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  1. I'm calling today and ordering a set. Price is too good to pass up. Seems like a lot of you went with the graphite shaft. What made you lean that way? I've never used a graphite shaft but I do have a slower swing speed and think it could help me. My normal issue is tempo - swing smooth and I am good - get fast and everything crumbles.
  2. peter millar pullover - blue striped - reversible - inside is navy - size medium - $OLD nike pullover - new with tags - size large - $40 shipped polo tailered fit golf pants - 34x30 - new without tags - $OLD polo golf shirts (cotton) - 7 total - $25 each shipped or $150 for all shipped - all size large - colors are yellow, heather blue, hunter green, navy, burgundy, burnt orange, olive green/brown paypal - [email protected]
  3. that's a good set of clubs - i played the RSi1's and kind of miss them glws
  4. peter millar or bust. love this time of year - if it's mild i wear just the 1/4 zip. if cold (and i mean south carolina cold) i will wear a down vest over the 1/4. haven't gotten to break mine out just yet here.
  5. all of my mid layers are linksoul, peter millar, johnnie O. all great. would love that ryder cup hoodie but can't bring myself to drop $300 for it.
  6. - UA 1/4 zip - navy size large - $old and pic removed - UA 14 zip - kelly green size large - $old and pic removed - UA snap pullover - navy size large - $old and pic removed - Nike retro 1/4 zip sweater - gray and black - $20 shipped - Nike retro shirt - striped size large - $old and pic removed - Nike retro shirt - solid size large - $20 shipped - FJ baby blue stripe - size large - $40 shipped (worn once) - Nike flat front khaki shorts - size 34 - $20 shipped All from smoke free home. All in like new condition. Make an offer if you'd like more than one item. Thanks for looking.
  7. Titleist TS2 driver - 9.5 turned up to 11 Cobra F7 3 wood Love them both currently!
  8. do you put tape on your driver to protect the crown or did it come like that?
  9. great feedback but it's 1 for the x and 1 for the xf! i'm not closer to making the decision!
  10. mid handicapper - should i go with x or xf?
  11. I've had my eye on this driver since they started advertising the price drops. I think I am going to pull the trigger today. Thanks for the post!
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