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  1. Thanks for the info Would the AV Raw White have better materials than the CK Pro White?
  2. I noticed this hybrid shaft is NOT an upcharge on Titleist’s website. However, it is an upcharge in the 5-Wood. Is this shaft built the same as the upcharge ones? ie: the driver and fairway versions? Thanks, Rod
  3. I wouldn't say that a higher lofted driver is more 'forgiving'. A higher lofted driver may have a tighter dispersion pattern as described above with the spin characteristics, but not necessarily more forgiving. just my .02 cents
  4. Has anyone played this 5-wood? I saw it today at the retail store (couldn’t hit it as they didn’t have a demo one). I like the look of the bigger head, but not sure what to think about the head being 50 grams lighter. Just wonder if it’s a solid, stable feel or a lighter ‘hit it with a feather’ club. Thanks, Rod
  5. Thanks for the replies. I hit the Ventus Black 5X in my driver and really like it. I also have a G425 Max with that same shaft. Was thinking of picking up a 5-wood and putting the 5X in it. Just noodling ideas around. Maybe I should just sell the 425 with the 5x and then I won’t be tempted to experiment
  6. Other than getting the swing weight correct, is there a technical downside to having a 50 gram series shaft in a 5 wood? I would tip the shaft an inch, and butt trim to length. Thanks for any advice Rod
  7. My Rovic has the silicone straps. However, I pulled the bungie ones off my 3.5+ and put them on the Rovic. I just like the way they look and work better
  8. Item has been sold. I've had this driver for several months (had the LST earlier in the year). I've played it off and on and figured out Ping drivers are just not for me. It has 6grams of hotmelt in a neutral location, done by a local member here - J13. I've changed out the weight to a 17gram so the swing weight has stayed the same (I'll include the 23 gram head weight in the sale). Sound is much, much better - no loud ping at all. The shaft is the stock Ping Tour 65 Stiff. I never removed the Arcos sticker from the end of the grip. This club looks and plays brand new! Driver comes with the headcover, but for the life of me I can't find the head wrench. I'll keep looking, and if I find it, I'll put it in the box. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift Thanks, Rod
  9. after some filing, I was able to get the upper mount to expand out wider and all is good now Thanks, Rod
  10. Hello all I recently picked up this cart to work with my Alphard V2. While that all works great (turning was the big win for me here), I have noticed that the top bag mount (holder, or whatever it's called) is quite narrow. It doesn't open up wide enough for my Titleist Hybrid stand bag to fit. With my Clicgear 3.5+ the top mount is rather wide, the bag sits in (the stand legs is what makes contact), then the straps hold it in place. However, with the Rovic I can't get the bag fully seated. I've tried pulling the stand legs off the bag, but that didn't help (and had other negative consequences). I've measured between the arms on top and it's only 6.5" wide. By comparison, the bottom mount is also narrow, but the arms extend out wider (see pic). I'm thinking of grinding the top arms to see if they will open up wider. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a replacement top mount that would allow for a stand bag to fit in there nicely? Thanks, Rod
  11. I cashed in my 'pro shop credit' and got one of those - absolutely love it!!! I'm not near as tired after walking 18 holes, and my back is not as stiff or sore either. I have a Clicgear 3.5+ and mounting the brackets and seat were pretty straight forward. However, turning with that fixed front wheel is kind of a pain. Not a deal breaker by any means, just annoying to try to make any sort of sharp-ish type turns. I got to where I would push down on the handle and click the turn button for the V2 and that really helped. Once it's headed down the fairway and I tried to turn it - no problem at all. Being a picky type guy, I ended up buying a Rovic RV1S and this one works out just as well as the 3.5+ AND it turns a ton better!! I can get 27 holes pretty easily. I pushed the limits one time and got 32 holes before it finally gave up. As a side note, when the unit is off and you push it, it's not too bad. not as free wheeling as the standard cart, but nothing like pushing a 100lb sled around. Hope this helps, I've been very happy with mine
  12. thanks for the info! I was hoping this would be the case. I like the feel of a bit lighter head and feel that I can swing it better. Am going to do some on course testing tomorrow and see how this works when it matters Thanks again, Rod
  13. I was wondering if adjusting the head weight of a driver - say going several grams lighter to lower the swing weight - would make any measurable difference in ball speed (distance)? Assuming the clubhead speed stays the same. Thanks in advance, Rod
  14. I had my 425 Max hot melted by J13 here on this site. I had him put in 6 grams. I then switched out the weight (original is 23 grams) to the LST version (17 grams). Head stayed the same weight and the sound is so much better!
  15. Update: I had a few minutes today so I stopped by my local retailer today and hit their 425 Max - with my Ventus Black 5X shaft. After 10 shots I looked at the 'Club Data' and my path Average was .5 degree Out to In and the Toe was 2 degrees up. I then hit the TSi3 again with the stock AV Raw White shaft (Stiff) and after 10 shots the path was again, .5 Out to In but the Toe was 4 degrees down. I didn't have the time to switch out the Titleist shaft to the X flex, but I'm encouraged that with the Ventus Black 5X shaft the toe is not down. That being said, the shot shape for the TSi3 was a relatively straight shot - not the big fade I had the other day. I've ordered another Ventus Black 5X and will put it in a new TSi3 head and test this on the course (hoping it works well and will move into my bag ) One other thing to note is that the ball speed on the TSi was just over 4 mph faster than the 425. Thanks, Rod
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