast for some reason.
  21. Hope this chart helps a little. From Titleist website.
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