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  1. i do for the non-summer, wet months here in the PNW. for a given loft, the M5 3wd launches way higher than SIM Ti to me, and the face angle from address seems more square on the m5, and more closed on the Sim Ti. Feel-wise, that's subjective, as both felt good to me in different ways. The M5 felt more hollow than the SIM Ti to me.
  2. Drivers: Sim 10.5 M5 9 Mavrk Max Diamond Tour 8 Epic Max LS 9 Fwy: Sim 15 M5 15 TSi3 15 TSi3 18 Irons: JPX 919 Tour Ping iBlade '21 T100 Putter: PXG BlackJack Futura 5S SL Ten S SL 7 S SL Double Wide
  3. anyone know where I can buy 2020 Ryder Cup Hats made by New Era, preferably snapback? are they only available at Whistling Straits? When I google for the hat, they're sold out..
  4. a little off topic, but i have same issue with Callaway. Ordered a MD5 Raw 60* T wedge on 9/1. at that time, ETA was 4-6 weeks. Now i'm being told ETA is end of Nov 2020, but that it could change again. is there a shortage in metal? buying guns, ammo, and golf clubs are PITA in 2020, year of the Covid.
  5. do you have an extra set of shaft labels to send with the set?
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