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  1. I put a U510 3 iron in my bag earlier this month. It's chunky but forgiving, easy off the tee and off the deck. I can't see me going back to an equivalent lofted hybrid.
  2. Totally of topic, apologies. How much difference are you finding between the Black and the new Forged Tec. Are they worth the cost of upgrading? I have the original Forged Tecs from 2015/16 and have been looking at the new version.
  3. Looking and usability, a lot better than the previous incarnation. No more page refreshing / reloading either. Thank you.
  4. Thailand Golf Championship 2014 and 2015. LPGA Siam Country Club, 2014 and 2016.
  5. She won the same tournament in 2017 at 14 years old, she didn't play last year. She lives close by and practices there a lot, which isn't a detraction from her achievement.
  6. Intermittent fasting and exercise is working for me. The fasting can be hard some days due to working shifts. I try and only eat between Noon and 8pm but can eat what I like with moderation. Start with some fast walking 30 minutes a day every day, you'll be surprised how quickly this will turn into a gentle jog and walk and then jogging / running. Weight training will also help with weight loss or rather fat loss. Good luck its hard but worth it.
  7. Very nice! Love the red patent. I got the inspiration from Eddie Pepperall and Matt Wallace, they had similar for the Golf Sixes earlier this year. I hadn't realised I'd clicked on the patent until after I placed the order. One of my better mistakes.
  8. I wear progressive lenses all the time. The only issue I have experienced was I brought a set of Oakley Tincup and the lenses are not high enough to fit the full progressive lens prescription. This messed up my depth perception and putting was a nightmare, when I switched back to my previous frames (with the same prescription) there was a big difference. I only found that out after taking both sets to another optometrist. She said the shop I brought them from should have informed me the exact prescription couldn't have been made to fit those frames.
  9. I played early this morning. The course was soaking as we are in the midst of Monsoon season. My feet stayed bone dry in my Pro SL, no slippage issues. The only downside I seem to have is the middle row of spikes wears quite quickly, this has happened on both pairs I own.
  10. These guys in Denver are good. http://www.sportsoptical.com
  11. Driver swapped from Epic to a G400 Max. Everything else has stayed the same.
  12. I brought mine about 10 days ago, messed around with shafts and have settled on my Fujikura Speeder Evo 2. In the last four rounds I have knocked 1.4 off my handicap and scored a PB of 80 this morning. Its not all driver but there is definitely something about this Ping Pixie Dust filled driver.
  13. Walking street is the other end of the beach, about 10 minutes on a baht bus, (Blue pickups with a roof and seats down the sides.). Beach, you'll be better off using the hotel pools than Pattaya beach. They are trying to clean it up but I wouldn't swim in it. Jomtein is about 20 minutes away further South and that is marginally better. This part of Thailand doesn't really have great beaches, you need to head over to Phuket and the Andaman sea. There are restaurants everywhere and all pretty good value. Beefeater on Soi Diana is good as is Patricks. If you are on facebook have a look for Brea
  14. I've seen that package advertised before, its a great price for the courses you will play. Both the hotels are in North Pattaya, the easiest way to get more into town is by baht bus which is 20 baht. Be careful with your wallet etc especially along Beach Road pick pockets do operate and prey on tourists. Should be a excellent week.
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