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  1. They are forgiving irons, I am really enjoying mine. You can't really handicap range clubs. I'm currently off 16 but that is down to my lack of driving prowess. When I hit a fairway off the tee I am invariably on the green in two, but if I miss 12 out of 14 fairways and am hacking out the trees or rough I am not hitting greens. If you can hit somewhere near the centre of the club face with an iron try them. In fact go and try them against other irons and just buy what feels best to you.
  2. I got fitted back in the middle of November and ended up ordering JPX 921 Forged with DG 95 S200 shafts and 2* flat. They finally arrived yesterday, after being quoted 20 - 30 days delivery. Apparently there was a issue getting the shafts in Asia. I am coming from the original Cobra Forged Tec irons. The Cobra have the same shafts but are slightly longer with slightly stronger lofts than the Mizuno. Went straight to the range and they feel as soft as I remembered. I didn't see the left side of the range with an iron. My big miss has been an off the planet left. The course was pret
  3. I've been wearing Code Chaos Prime Blue in the tropical heat of Thailand with no issues.
  4. Clubs have shipped from Japan and en route to Thailand. Hopefully next week they should be here and cleared customs.
  5. So different lie angle, different grips and different shafts in different heads? I went 2* flatter in my fitting and just that made a big change to my ball flight. I generally lose the ball left with my irons, that lie angle change seemed to take out the left miss.
  6. It's only been a week and I am struggling not to call / message / harass the Mizuno rep for an up date. Must learn patience.
  7. I tried both heads at a recent fitting. The HMP were long and forgiving. The HMB were amazing feel, high straight ball flight very similar distance, on decent strikes. On strikes not so good there was a lot less forgiveness and drop off in distance.
  8. Finally had a fitting with the Mizuno fitter and rep yesterday evening. I currently play 2016 Cobra Forged Tec with DG 95 S200 shafts. 7 iron typically carries right around 155 yards and I can get a high ball flight with not a a lot of roll. First up we started with the Hot metal 7 iron good strong high launching ball flight, this sounds stupid but it carried too far and I'd have problems with shorter distances. Next up the Forged, launched 17.4 degrees, spin was 6590, ball speed 119mph, carry 167.3 yards, not much roll out. This was with the same DG 95 S200 shaft and a 2* flat hea
  9. There is a chart on page one (same as Cobra website), 5 iron with Arcos is 38.5", or 38.25" without Arcos
  10. I currently use Dynamic Gold 95 S200 shafts in my irons. These are unavailable where I live in Thailand and import tax doesn't make it worthwhile ordering in a replacement from Singapore / Malaysia etc. What would be a suitable alternative in my 5 iron. Many thanks.
  11. Thats in a small fishing village called Anstruther, not far from St Andrews. Sells lovely fish and chips.
  12. The ZX 7 are retailing here in Thailand for 29,700 Thai baht (Approx 965 USD, £745, or 1343 AUD), that is 10,000 Thai baht (320 USD, £250, 450 AUD), cheaper than the JPX 921 forged are currently on sale for with a 20% discount. Unfortunately I have not found anywhere that has an outdoor hitting area or even a fitting cart. The stores wrap several layers of white masking tape over the head and tell you to hit into a net. For an area that has over 20 courses within 40Km's, there is a serious lack of fitting available.
  13. Im playing the original 2015/16 Forged Tec and thinking about changing for either P770 or Srixon ZX7.
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