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  1. I'm in the market for a new driver and I think I've found the head I want but I was hoping to perfect my shaft combo, with some demo'ing. My SS ~100 MPH but my tempo is very aggressive. I don't have trouble getting the ball in the air and in my limited experience low launch/low spin shafts have worked well for me. I'm coming from a 60g Aldila Rogue Silver 125 Tour Stiff and I've decided it's a bit too much club for me. Shafts I've hit: 60g Aldila Rogue Silver 110 stiff-not sure, probably a decent fit since I mostly liked the 125 tour stiff. 70g HZRDUS Smoke Green
  2. I have a strong tendency to manipulate my hands in the backswing (and throughout the swing) in order to avoid opening clubface. I know there's no need and it's not beneficial but I subconsciously want to keep the clubface and my left hand/wrist square. Any good drills or advice to get the proper feel down?
  3. Thank you so much for the free advice. That makes a ton of sense, especially when you mention getting onto the outside of the rear foot. That's definitely something I feel. When you say my pelvis needs to be more centered are you referring to that same lateral movement away from the target or my setup?
  4. Background: I write RH and have done everything athletic LH until I took up golf about 5 years ago. Out of convenience I played with RH clubs. Played or hit balls nearly every day for ~2 years broke 100 a couple of times but always felt like I could play better if I changed to my natural side. Made the switch to LH about 2 years ago and while I've had a few periods of unsustained success, it's mostly been a struggle. While I never took lessons RH, I took a handful with two different instructors as a lefty but no progress really seemed to stick. This past year I was basically battling the sha
  5. Definitely. Started up the season last month striking the ball like a magician, it was great. Last week I completely lost my swing and had to give up mid-round. Followed that with a range session in which I couldn't even hit chips properly. I can get to the point I just holding the club feels totally foreign. However, I think I've FINALLY found my proper grip and that's helped me a ton in terms of consistent ball striking and comfort. When I'm off, I really worry about what my hands are doing and I can't help but manipulate the club. Of course that just leads to a slippery slope of snowballing
  6. Hoffmann played fairly solidly today, just didn't sink every possible putt like on Thursday. Regardless, he righted the ship the finish the round and still has a share of the lead. Can't say he's the favorite at this point, but he's definitely got a chance. On a completely unrelated note, I bet a few bucks on him at 100:1...
  7. Maybe it's an AoA thing if you're hitting the big guy and your irons well.
  8. Is the Jetspeed still available? My swing is probably more suited for a Stiff flex, but could handle some lighter XS shafts. Would the TP XS be too much shaft for me?
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