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  1. Looking forward to following this! Been messing around with some shafts in a set of Apex '21. Currently have the MMT 105 TX in there SSx1. Might be gietting a little number obsessed, but it helps pass the time!
  2. Yea had an iron reshafted and it was less than 2 weeks full turn around.
  3. Playing around with some distance players irons (Apex '21). Really took some pressure of me mentally and allowed me to smooth out my swing. I immediately was swinging my regular (T100S) irons better. I think I'll keep the Apex around and mix it up with them here and there!
  4. Hello all, Time to make a little room in the closet and these gotta go! All prices include paypal fees and shipping cost. Feel free to message with any offers! PING i59 Iron set 4-P. Modus 105 Stiff. Green dot, 1/4" long and power spec. In great shape with only a few range sessions on them. Easily a 9/10. $old paypal and shipped. Callaway Apex 21' TCB Iron set 4-P. Modus 120 Stiff at .25" long. 1 degree upright. Near new condition, only hit off mats. $old Inovai 6.0 Cresent neck 34” and Good condition Like new Superstroke GT 1.0. Stock Headcover $325 Inovai 6.0 Spud Neck Black out 34” and Excellent condition Black betti grip. Blacked out Betti Character Headcover $650 2021 SS28 34” and like new condition Stock red betti grip. Stock Red Headcover $340 pin 11/15
  5. Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond has been a game changer for me. Incredibly forgiving with a nice neutral set up. Not too low of spin and I get away with a lot of bad swings. The TSi3 was also a strong contender and still would love to pick one up at some point.
  6. I am about to make the move to 44(Set PW), 48(Set Gap), 52 MD5, 58 Jaws. I previously ran 50, 54, 58 wedges and it didn't gap well with my strong lofted irons (T100S). This new combo should cover a littler better I think.
  7. Got out and hit the i59 around on the course today. overall I like them. Nothing mind blowing, but they do exactly what they say. Consistent, solid and they are good when it’s wet. I felt the help it gives is confidence inspiring considering it’s size. The offset looks more pronounced to my eye at the ball compared to the T100s. overall they are still a contender and I’ll spend some more time with them on the course this off season. hope some of this info helps people make a decision one way or another.
  8. I had to have mine bent from green to blue (my mistake ordering) and my buddy said they were fairly soft and easy to bend
  9. Sounds like someone commenting who has no experience with the clubs on the course. I’ll tell you all right now, these are not $300-500 better than the other premium offerings from other companies. Period. if you’re considering these, price probably isn’t much of a factor. My comments are based off of head to head comparison. I’m not bias. I buy iron sets regularly. I also sell them regularly with no personal connection to them. If these don’t do well they will be sold and they will likely sell for what I bought them for. I’ll try to keep the updates coming. Playing a round with them again Tuesday morning.
  10. Most irons are bent to produce stronger lofts. The T100s was actually designed around stronger lofts which is pretty cool, so they will maintain the bounce they were designed with. As you bend an iron strong, it decreases bounce by a 1 to 1 ration. 2 degrees strong on the i59 means 2 degrees less bounce. Vice Versa when bending weak (adds bounce)
  11. Put a Ventus Blue 8s into my 19* and it's feeling great so far. The RDX Smoke 70g S was pretty solid too.
  12. The T100 is great through the turf. The i59 I haven't personally had enough time with it to comment. Probably over the next week I'll have a few rounds in with them. My set is power spec so the bound will be slightly less than stock.
  13. Yes, no contention to that point. The forgiveness of the T100 is way more than you would think based on form factor. So far, the i59 probably edge out the T100, but it's so close I'd put it at a draw at the moment.
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