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  1. I recently picked up the 425 LST (replaced my 410+) and was told by the shop that the head weight position isn't designed for fade or draw bias, but more to align with toe or heel shots. Something along the lines of putting the weight where you hit it most. So, I noticed I tend to strike closer to the toe, but my miss is a fade -> Slice. On a whim at the range today I put the weight in the toe side and it seemed to help with a more solid feel at contact and my shot shape seemed to be pretty normal for me. In the back of my mind I just feel on the course it will be right going
  2. Thanks Matt for the quick response. I'll see what the local CC has for a special on putter fittings. In looking at my current putter, it appears it has 33 degrees of toe hang (which may be why I struggle with straight back and straight through) and the new Spiders have 20 degrees for Flow Neck and 28 degrees for Slant Neck. So, the slant neck is closest to what I have, but maybe moving to Flow Neck would be closer to how I like to putt.. just what I've found so far.
  3. Hello all... I currently game the Toulon Las Vegas with the H7 neck. I really like the looks of the neck on this putter. I try to keep my stroke as straight back and straight through as possible. Lately, the new Spider EX putter has been catching my eye, and I'd like a softer feel off the face. My question is, which neck would better suit my putting style? The Slant Neck or the Flow Neck? My local course has the slant neck in stock and I have some credit there, just don't want to make a mistake if one neck is designed for straight back and through and the other for arc'ing.
  4. That's exactly what happened with mine Oddly enough, the sound of the LST was quieter than my hot melted 410. I want to play a round or two and see if that holds up. If not, it will be coming your way
  5. update: i tried the 'easy out' route, filing a slot in the top to use a flat blade screw driver, all failed. So today I went back to my dealer and whadda ya know, they had another LST on the shelf. Easy peasy switch out! Back in the game now
  6. Hello everyone.. I just picked up a 425 LST and was moving the sliding head weight from Draw to Neutral and when i was tightening it, it snapped off leaving a small portion sticking out of the threads. Any ideas on how to get this out? I've tried some needle nose pliars, and some heat with needle nose vice grip pliars, but no luck. I'd really like to get this out myself, rather than taking it back to my retailer and having Ping warranty it. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rod
  7. my local shop had a 425 lst come in with the rogue shaft (my order will be another 2.5 weeks). They called and asked if I wanted the club or the head. I dropped by and picked up the club and when I got home i swapped out the shaft to a Ventus. Can't wait to hit it!!! Oh, I did notice that the LST came with a 25 gram weight in the back instead of the 17 Looks like another trip to the store to swap out the head weight for what should have been in there
  8. Hello all you smart fellers Quick question regarding the Aldila Rogue 130 MSI White shaft that comes as a stock offering. Is this the same shaft that sells online for $300 ? Or is this shaft made from 'lesser materials' and just branded the same? Thanks, Rod
  9. I ordered a 425 LST 9* with Tour 65 Stiff shaft (no arcos) at 45.5" on 3/8 through my local retailer. I was told it would be about 4 to 6 weeks, but of course I'm getting antsy... I emailed Ping but no reply yet. Any idea if Ping is still 4 to 6 weeks out with delivering a stock club? Thanks Rod
  10. If you had the 9 degree head and went to the big + (plus) it would set the loft at 10.5 degrees and be slightly closed. Did you mean to say you set it to the big - (minus)?
  11. I'm curious about how shaft length is measured. Specifically, at the grip end. On most grips there is a double line about 1/8" or 1/4" from the very end. From what I've seen, most measurements are to that point, rather than the very end of the grip. Meaning, if a driver has a stated length of 45.5" should that be to the double line, or to the very end of the grip? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a G425 but will end up ordering it without the Arcos stuff, and want to make sure I get the right length ordered. Thanks, Rod
  12. Thanks for the info. I hit the range today to work on my swing and see if I could get the new Oban Devo under control. Just never felt like I could release the clubhead and turn the ball over. Hit too many power fades for my liking. I'm going back to the CK Orange stock shaft (stiff flex) so I can turn the ball over. My swing speed is between 107 and 110, so I'm thinking the X flex may be a little too much for me. So, tipping the Ventus Blue 6S an inch will mainly make the tip stiffer, right? Thanks, Rod
  13. I went thru a fitting and now I have a shaft i’m not happy with and my wallet is lighter Trying to get back to what i had with the Blue 6S Velocore, but want to land between Stiff and X-Stiff to help with my dispersion. Which of the following would work - if any 1. Blue 6S and tip it 1” 2. Blue 7S 3. Black 6S and tip it 1/2” 4. Black 7S Thanks for any advice or tips. Rod
  14. Thanks for the reply Stuart. What the fitter was saying was with my swing speed (it was 109 - 111 on their Trackman) I needed to time the release just perfect, otherwise the dispersion was quite a bit left and right. I did struggle with some fades that borderline on slices, and the occasional snap hook. They had me hit the Oban Devo 7 X flex in my own driver head and it was night and day difference in dispersion. I hit a couple other X flexes (Tensei, Diamana, Fuji) but none of those had as good of a dispersion pattern. At the time, it all sounded good to me, and the
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