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  1. Ventus was played in a TM mini driver. Unsure of the tipping. SOLD Srixon has a Tensei blue 80tx, great club.. just changing flexes throughout my bag. $140 shipped. PM with any questions or offers.
  2. There were some that were black but the majority were white. All LSP’s were tour only which is why I believe they made some black.
  3. Still one of the best ever made and in great shape. Looking for SOLD
  4. $949 on the card, looking for SOLD Thanks, Brant
  5. Unsure of tipping…. Looking for $100 shipped.
  6. Thanks. Hopefully I can find something a little less stout....
  7. 44” and I’m assuming assuming untipped. Don’t know for certain. Would really like to trade for a Ventus 5x red or black. TRADED DM with any questions. Thanks
  8. All in great shape. Sold for all Knit one is driver, 2Pac is a fairway, 3 hybrids and 2 mallet covers.
  9. Get you a new team to cheer for this year… haha!!
  10. University of Utah logo. Has never seen the course. $450 shipped.
  11. Wilson is stock specs and basically new. SOLD Titleist is in great shape. Comes with TBC headcover and a wrench. SOLD
  12. 1. Raw Tensei white 65x 44.5” long with a Titleist tip. 2. Motore F1 6s 44” long with a Cobra tip 3. Black Tie 6s 44.25” long with a Callaway Tip 4. Riptide hybrid 85s 39.75” long $200 shipped
  13. Titleist TSi3 13.5 degree with stock Tensei 75 stiff. Comes with headcover SOLD Mizuno STz 18* with stock Motore F3 7s. Comes with headcover. SOLD
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