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  1. The second one has only 12 grooves too
  2. Do these come with the same 2 yr waterproof… it does not say on the site, whereas it says it does on the regular infinity tour
  3. Wow out of town for a couple of days and this thread blows up! So I played three rounds with my gen4 x. I hate to admit it, but it beat out my sim. It is not much longer, but it is a way straighter. The moveable weight makes a huge difference. set up that won: gen4 x 9 degrees. 45.5 gd tour ad tp 6s. Weight configuration still needs to be tuned , but right now, heaviest in the heal, second heaviest in the back, lightest in the front. I almost found this to have too much draw. I have the weight kit and have not messed around too much yet. keep the stories going
  4. I am going to follow this closely. I too want to know more.
  5. This is an easy one for me 22 degree adams super ls hybrid. Long, high and straight. It never lets me down
  6. I am so pumped to try it tomorrow! Thanks guys!
  7. I have both. More just curious what others are finding.
  8. Just want to hear how the battles went. What beat the gen4 out, What did the gen4 beat……. I am about to do vs sim2
  9. Miura cb 301, srxion zx7
  10. Sadly I just went through the same thing. I loved my tsi3 so much. Looks sound and feel. Performance was great on center strikes, just ok on off center. I tried sim2 and the thing is ultra forgiving. It is just long and straight - every time. The two shafts that are in the running are Tensei 1k and Tour ad HD. So far the HD is impressive.
  11. Vapor pro.....best looking and feeling driver
  12. I am Canadian and I have ordered a ton of stuff off stuff off of bst. USPS is by far the best option. It is the least amount of hassle, for both buyer and shipper.
  13. Do you guys think the proto is the exact same as the gen4 except without the nice colour finishing?
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