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  1. Thanks for the advice, I that all seems to ring a bell
  2. Epic max ls to either g425max or sim2
  3. I have a callaway (epic max LS) shaft that plays at 45inches. If I put a taylormade or ping adapter will it still play the same? thanks in advance Tim
  4. Sf 505 it says . I would assume that is the 505 model in that weight there is 505, 505x, 505xx 505 is 95-105. Ss I believe
  5. I wish I did not have wide feet
  6. They have wide tour infiniti?
  7. They are ultra narrow. I wanted to get these but my foot would not fit
  8. The second one has only 12 grooves too
  9. Do these come with the same 2 yr waterproof… it does not say on the site, whereas it says it does on the regular infinity tour
  10. Wow out of town for a couple of days and this thread blows up! So I played three rounds with my gen4 x. I hate to admit it, but it beat out my sim. It is not much longer, but it is a way straighter. The moveable weight makes a huge difference. set up that won: gen4 x 9 degrees. 45.5 gd tour ad tp 6s. Weight configuration still needs to be tuned , but right now, heaviest in the heal, second heaviest in the back, lightest in the front. I almost found this to have too much draw. I have the weight kit and have not messed around too much yet. keep the stories going
  11. I am going to follow this closely. I too want to know more.
  12. This is an easy one for me 22 degree adams super ls hybrid. Long, high and straight. It never lets me down
  13. I am so pumped to try it tomorrow! Thanks guys!
  14. I have both. More just curious what others are finding.
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