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  1. i have been crushing these type clubs lately cobra F7 three hybrid cobra F7 three wood callaway heavenwood love all three clubs.
  2. BB21 looks awesome. I am currently using the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver and it definitely helps with the slice.
  3. i called a few weeks ago to order a ping driver. they said they were busy and would call me back but never did. also emailed to tell them to call me so i could place an order and never heard back. luckily i started hitting my driver better and didn't drop the $300+ dollars. other experiences have all been great before this one....
  4. Mint TaylorMade Spider X 34” in gold. No visible nicks or dings. $225 shipped. [email protected]
  5. FIGJAM Lovin the new Phil look.
  6. I have four pair of golf shoes that stay in my car. I keep them in a rubber made bin so they don't stink up the car. Also keep balls, tees, etc in there as well.
  7. I fight a slice and was curious which driver may be better? What’s the difference between the SFT and the Plus with the weight in draw position? Seems like the Plus would give you room to grow. Thoughts?
  8. i have the HM's and have no issues holding greens. love the feel when flushed.
  9. both hold their value really well - buy the SFT for instant gratification and sell it once you get better. it's the true golfwrx way....just accept it. :)
  10. Today’s were different. I agree today’s were a little much.
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