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  2. Great job Thomas! Very composed under pressure. Back in the OWGR top 50 now and really looking good. Can't wait to see what he can do this season.
  3. Pieters continuing his good form from the end of last season. Maybe he's figured some things out?
  4. A "bunch of nobody's [sic]"? You may want to stop digging at some point when you're starting to hit solid rock. Plenty of guys in the field who've been on the PGA tour and even won tournaments there. It's the path he has to take to get where he wants to go.
  5. 3 wins gets you the instant in-season promotion. And of course enough points for a card, too.
  6. Didn't see one so apologize if this is a duplicate. Looks like the wind was a big issue for round 2, lots of high scores. Jamieson in the lead 1 shot ahead of Hovland and Poults. Pretty good field with Pieters, Lowry a couple back and Scott, Hatton, Fleetwood making the cut. McIlroy and Morikawa right on the projected cut line but a lot of golfers still have to finish up tomorrow so maybe it moved if conditions are better?
  7. A win doesn't guarantee a card but the points put him well over halfway there. 500 points and probably 800 is very likely to be inside the top 25. Make some cuts and a few more top 10s and he'll be there.
  8. If you had told du Preez that on Friday morning he'd be tied with Phil Mickleson and Matt Wolff, he'd probably have been pretty pumped.
  9. This shows evening coverage as well:
  10. Great to see, bet on himself and looks like it's going to pay off.
  11. Phil only 13 back, plenty of time to recover.
  12. True you do have to get in via lottery, will be interesting to see how that goes. Some events end up with open spots that they fill with anyone who didn't get selected, others get filled just with the lottery. The event lotteries aren't closed, they first open on March 4th.
  13. I have my own group that plays courses all over NE but have also played some MGA member days. Didn't do any last year but have enjoyed them in previous years. https://www.massgolf.org/play/member-days/
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