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  1. a little off topic, but i have same issue with Callaway. Ordered a MD5 Raw 60* T wedge on 9/1. at that time, ETA was 4-6 weeks. Now i'm being told ETA is end of Nov 2020, but that it could change again. is there a shortage in metal? buying guns, ammo, and golf clubs are PITA in 2020, year of the Covid.
  2. do you have an extra set of shaft labels to send with the set?
  3. i'd also add, buy the stroke lab weight kit. stock head is 350gr and weight kit gives you option to get headweight to 360 or 340 grams. I also chopped down the shaft from 35 to 33, or 34 to 33, and had to remove the counterweight that is epoxied in the butt of the shaft. And used a Super Stroke grip that comes with the weight you put into the grip.
  4. i just got this putter after trying it out at a local DSG. It's one of those things where it just felt good in my hands and how it lined up at address. and bought in on a whim on ebay. haven't looked back, sticking w/ the double wide!
  5. hi, is the lighting or is there some metal loss on the faces, along the lower grooves? tia
  6. Stock lofts spinned too much for me. I sent them back into Ping to powerspec the lofts. It brought the spin down, and i'm getting normal distance again (8-iron 155 yds, 4-iron 195-200 yds) Very forgiving for a player's club. They are more like a player's cavity back than a "blade" iron. I'm waiting for good prices on iBlades to pickup a backup set, maybe with a different dot color to try it out. The iBlades and Apex Pro 2015s are the only irons to survive thinning the herd for me in the last 9-10 years. I regretted selling my s55s when i got the '15 Apex Pros, and hated myself for the last 4
  7. what is lengrh of tensei blue? what is the shaft originally used in a driver or fairway wood? How much has the shaft been tipped?
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