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  1. jdl

    2021 US Open

    15 more minutes. Darned "marine layer"!
  2. Yes, and The Players as well. Was better when they had Nobilo on it, his segments out on the course throwing balls so show the contours of the breaks was always my favorite part. And him arguing with Chamblee, too.
  3. jdl

    2021 US Open

    Tee times delayed 15 min, assume it's due to the fog.
  4. jdl

    2021 US Open

    https://www.usopen.com/viewing-schedule.html Was pleased to find the USGA app available from the app store for my TV so have that available if needed.
  5. jdl

    2021 US Open

    Phil tried to lobby for Rickie. Don't think anyone gets it.
  6. jdl

    2021 US Open

    Exemptions are here, the rest got in by qualifying: https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/exemptions.html Click on the "by player" link on the right.
  7. The PGA Tour is likely to ban the controversial green-reading books used by many of its players before the start of next season, Golfweek has learned. The Tour’s Player Advisory Council voted to outlaw the books at a meeting two weeks ago. Support for the ban among the 16 players who comprise the Council was described by one person who was present as “overwhelming.” The issue will now be voted on by the full board of the PGA Tour, perhaps as early as next week. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/06/16/pga-tour-green-reading-books-outlaw-next-season/
  8. Yeah, I'm usually around a 7 cap and have a bunch of eagles because I've played in leagues on a couple of courses that have very short par 5s. One is a fairly straight, 430 yard hole that is somehow a par 5 on the card. Another hole on the same course is only slightly longer but a hard dogleg right. Used to be some huge trees at the corner but then they either got knocked out in a storm or the course took them down, made it very easy to cut that corner. Another course has a "par 5" that bends around a pond, only about 390 yards in a direct line, so if you can hit a slight draw around the bend.
  9. Korn Ferry tour stop is in Maine 2 weeks from today.
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