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  1. Was watching college hoops but kept seeing all the excitement via twitter so had to watch this round via DVR. Really fun stuff, if we could get this every week we won't miss Tiger at all.
  2. I run a 9 hole "after work" league on Fridays and most courses here will allow 9 hole bookings. Also there are a bunch of courses that only have 9 holes, so pretty easy to find a place to play if you only want to do 9. Personally outside of my league which is mainly a fun, only slightly competitive group, I'd much rather play 18. Sometimes you get stuck on a slow day but most of the time I'm not thinking "this is taking too long"...there's really no place else I'd rather be.
  3. I love that the dude is smiling after that mess.
  4. Thomas Detry also played in the NCAAs that season for my Fighting Illini. #1 ranked team all year long, won 7 tournaments and the stroke play portion of the championships but lost in the semi finals of match play to USC. Curse you, Rico Hoey! Thomas was tied for the individual lead going into the final 9 holes, ended up T3.
  5. Yep, even some pretty good case outcomes just the likely recovery time alone would be tough to overcome.
  6. Yeah, but the more valuable land is on the North side, unfortunately.
  7. The nice thing about YTTV is you can cancel and re-start very easily. Plus watch on multiple devices, etc. I was worried about it costing me more due to no longer having the "double play" bundle with Verizon but I was actually able to increase my internet speed with them at a lower rate! Amazing. So nice to live in a spot that has both FiOS and Xfinity available, competition is good. One problem with many of the streaming cable replacements is adding in Golf Channel almost always kicks you up to a higher tier and higher price. Of course that was also true on cable, fo
  8. That's what I did last summer, bought the PGA Tour live for some Th/Fr coverage and then OTA on weekends. This year I'm on YTTV since other sports are back as well.
  9. Always hate the in-course OB, punishing players for a poor layout. And it's probably not helping as most players would probably not actually try to hit it there anyway. Another bad design on a course I play often. The 16th hole is a short-ish par 4 with a long fairway bunker down the left side. And the fairway pinches a bit right after the bunker. If you go to the right too far, you're blocked out from the green be trees. So the best choice is actually going left of the bunker into the rough, but that's pretty much right in front of the 12th tee box! So you typically will wait if t
  10. IMO the skepticism is valid. Golf is hard, pro golf is really hard. There are a bunch of really talented young guys coming out of college every year trying to get status on the PGA or KF tour. He obviously has the ability but that's not always enough.
  11. There are multiple stages of Q school. For the "just sign up" guys there is the pre-qualifying stage. If you make it through that there's then first and second stages before moving on to the Q school finals, which is where you'd earn status on the KF tour. Many pros will have some kind of exemption (based on past performance) to get through some of those different stages of qualifying, either to second stage or all the way to the finals.
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