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  1. I played 2012 when a set of Razr X-forged and while they had good feel, my game wasn't really consistent enough for a blade. I switched in 2013 to the X-Hot 24's. More forgiving by far but I hated the feel of the club. They ball always felt dead coming off the face no matter how well I struck it. After a year of regular, consistent play I made the leap back to more of a player's club this week. I find the AP2 have a much better feel and are still fairly forgiving at my HC. I found a set of 710 AP2's on CL for $350 and was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be in basically ne
  2. Seller claims they have only about 10 rounds on them. I know there have been a decent amount of knockoffs made, could you guys take a look at these pics and let me know your thoughts? http://imgur.com/a/22hlT#0
  3. [quote name='Halebopp' timestamp='1380872592' post='7951219'] Washing clothes in too hot water shrinks them. Of course you need to watch out it doesn't turn into a hybrid head cover. [/quote] Yep, this should do the trick.
  4. Hahah. As it turns out I'm at a local bar right next door to an Imo's in Eureka, MO. The square beyond compare!
  5. Man you nailed it! Keeping my weight back made a huge improvement! Hitting dead straight now with a slight draw every so often. Still working on building the muscle memory but.... Wow! Thanks!
  6. Thanks Troodat! Will be going to the range a couple times in the next 3 or 4 days!
  7. Been playing golf about 5 years, only regularly this year really. Have always been pretty consistent and controllable slight fade with driver. This year, playing regularly, I've apparently fallen into some terrible habits. I have a consistent slice, sometimes even a push slice. I recently made some changes to my swing with irons that has really improved my consistency with the irons, but now my driver seems to have been negatively affected. I can play a long iron of the tee with no issues, but as soon as I pull out the driver the slice is right there. I can see some things I am doing obv
  8. I'd take a 60* if you end up letting it go seperate. I already have vokey 52 and 56, or I'd jump on the set.
  9. [quote name='Huntster' timestamp='1379954594' post='7897541'] The way you handled yourself on the course is much the same as in this thread. You are a baby. [/quote] Sure seems that way. How great his life must be that you have nothing to worry about but some guys leap frogging you at a golf course. I'd love to see how he reacts to actual stress in life.
  10. I don't talk or move around when my partners are at address, but I must admit it doesn't really bother me when they do. Now, if everyone is being quiet and suddenly someone says something during my swing, that will throw me off.
  11. As above posters said, don't go into with an expectation of what you "should" score. Too man variables given you haven't played regularly in years. That aside, I'd say anything 120 or below would be what I would call a decent round to start out with.
  12. [quote name='vtnerf' timestamp='1379682888' post='7882511'] make sure the hosel size is correct before pulling the trigger... [/quote] That's what I need help understanding. What do I need to know in order to make sure they'll fit my X-24 heads?
  13. I'm still learning so forgive my ignorance, but in regards to tip size, how do I know if these will work with my heads? I need a set of these for my X-24 Hot irons. Thanks!
  14. I've been looking for a set of KBS shafts to put on my backup irons. They're X-24 Hot irons and currently have the Callaway Uniflex on them. Local CL ad has a set of 4-PW KBS Tour S flex shafts for sale. Seller says they are takeoffs from a set of AMP irons. Is $125 a fair price for these? Anything I should be aware of as far as using these with the X-24's? I play PX 6.0 rifled on my regular irons, would these be fairly comparable?
  15. If any of you STL guys ever need another, hit me up on here! I live out by Aberdeen/Pevely/Crescent in Eureka. I'm almost always hunting for people to play with as most of my buddies dont have the same passion for playing.
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