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  1. PGA Tour Live pretty sketchy so far, picture freezing, then it's a slide show for a while.
  2. 2 great approaches, but Rahm's gotta make this.
  3. But came back out on the course and stole Brooksie's ball.
  4. Cast not finalized but this could be good if they are allowed to do it without too much interference. https://golf.com/news/netflix-launching-pga-tour-show/
  5. Bryson destroying bunker lips. And then he does the same move but manages to avoid destroying more turf. Bad form, nor supposed to exit the bunker on the high side!
  6. Butterfly chasing Bruce's putt.
  7. We can tell because here you are on a golf board posting in a Ryder Cup thread.
  8. Saw him shaking hands with the volunteers working his group, wouldn't it be something if one of them was named "Brooksie"? And now Rahmbo! For birdie.
  9. Man, early fireworks with both Garcia and Hovland holing out for eagles on par 4s.
  10. I think you have your answer then. Many people these days are simply oblivious and if you asked you'd probably be able to play through most of the time.
  11. They might get kicked out now.
  12. I've you're watching via an A/V setup with surround sound, you can achieve this by just muting the center channel, or reducing the volume of that channel as low as possible. The other channels carry the sound effects but all the announcer dialog goes through that center channel.
  13. jdl

    Hole Out!

    I hope you told your caddy, "Go get that!" and just went straight to your car.
  14. I think the Zinger may have mentioned that 10 or 20 times.
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