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  1. Used for 1 season of golf (about 25 rounds), purchased new last year. By far my favorite set of irons I've owned. Replaced with Miura MB-101 hence the sale. #3 - PW Standard: Lie, Loft Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips (basically new, less than 10 rounds) Dynamic Gold S300 steel shafts $1,100 Canadian Dollars + Shipping from Vancouver, BC OBO
  2. * 3 Iron to PW * Standard Length * 1 Degree Stronger Loft * 0.5 Degree Flatter Lie * True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts (Soft-Stepped 1x) * Standard-sized Lamkim Crossline Grip, 60R * Irons are in excellent condition - 3 iron is new and the 6 iron has a nick on the leading edge as seen in pictures. SPECIFICATIONS BY CLUB Iron / Loft / Lie / Length / Offset / Swing Weight 3 / 20 / 58.5 / 38.75 / 0.12" / D2 4 / 23 / 59.0 / 38.25 / 0.10" / D2 5 / 26 / 59.5 / 37.75 / 0.10" / D2 6 / 29 / 60.0 / 37.25 / 0.10" / D1.5 7 / 33 / 60.5 / 36.75 / 0.10" / D1.5 8
  3. Sounds like a 5 wood lofted down is better than a 3 wood lofted up then? Correct me if I'm wrong, but a 5 wood head is usually smaller than a 3 wood head, which might make it easier to play off the fairway/rough...
  4. Years ago, Nike had a flyknit Chukka shoe that was amazing. You can still find them new on ebay, but they are strictly for summer golf with minimal water resistance.
  5. > @Z1ggy16 said: > Why new? Not much improvement in woods from year to year. > > If dead set on new, then you need to go either Titleist TS2/3 16.5* or a Flash 5w and open it to 17*. One even better option if you don't mind an older model is do what I did and buy a tour issue 2016 M1 3w. I got mine brand new in plastic for like $90 and it's static loft was 16*. I also saw 17* and 17.4* heads for sale on eBay, too. Down side is no shaft comes with it, but if you build your own clubs like me, that's probably a plus. If you don't, there's guys on here who will build for you (PM me
  6. Is it advisable to adjust a 5 wood down? My understanding is that a fairway wood will no longer sole flat on the ground at the specified loft (otherwise it’ll just open the face angle instead). Wouldn’t that make it harder for consistent solid contact on a fairway wood?
  7. Any (new) lefty 4 wood recommendations? I typically play Taylormade woods, but don't see a 4 wood (or 3 wood high launch) available in lefty.
  8. What price were the MD4's when they came out? Also $160? Or are they charging more for the MD5? I see MD4's at $109 now, but not sure if it's discounted or not
  9. Ordered about 3 hours ago, shipping confirmation received!
  10. Sweet! Ordered 4 dozen. I wonder how long they'll last this time...
  11. What's the difference between Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200 and S400? Is it just a few grams? Looking at the MD4 configurator, it looks like there's an upcharge for the Tour Issue S400.
  12. I've got a set of the Miura LH blades I'll be posting to the classifieds in the next couple of weeks...
  13. > @torbill said: > > @gleung said: > > Golfshot, integrates with Apple watch too, so it's really handy > > Yes, it does. And I tried it, and it was terrible. Distances didn’t settle in a timely manner. It was unusable for me. But that was the better part of a year ago and I have to believe that there have been updates. Have you been using it recently with an Apple watch? > > Similarly, I tried The Grint with the Apple watch, and with it the distance often never settled. I actually contacted their technical support and they told me point blank that the w
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