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  1. chrome scuffs easily and dings are more noticeable. satin will sustain the same kinds of scuffs and dings but aren't as noticeable. i would choose satin 10000xxx over any chorome finish. i am allergic to chrome. good luck
  2. thanks bro! that shaft i showed was an iron shaft in an epic iron head. the one in rakuten is a driver shaft.
  3. guys do you have any more info on this shaft? i want to build a client something with this weight category. its not in the USA website or japan. could any one chime in? thanks
  4. these are special order, very hard to get. happy with my 58!
  5. In very good condition no nicks and deep gouges. will ship the head only as i am in asia and shipping to conus is expensive. i want a very reasonable 250$ net to me. price included shipping already. thank you wrxers!
  6. That’s my email address I use it for everything it’s what I have on Facebook and if you check my page it’s not Golf related. This wasn’t for profit. If you check all my sales threads in my profile they are all personal items. As for misleading your entitled to your opinions. If you’ve dealt with me in the past then you must know I’m a stand up guy. Me and the buyer are working it out amicably.
  7. maybe so.. although i think its an honest mistake giving his long feedback here and on ebay.... no pattern of anything bad at all.... Cant give the buyer a free pass... Hes had to get the mods to message him etc and start this thread just for a response after refunding him... if it were a seller who hadnt shipped and went dark for a month everyone here would be ready to hang him ... truly the same difference. Boils down to an unfortunate chain of events...likely both great guys and each knew of some risk when selling and buying from over seas.. both lost , and thats probably as fair of an
  8. i am prepared to do what it takes. i just want my driver back. this is funny stuff. but its real lol
  9. put yourself in the buyers shoes, would you ship back a driver without refund? i would think refund first then ship? i meant well so i refunded as soon as i couldnt sell the driver.
  10. I think that's the entire point. Do you stand by your ad description of it being mint? Because that's what the buyer thought he was getting - a MINT driver. And that is far from it. Had you shipped him a MINT driver, you would not have started this post and the buyer would be out playing the driver he wanted. i liked your post because you are absolutely correct. i totally agree with you. but as i said it was an honest mistake i wont be repeating anytime soon. i just want my driver back
  11. yes my fault. was an honest mistake. would not call it a POS though clearly 7/10 if you take into consideration the crown. the sole is black ion and doesnt have the finishing coming off. if it was used on the course you would see abrasion on the sole and finish coming off. anyways its my fault take full responsibility. in all of my transactions this is probably the 2nd time id have to refund because buyers weren't happy with described condition. stuff like this happens. the issue here is the my experience trying to get my driver back. ive even emailed the buyer saying he can just send it
  12. i will also post our correspondences from the 2nd email account i used since you've ignored me in my first email account. anyways it had to take a mod to email you before you pop up. thank you thank you.
  13. those pics dont do justice to how it is in person. anyway thats beside the point. why would you include your sale of our favourite will peoples without a hitch in this thread?'its got nothing to do with the current circumstances. ive clearly shown the turn of events for everyone to see. you said you would ship this asap. april 16: apparently there was someone interested in the driver but backed out this is the reply , " I gave him until noon today to bring me the money and pick up the driver or I will ship out by close of business. Thanks. " april 18: " He backed out when he picked it up
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