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  1. tipped it .5" no problem works fine
  2. If Nippon releases a GOSt iron shaft that would be awesome. Game over!
  3. Modus GOSt. Love the velvety matte satin black color. Perfect.
  4. Yeah! The modus graphite is the perfect matte finish
  5. I use MMT 105 in irons and in my 3/4 driving irons I use MMT 90 hybrid which is around 98g wanted something to launch higher. Was previously gaming graphite iron shafts snd they were too demanding and not very forgiving on all but perfect strikes.
  6. ThAnks. I Can already Tell the Tensei blue will be awesome. I played the old GD ut95 grey and silver for years snd loved it. I dint care so much for the Trump. thank you. Wish there was more feedback on the MMT
  7. Anyone else Can comment on the tensei blue hybrid vs the MMT hybrid in the same 85 gram category? Thanks in advance.
  8. Not a fan of the New perforated styles. Where Can i get the older cabretta or roo in non perforated? Checked everywhere and have Been unsuccessful.
  9. Driver :Diamana x series 60x woods Diamana x series 70s Di 20* tensei pro white 90s irons MMT 105s
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