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  1. I bought the Z785 and had 1 range session so far! They have X100 Shafts in them. So far the feel is good but wanna see how they are on course!
  2. Like the ad says looking for a 50 Degree SM7/SM8 Wedge Mens RH/ Standard specs MINT or New Only F Grind 08 Bounce PM what you have Preferred if had Modus Stiff 120 or X100 DG Shaft
  3. Lets get these sold Donut $110 Shipped Slot Jockey $190 Shipped
  4. If anyone has a mint/like new one PM Stiff
  5. Interesting feedback, I had the Modus 120 in my AP2 now and the feel is awesome just not loving the iron.
  6. Hey Jace what setup do you have with shafts? Awesome feedback!
  7. Have a couple Blade Covers for sale First Swag Dunkin $125 Shipped US $110 SHIPPED Now Second Swag Slot Jockey $215 Shipped US Now - $170 SHIPPED Now Both are NEW unopened Not interested in any trades thank you
  8. Coming in this weekend to test! I will post results for sure! Now to get low-ball online for my AP2 718 HAHAH
  9. Dalton that is awesome feedback. It has been a bit puzzling that is my hope! The Z785 really seem to be a popular set!
  10. Interesting! What shaft did you test in the 785?
  11. Yes appreciate the info! When they arrive they will be headed toward the range for testing. Once of these days I will just bite the bullet and get fitted lol
  12. Yes I just snagged a set from another WRX that I am excited to test. I have hit the JPX 919 Tour irons as well. The forged seemed more aligned for my game but have heard awesome things about Z785 so why not? haha
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