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  1. Do you recall the tip size? Looking to put in a CT tour as I don’t really care for the feel of the stroke lab anymore.
  2. New Level. I just picked up a pair of TRI-WEIGHTS 50,55 and they are excellent.
  3. Nice. I had the matrix in an X. Can’t say it was easy to hit, but it went miles when you flushed it. Enjoy!
  4. Interesting. Thanks for passing along that info! Appreciate it. Seems like an interesting profile.
  5. Do those have the Matrix Prototype Red shaft in them? I had the 16. Absolute rifle.
  6. Would going to the 65TX version play slightly softer as compared to the 85TX? MCA states 3.2 torque (65TX) compared to 2.7(85TX). Would a higher lower torque correlate to a stiffer cpm?
  7. Appreciate the feedback. I spoke with a titleist rep and MCA said it plays similar to an X tipped 1”. Less resin in the tip section, stiffer tip, and larger butt OD.
  8. Your SS and Ball speed numbers seem pretty similar to mine. Was around 12-13 launch with 2800-3k spin and 165ish bs with the Tensei White Raw in X in a 9 degree TSI3 on GC Quad with a winter swing. Looking for a little more or a stable feel. Currently gaming an Oban Hashimoto 65x. Did you have any trouble loading the shaft?
  9. Can anyone compare the 2.0 65TX to the smoke black RDX 6.5? Tensei AV raw white in X felt good but a little lively. It sounds like it’s quite a bit firmer. None of my local fitters have the 2.0 65TX to test. On the fence about blindly pulling the trigger in a TSI3.
  10. Very solid game. It was great to see him pull it off! Cejka was even out there getting after it..
  11. Does anyone know the significance of the 'MB' stamping on his 48 degree wedge?
  12. He's got plenty of time to dial in his release patterns. Wish him the best!
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