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  1. I've looked through this thread but didn't notice any mention of when the Fairway wood will be available to the public. Anyone know if we're looking at the end of September or more like Christmas time? Thanks, Rod
  2. I ordered a set of T100s with the $-taper lites back in early August. They showed up in less than 2 weeks. Long story but I ended up returning those and got the T100 with the $-taper (same shaft that I had in my AP2s) and those took a week to get here. Rod
  3. I'd like to pick up a new hybrid, more than likely a 2 hybrid or 3 hybrid that I can as a 2nd shot into par 5's and off the tee if needed. I currently have an older Titleist 818 21* and like it. I've noticed that the TS2's have dropped in price, so my question is.. should I pick one up now, or wait until the new TSi hybrids are out, and pay more? Will they really be *that* much better? Thanks, Rod
  4. I have the 718 AP2s with the $-Taper shaft and love them. For some reason I got the bug for the T100s irons. I bought them and had them shafted with the $-Taper Lite shaft. They felt great but the distance gaps just didn't work out for me. Example: full shots I hit the PW 145, but the 9 iron was 165? 8 was 175 and the 7 was 195... Took them back (love the 90 day return policy) and got the T100 with the $-Taper shaft. Peace and order has now been restored to the force Feel is off the charts, turf interaction is greatly improved and the distances are within 5 yards of my A
  5. Hopefully this is a quick and easy question. I play the Ping G410 and have found I hit more consistent shots when I move the shaft adjustment to the Flat setting. Other than being flat, does that setting have any other effect on ball flight? Or does the flat setting just work better for my swing? Thanks in advance, Rod
  6. Hello fellow golfers I'm considering a Ventus for my G410 and would like to know where I can find the best price on a new one? Ebay, or is there a member here that sells them new? Thanks, Rod
  7. good points, I hadn't thought about the bounce. Currently it's a 46* F Grind with 8* of bounce. Bending stronger would take the bounce lower, correct?
  8. I'm considering some new irons and not wanting to pick up the PW from the new set. I'd like to bend my Vokey 46* to 44* once the new set comes in and I've had a chance to figure out the yardage difference between clubs. Can you bend Vokeys that much? Thanks, Rod
  9. I've been bitten by the new club bug and currently the Titleist T100s is the club of choice. I currently play the KBS $-Taper in my irons, but would like something that is a bit lighter to help pick up that ever elusive 1 to 2 mph of club head speed.. lol Since I'm familiar with the $-Taper, I was thinking of the Lite version, but the local shop didn't have one in the fitting cart to test with. They did have the Modus 3 Tour 105, which I liked! Club head speed was up 2mph over my own 7-iron, launch and ball speed were better than my own club as well. So, I got to reading up and from what I
  10. I remember a fitting video that stated even with the stronger lofts, the newer clubs will launch the ball higher and with less spin. This is supposed to result in a steeper angle of descent and less roll out. For those of you that have been hitting the P790's have you found this to be true? example: do you hit the lower lofted 7 iron higher than your previous 7 iron? Does it roll out any less? Thanks in advance, Rod
  11. Thanks for the comments! Sounds like they’re both good clubs, just comes down to personal preference. I hadn’t realized the no-charge shaft options for the U500. I’ve been a fan of the Tensei shafts, might have to look into them today. Thanks again, Rod
  12. Has anyone played both the Taylormade UDI and the Titleist U500? If so, is one any more forgiving than the other? I'd like to pick one up, with a steel shaft and keep the length around 39". I just feel that would be easier for me to control and take away the urge to try to bomb it all the time. The intent is to simply get the ball in play off the tee on tighter holes, and hitting 2nd shots into par 5's. Thanks in advance. Rod
  13. Checking sst pures website, it's $75 a club for retro-puring. Ship them your clubs, they pull the shafts, pure them, reinstall them and put on a new grip, then ship back to you. They have local shops across the US that can also do it, so I'm waiting to hear what they would charge. Then wonder if they assembled them correctly.. :/ Maybe I'll just skip the whole process and trust my swing :) That's free!!
  14. Apologies in advance if this has been covered. I've done several searches but can't seem to find any good posts... Short version is I've been bitten with the "I want a new set of irons" bug, and I've never been fit for shafts. I picked the ones I play now just by how they felt in the simulator at my local golf retailer. I've heard that fitting and puring costs quite a bit of money and thought I'd ask if anyone has experience - before and after puring - and if it made any noticeable difference. Currently I play 718 AP2's with KBS $-Taper 120's ordered directly from Titleist. Thanks, Rod
  15. hold the thin edge of a credit card against it and see if you see light between the card and face. (making the assumption the thin edge of a credit card is flat) Rod
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