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  1. True you do have to get in via lottery, will be interesting to see how that goes. Some events end up with open spots that they fill with anyone who didn't get selected, others get filled just with the lottery. The event lotteries aren't closed, they first open on March 4th.
  2. I have my own group that plays courses all over NE but have also played some MGA member days. Didn't do any last year but have enjoyed them in previous years. https://www.massgolf.org/play/member-days/
  3. I'm convinced there's a large number of golfers out there who think this is the "job" for the maintenance crew, not them. And I have to wonder if that's because no one ever told them it's in fact their job. Especially with all the new golfers who seemed to take up the game recently in the covid era, it's made me realize that they've all just headed out there without any guidance on this whole "etiquette" stuff.
  4. I'll accept your thanks since I know I've posted about CTN many times here. That second shot on 6 is one that I always struggle with. too worried about the little pond on the right (which really isn't in play) and end up too far left. Or in those bunkers you mention. And that green should really be re-built. There's way too much "tier" in it so limits the reasonable pin placements. I did make one of my more incredible putts there to a front left flag from the right fringe. Pretty much just one of those "hit it hard" putts that somehow went in. Agree on the conditioning, can only recall one time when it was less than great over the 5-6 years that we've been going there.
  5. You could also point out to him that if it's helping him putt better then he's really lowering his handicap which would hurt him in competitions by having to use that lower cap.
  6. Not typically, certainly not for light rain/drizzle. I have had some smaller, more casual events that we were able to postpone at some courses, but those are typically late in the season when the courses have a little more flexibility. And they are weekday events vs weekends, too.
  7. Rest assured it's perfectly clear to all here that these are YOUR OPINION. Certainly not many else would want to claim them.
  8. I got tickets for Monday as well. Was hoping to get Thursday but nothing available. Not really interested in being there on the weekend as I'd rather be able to follow by watching on TV. The CC is not really great with the large crowds, was there in '99 for the Ryder Cup and it was no fun trying to move around between holes.
  9. Head pro there used to be at my home course, so say hi to Terry for me.
  10. So I've been back a couple times since this photo was taken. Haven't seen any damage on those greens at all. Couple fairways had some discolored grass from pushcarts and people's footprints but overall seems they were right, no worries about having sent us out.
  11. I think they just don't care since the season is just about over. Heck, they had taken in all the tee markers like they usually do. At least they leave the pins out on the greens. I guess the grass will recover in time for next season, but still an unusual attitude.
  12. Same course, there was no frost delay yesterday for our 9 am tee time. Starter said, "the grass doesn't die, it just turns black". Hmm...well this was a new one for me. Can't remember any course ever letting people out with this much frost around:
  13. Currently have a Sun Mountain C130 and have been very happy with it, but it's showing some age, frayed edges, zippers failing and a noticeable lean to the right. I walk most of the time with a Clickgear 3.5+, the one thing I didn't like about the C130 was having to move clubs around for those rounds when I did ride. Default choice would probably be just to get a new C130 (or equivalent) just wondering if there are better options around now.
  14. Try to Monday qualify, I think I heard on the broadcast they only have to pay $100 to enter those and can skip the pre-qualifiers. If you Monday into an event and finish top 25, that gets you in the next week. Do that and maybe you'll earn enough points to move up in the priority list and get more starts. Guthrie does have 2 KF tour wins from a while ago, not sure if those buy him any additional status or not.
  15. Some notable names who will finish outside the top 40: Akshay Bhatia Dan Summerhays Erik Compton Brandon Stone Andy Ogletree (80 in round 2) Steve Marino Looks like 2 under will be the line. EDIT: check that, a couple late moves the wrong way and it looks like all the guys at 1 under are going to make it.
  16. NBC Sports app on the TV. Website lists coverage tomorrow, too.
  17. Some rough moments, but win #5 for Thomas Pieters!
  18. Thomas Pieters is alive....64 today in Portugal and just 2 back heading into the weekend. Can he keep it going?
  19. Yes, Q school is for status on next year's KF tour (2022). The playoff to get PGA Tour cards for 2022 happened back in September.
  20. https://www.pgatour.com/korn-ferry-tour/competition/2020/korn-ferry-tour-q-school/leaderboard.html
  21. That might be one positive aspect if it happens - typically the GC has not really been treated as a "sports channel" in many cable/streaming service offerings. Typically you had to sign up for a higher tier of service to get the GC along with the other "sports" networks like ESPN, FS1, etc.
  22. Played the middle tees so it's not too bad. From the tips it's a real beast even though it's only 6500 yards or so.
  23. Not my home course, it's about 80 minute drive for me, but some pics from a visit to the Shattuck in Jaffrey NH.
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