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  1. stitch has big sales often - just had one on shirts - had them as low as $50 which was about half off linksoul has sales all the time peter millar will do a end of season sale vineyard vines has sales johnnie has sales just gotta watch the websites or subscribe to the emails
  2. they are up on the website now - packards and flints
  3. i bought those green pants rory has on and they are nut nuggers...i just can't do the slim fit.
  4. blue is my favorite color - my wife bitches that i always buy blue. just got the new footjoy southern collection veritical stripe shirt in today - it's baby blue. let me sleep on buying yours...i'm sure i'll end up messaging you.
  5. peter millar and it's not even close in my opinion. i also wear nike, ua, vineyard vines, linksoul, but peter millars are always my favorite. why does linksoul not make polyester shirts? wore one of theirs wednesday and sweat right through it - it was only 80 degress.
  6. i need another blue shirt like i need a hole in the head but damn that thing is beautiful
  7. what color is the last shirt - the clubhouse logo? is that light blue with navy stripes?
  8. I have one of the section 119 bolt sweaters and I have a sunfish leather dancing bear driver cover. Would love to get my hands on some panic golf stuff.
  9. also the cobra deal where you bought a driver and got a free three wood or hybrid was awesome too.
  10. somebody on ebay used to sell taylormade 50% off coupons. bought a set of irons for $300 brand new. haven't seen any on there in a long time.
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