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  1. Still available despite someone saying they'd send paypal then never doing it
  2. Never hit the previous one and never hit this one enough to even know how it performs
  3. Would also consider other drivers in the current year Callaway or perhaps Ping
  4. I've got a taker for the shaft. Anyone want the head/cover?
  5. The good - This driver has hit about 25 shots The gooder - It comes with the new GD AD HD 6 in Stiff flex The bad - I took one off the toe that shows up if you look closely, and I'm OCD AF and can't live with it The paint isn't scratched at all which you can feel by touching it, just sort of a clearcoat abrasion. The badder - Sorry bruh, didn't clean before pics 10 degree, Stiff flex AD HD 6 playing 45.5 and comes with headcover. GP2 midsize Pro grip installed, logo up. $550 shipped, It would cost you a LOT more for that combo in a store. I'd separate for $375 head/cover $210 shaft But ONLY if I have a buyer for both Trades? maybe a really nice putter with preference given to 009 shape. I'lll be adding an IZ 7s with the Titleist adapter on it later today.
  6. I'll never do business with people who buy limited stuff just to flip it here This isn't supposed to be a retail storefront
  7. I'd really like to stick these in one box and will try to sell them together before I split apart. I did not get a chance to clean them but they're pretty clean. Stock DG Spinner shafts, CP2 Midsize grips. No real signs of use ((no dings) I'd entertain trades of maybe a tsi2 hybrid or 7 wood, higher end putters, who knows what else. $310 shipped
  8. Sorry to hear about your injury. Heal up soon!
  9. Nothing was wrong with his tactics. Let's look at it this way. He countered, until you replied back with yeah that will work it was still a negotiation and someone came in and beat your offer. If he'd have replied back ok my paypal is blah THEN took another offer, I'd see your point. But, that's not how it went down.
  10. As I see it despite the fact he offered a counter the reality is your deal with him was NOT done until you got his paypal. Before that too place, he got a full price offer. I'm curious what the amount difference was. If it was a lot, I see even less fault, if it were $10 here or there, you should have just paid it
  11. pfttttt I just bought a Kia Telluride before I even sat in one clubs are childs play!
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