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  1. Do you guys think the proto is the exact same as the gen4 except without the nice colour finishing?
  2. Did you say earlier in this thread that you were gaming spider x before? Compare spider x and one and done., if you could, please
  3. Looks like pxg is the winner....pricing is great right now too
  4. Me either....the gen2 I was pretty much perfect.
  5. I found gen2 pxg 0811x and cobra f9 very quiet. Both were perfect in my opinion.
  6. I got a hole in one from my last box of rzn black
  7. Does the proto 3 wood have the same feel and sound as gen2. I played a sim ti 3 wood last year and really missed my gen2.
  8. awesome. I wonder if the proto’s are exactly the same as gen4 except without the fancy colours.
  9. Anybody hit the pxg proto and hybrid fairway woods? I love the gen2. The proto pricing is so good and it does not have the skunk top of the gen4
  10. Wow everyone is so picky. Ok. Real unicorn cause this sim will probably go down as one of tm’s best drivers.
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