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  1. i have about 8 rounds under my belt with he 506, Coming from the 706. im about a club short vs the 706 but thats expected bec of the lofts. im enjoying the punchy solid hits of the 506 much more. i originally had ns neo950 and that was such a joy to behold, feel was amazing except it was a little loose at times for me. I recently shafted my clubs with MMT105 and wow i really love them, suits my swing more and am able to fully enjoy the 506. Such an amazing powerful combo.
  2. sold out everywhere. let me know. thanks
  3. Wondering. I use a 19* as my lowest driving iron Love it and its so reliable and consistent. Figured Id get a # 2. But i saw that PXG has a 1 15* anyone use this? How demanding is it? Will use it for off the tee use only. I havent used my 3w all season and have Space. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you. Not comfy with the drill. Funny you mention the rat tale file. Was planning to do just that by hand. Regarding rat tail in the drill? Il put the pointy end in the drill ? Never tried that one
  5. Guys would like your inputs on what I should do with this build. Long question short, I am rebuilding my EPon zen putter. I want to keep the original ferrule. Been practicing how to remove iron ferrules w heat and hot water and have been successful in saving them without any damage. the EPon zen ferrule is a long ferrule. Original shaft is a .355 shimada taper tip shaft. The shaft I am using is a .370 Muzik Dogatti carbon shaft. No issue sanding the tip to fit the hosel. I’m worried about the ferrule splitting or warping when inserted into the shaft. will the old hot water trick work in softening the ferrule Into fitting into the .370 shaft? If it won’t work I won’t bother disassembling and will use shaft on another putter. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys I’ve had this for several years now and never had an issue with shafts fitting into the cradle used to pull the shaft. lately though I’ve been wedging a golfworks aluminum block to drive and save the ferrules out with great success. I did however encounter that my latest Build MMT105 the shaft was thicker than normal and wouldn’t fit in the cradle. I want to swap it and change the orientation to a wider diameter but haven’t figured out how to do it. Doesn’t look like a screw as the bolt is round. Looks too small for an Allen wrench to fit in as well. any inputs? Thanks.
  7. They dont make these anymore. I Need the non perforated one. Thanks.
  8. I really Love the hzardus black rdx 90 in my 19* driving iron. Was suppose to Try a tensei pro white which i have but will Try that in a hybrid hybrid. Another Shaft Been wanting to Try is the MMT UT 105. When i build my hybrids i build them .5 longer than the iron they replace. for my my 19 i have it 1” over standard to Max out off the tee. No issues. I just choke down for off the deck. Seriously so much options for driving irons its maddening. Cant Try them all.
  9. SAME! im a shaft ho and ive tried all the brands and Diamana and i get along! im just curious as the Diamana (138G) is heavier than most graphite putter shafts
  10. I game Diamana X series in my Driver and 3w, Tensei white in my hybrid , MMT in My driving iron, irons and MMT scoring in wedges. The OC madman in me is looking at the putter to make it all 14 shafts Diamana. Looking for real world feedback. Thanks in advance.
  11. Anyone has one? WNt to try one thanks.
  12. Installing one of these in an Epon zen putter. It has an unusually long hosel. I a.m Not sure How deep the bore goes but most likely 1.25” as thats standard for most epons and i Can see the curve in the hosel at around that length as well. It also has a very long fancy ferrule. Question, watched the video of the install of BGT Shaft w double bend Shaft and they Guy mentions to measure 8.25” from the Shaft insertion/ top of thr putter. thing is that mallet has no hosel. how do i do mine? What is the top of the Butter? Im assuming the bottom of the hosel bore? Only way to do it is pull the Shaft and measure. This Epon putter is a taper tip.
  13. 44” for me in the last several months and the weakest part of my game(driver) is now my strength. just decided to experiment w an expensive Diamana x series 3 wood and stick it in a driver. Was 44” and wow i became mode consistent and was hitting Center more often. Driving became the easy part of my game. now all my drivers are 44” i tested a 45 for kicks snd wasnt as consistent. I build myself another one in 44.5 to see if i Can gain some distance on the 44 while maintaing forgivness. so far 44” is my magic number.
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