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  1. For sale are two top quality iron sets. First, callaway legacy black 5-pw. Comes with kbs tour r+ shafts, plus +1 inch from standard. These are the year model that Stenson uses. Some bag chatter but pretty good. No big gouges or dings. I have 2 sets of these, the others are my gamers. Great feeling irons. $400 or best offer Second, mizuno mp 53 5-pw. These will be sold as heads only. 1 degree flat from factory standard. Some bag chatter, but no big marks. These were going to be my practice set but need to down size. My loss, someone’s gain. $200 or
  2. I'm not sure how good torque is to use as a purchase point, but any torque 2.7 to 3.1 is usable in a driver for me. Whether it is stiff or x-stiff doesn't matter to me if the torque is inside those numbers. Generally, the heavier shafts have lower torque.
  3. Driver shaft was pulled from a rogue sub zero head. I don’t have any info on tipping. It’s 43.5 raw length. I believe it played 46 in the rogue but I never measured it since I didn’t play it. I didn’t see any noticeable shaft marks. Looks like their was a plug in the tip. Shaft sticker came off when my builder took the grip tape off. Not sure what to open the sale at so please feel free to send any offer. $85 or best offer
  4. These were pulled from a 5-pw set of Callaway legacy black irons. I believe they are .370 and parallel tip. Torque rating is 2.5. Shaft length uninstalled below; 5- 36 3/4 (one tape measure mark past 3/4) 6- 36 1/2 7- 35 7/8 8- 35 1/2 9- 34 7/8 w- 34 3/4 $100 or best offer ($12 shipping)
  5. Head only. See pictures for condition. $50 or best offer ($5 shipping)
  6. I like my driving 4 iron more than my regular 4 iron because mishits aren't punished as much. It's a touch easier to for me to hit lower flights with the driving 4 over a 4 hybrid, too.
  7. Something 18-21 in loft. Find a shaft weight in between the two and make sure the length no more than an inch longer than your 4 iron.
  8. More comes into it than just matching loft and lie when it comes to matching a players iron to a game improvement iron. You could jack the bounce up on the players iron if you bend them too far forward. Most gamers have a more aggressive leading edge and thinner sole. Combine that with far less than originally intended bounce, and you are losing some forgiveness. You got to know your swing and your miss-strike tendencies. Altering loft is one way to go but shaft length is also an avenue to explore.
  9. Each player has to know there tendencies and play to those during the round. You create new tendencies or corrections in practice. If your strike is inconsistent and there is no penalty behind the flag if you go long, then club up. If you don't have freedom behind, play to the middle but choke down in order to better pure the strike. Relaxed hands generally leads to better strike.
  10. For sale is a Diamana S+ 90x fairway shaft. Length is 40.75, little to no wear on the shaft. Rare-ish weight option for this model, torque is 2.7 I think. Thought I had it sold a few times but the deals kept falling through. Played to 4 wood length. $50 or best offer
  11. I just took the 4 iron and 56 wedge out of my bag. So I’m down to 12. Bought my irons second hand off eBay. The weight/feel and performance throughout the set were about what I expected so I never bothered to check the specs. Took me about a year to notice that the 4 iron and 5 iron were pretty close in performance. Turns out the lofts were 24 and 26 (and each iron is 2 degrees flat). So I dropped the 4. I only have one 3 iron shot at my home course so I was using it mainly for punch outs. I dropped the 3 about a month ago in favor of a lob wedge. Hoping the lighter bag makes walking
  12. That’s a pretty solid starting thought. 3 options off the tee is nice; driver, wood, hybrid. There are two potential loft gaps or issues; hybrid to 5 iron and pw to 56. 4 hybrid’s are 23-24 loft. 5 irons can be anywhere from 24-28. Some of the distance iron sets have their pw at 44-45 loft. 44 to 56 is a massive gap. May want to find a set with a gap wedge if you go the distance iron route. I wouldn’t put much mind into having a forged or cast or expensive brands.
  13. He knew some numbers. It didn’t sound like he is tracking his specific attack angle or back spin or path but he did have his carry numbers and he knew his ball height. He took the ap2 4 iron out because he couldn’t get it above 70 feet. I’m going to take this a step further and play three 6 irons.
  14. Need these moved, will take any legit offer. Price listed includes shipping. Price drop on 6/5. Price drop again on 6/7. Finally drop before it heads to the bay. 1) Diamana S+90x shaft. Rare-ish weight for an S+ fairway model. It is 40.75 in length and has little to no wear. Played 42.5 in my 4 wood. Torque is 2.7 I believe. $50 or best offer 2) 910f 17 head with adapter Bought used off eBay. There are marks on the middle of the crown and high heel. Was trying a 4 wood for my bag. Tested it in the shaft above. It felt (sounded) just like the 910f 15 I’m keeping in the bag. So
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