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  1. Same shaft or what did you have and get fit into?
  2. So here is a screen shot from a message from Vosh if you guys are questioning if theses are real:
  3. These were built on the Mizzy Tour truck at The Players Tournament right before Covid shut down everything. I painted the running bird and weighs on the driver, otherwise it’s in near mint condition. The TS 3 wood is also in near mint condition, can barely tell it has ever been hit. Both of them have the Small Batch HZRDUS Yellow Smoke, both TS 6.0, 70g, and at 2.9. If you notice neither head has a serial number, guess no need for tour lol, yes I know other manufacturers still put one on. You get the head covers but sorry I don’t have a wrench. Would absolutely love to sell both together, but
  4. They are, but nothing will probably come of it
  5. I sent a screenshot to one of the guys at mile from the Facebook marketplace that had a add for a few heads. He posted and asked how he just got the heads only and if he had receipts. That person deleted and blocked him.
  6. They aren't for sure exactly when they were stolen, just noticed yesterday. Probably a few people involved and with it being cold out, easy to stuff a few heads into your coat.
  7. They were stolen from Miles of Golf in Fairfield
  8. My golf shop in the Cincinnati area that I go to had about 7 driver head's stolen. A mix of new SIM and Maverick heads, one new fairway head for a SIM. Please if anything pops up from the Cincy area be aware and please let me know. Thanks all.
  9. Huge thanks to the great guys out at Miles of Golf. They fit me for some new Mizuno MMC irons, Titleist driving 3 iron, and SM7 wedges. As much as I hate cold weather, I really want spring to now show up even sooner. Oh and this weekend they are having a huge sale and a dollar for dollar match on range cards if you use the driving range there. Can't wait for the next Ohio WRX Outing. Have a happy Thanksgiving all, and Go Bucks!!!!
  10. Just cut a grip off and there is not a extension. So you'll be able to cut to length if needed.
  11. For me it was the MMC. Tried both for a long time because I really wanted the Titleist to win out just because of the offset and top line. I was hitting them both in the X100 shafts and found the MMC to go farther and have a lot tighter dispersion. The T100 spun about 700-1000 RPM more as well, on normalized trackman. I thought they both felt and sounded similar, the T100 a little lighter click noise and feeling. I guess if you spin the ball a lot like I do the T100 just adds to it. Both are great though.
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