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  1. just got a TS2 driver off the bay and it's the best sounding driver i have ever had. $250 here is a steal with that shaft.
  2. Perfect condition. RH, 9 degree, regular flex aldila synergy shaft, brand new cp2 grip. See pics - no dings or scratches. No headcover or tool. $175 shipped in the US. PayPal [email protected]
  3. We are too alike. I am currently gaming the Rogue Draw driver with the same Aldilia shaft but in regular flex. In a rut with it after hitting it well over the summer/early fall. I know its me and not the club but wanted to try something different. Just pulled the trigger on a Titleist TS2 with the light weight Fubaki shaft. Should get it tomorrow. I'm in SC so weather isn't an issue most of the time.
  4. tempted on the putter - owned it once and sold it like an idiot
  5. let me know how you like it - been eyeing that same setup
  6. i just bought a titleist tsi2 off the bay with the lightweight fubaki shaft. i've never bagged a titleist driver.
  7. New with tags unique Adidas windbreaker. Just a touch too big for me. $50 shipped [email protected]
  8. always had good experiences with these folks https://www.sunfishsales.com/
  9. love linkshoul - hoodies, t shirts, golf shirts, etc are all top notch. one thing everyone else loves is their pants. i bought a few pair and they have seriously tiny openings at the bottom that just don't work for me.
  10. im looking for a ping g410 sft driver if anybody has one to get rid of
  11. thanks for the feedback - may have to cancel the order and go to the bay.
  12. I ordered a driver from discount Dan’s and got quoted a 10 week lead time. Anybody else experience this? Was a truly 10 weeks or was it shorter?
  13. Are they always out of stock? I have been watching for several weeks and most sizes are out of stock.
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