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  1. I really like it. I went with the Black 5X, tipped 1/2 inch. Now I just need to work on the same swing and quit trying to kill it
  2. I’m selling my Ventus Blue 6S with Velocore shaft. I purchased it from JD on this site a couple months ago. No issues at all with the shaft, but i’ve moved to the Black version. It has a playing length of 45.25”. From the tip to end of the grip is 44.25”. The shaft has not been tipped. $290 shipped USPS Priority in the lower 48 states. Outside of that, DM me and let’s work out shopping. I will be out of town on 7/28 and 7/29, so my replies may be delayed. Thanks, Rod
  3. Not sure if this is the right place or not, but here goes... I rented a Ventus velocore shaft from them a week ago. They shipped it USPS in a tube container, with a preprinted return slip - pretty cool I used the shaft for a full day and then put it back in the tube and dropped it off at the Post Office the next day. All easy, simple and convenient. When the package arrived back to Shaft Shack it had been damaged to the point the shaft was broken Needless to say, I did not return it that way, it was damaged in shipping. Shaft shack immediately charged me ful
  4. Thanks Stuart for the information. I enjoy learning the why Now, if i could only find a place to demo shafts for a small fee would be nice!
  5. Thanks for the info. Would tipping a Stiff shaft an inch be closer to an untipped X flex? Just wondering if I should try a tipped S flex rather than jumping into an X flex. After a fitting gone wrong with CC, I ended up with an X flex and all I could hit were fades (borderline slices) and it never felt like I could load the shaft. I'm thinking of the Ventus Blue 6X or the 6S tipped an inch. Going into a G410 or Sim2 Max Thanks again for the advice and help. Rod
  6. Hello again… I’m curious, in general, what type of shot would a player see if the driver shaft is too stiff? Fades? Lower flight? Loss of distance? Would too soft a flex result in bigger misses left and right? My driver swing speed is right at 108 and there’s this nagging voice in my head that says I should be hitting X flex (I currently play S). Thanks, Rod
  7. ^^ thanks for the info. Looks like the S model is the only one that has that 'feature'. As posted above, would that imply that the S model would be more forgiving than the non-s model?
  8. Sorry for the noobie question, but what is a TPU (or TPE) insert? Is it like the 'speed slot' on the sole of the P790's?
  9. Full disclosure: Last year I originally bought the T100-S model and had them shafted with KBS $-Taper lites (I had been playing the $-Taper). The Lites were 105g and the original ones were 120g. I noticed the ball would go quite a bit further than my 718 AP2's and never did get used to the gapping on the lower end of the set. I chalked it up to stronger lofting a lighter shaft and my swing speeds more than likely increased with the lighter ones. The ball flight seemed to be a bit higher when actually playing on the course. I traded them back in (love the 90 day ret
  10. Thank you for the replies. I am good with my current setup with regards to distance. The thought just popped into my head that if I had some stronger lofted clubs I could swing a bit easier (ie: smoother, better tempo, etc..) and still hit the same yardage. End result being the same, but how I get there being a bit different. Just wanted to see if 2* would really make much of a difference. As pointed out, 4* seems to equal between 10 to 15 yards in my irons. Thanks again, Rod
  11. Hello fellow addicts Looking at the new Titleist T100's and I was wondering just how much of a difference 2* of loft makes on the T100S model? I have the traditional lofts, so for example, my 7 iron is 34* and I carry it 175 (live and play at elevation in Utah). With the T100S 7 iron it's listed at 32*. Would that be 5 yards longer? 10? Assuming the same shaft and swing speed. Thanks in advance for any info / advice. Rod
  12. I hear you on that. I scored well today and it was a result of my driver not putting me in any trouble. I have lots of confidence in the Ping and a feeling of waiting for the foul ball to show up with the Titleist. That nagging voice in my head says the foul ball is a result of the shaft and I need to put a Ventus in it.. it's only money, right? lol
  13. Really interested in this.. I have a G410 with a Ventus Blue 6s untipped and i like it. For some reason I picked up the TSi3 and have struggled to hit it. At the point of either returning the TSi or trying a Ventus in it. Was thinking of tipping the Blue, but after reading this I like the idea of a Red tipped 1.5". My swing speed is around the 107 to 110 range - depending on which LM I'm on. Never felt like an X flex was for me - I've got a smoother transition to start the downswing. Any other advice for fitting this into a TSi3 head? Thanks, Rod
  14. I played the G410+ plus today (ventus blue 6s) and hit a lot of good drives. Dispersion was better than the TSi. I'm thinking of returning the TSi and getting the In Store credit.. I just can't bring myself to get another Ventus in hopes that I hit the TSi better. Even when I do flush a TSi it's 10 maybe 15 yards further than G410. My confidence in the Ping is high right now..
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