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  1. Picked up a Mizuno ST200 head and some shaft tips. Currently getting the tips installed on the trusted GDDI 6 and an Attas Rockstar 6. Not expecting it to outperform the Epic Flash with the GDDI 6, but maybe it will turn out to be a nice surprise. Of course that’s not really what it’s all about now is it? ?
  2. I would look it the LZ Graphites in 5.0 and hard step them once if you think it is necessary. The 5.0 can handle a heck of a lot. Or do the reverse and soft step the 6.0 LZ graphites. They play very similar to the steel. I play the them in Mizuno MMC's and love them, and that is after playing Recoils F3 for over 5 years. Good luck.
  3. I play the LZ tour graphite 5.0 in a set of Hot Metals plus just added a 5 Fli Hi (but do to Midwest Weather not yet tested the Fli Hi). Have the LZ steel version in same flex in a set of 900 Forged. My experience has been the ball flight has been the same but maybe just a touch softer feel over the steel counterpart. I have actually mixed my set with 4, 6, 8, PW Hot Metal LZ graphite and 5, 7, 9 900 Forged LZ steel and played a few rounds just for the fun of it. No gapping issues and very similar ball flight. Prior set was Ping I20's with Recoil 95's in R flex for several years. For me
  4. Our swing speeds are just about the same. I tried the stock shaft for 1 round; did not fit me at all and then went straight to Graphite Design DI 6S (usually my go to shaft for the past 7 years) for a month or so with great results. Then I decided to try a Project X HZRDUS Red Hand Crafted 5.5 and it was even better. I never expected that would be the case over the DI but have no plans to go back the DI in this head or try any other shaft with this head. That's how good this combo is for me. Best of luck.
  5. I have the JPX900 Forged 5-P with steel Project X LZ's in 5.0. I added a HM 4 iron with the Project X LZ graphite 5.0 Tour. All I can say it's been one great decision; easy to hit, easy to elevate, and gaps perfectly in front of the 5 iron. 5 iron is 180 for me and this is easily 190 off the deck. Played Cobra F6's before these with Recoil 95's in Reg/F3; before that for 4 years it was Ping I20's with the same Recoils. The HM 4 iron is as easy to hit as the rest of the set.
  6. Micro Cart GT, Navy Red White. Thanks to Sun Mountain for such great support.
  7. I have been playing the Recoil 95s in F3 since they came out; first in a set of Ping I-20’s (now in my back up bag) and now a set of Cobra F6’s (an unexpected performance improvement over the Pings). I love the shaft as if fits my game extremely well. Now thinking either Mizuno 900 Forged or the Srixon 565’s with the Recoil 95s in F3. In fact have already hit it the Recoil in the Mizuno; it felt great and performed as expected. That being said I will test it against the LZ in graphite just to do proper due diligence – always open to something better if it’s there. Bottom line for me, the
  8. wag75

    Cobra ZL Encore

    Huge fan of the ZL Encore and I still have it my rotation. The shaft that gives me the best results is the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s.
  9. I have the exact same set up as Mason82 - the F6 Baffler set at 19* with the Chrome+. I can tell you for me that it is longer than my Ping Answer 5 wood and much easier to hit off the deck; did not think that was possible. Definitely better out the rough, too. I haven't tried any other settings and for now don't feel the need to; exceeding my expectations. Besides knocking the 5 wood out of the bag it may also end up knocking my Ping Crossover (18*) out of the bag. I don't carry a 3 wood because gap between the 5 wood and driver was what I needed - now the gap is a little less but this in
  10. While I have no experience with the Crossover with a steel shaft, I did find the stock shaft to light for my taste. Once I re-shafted with a heavier weight graphite shaft (DVS 90 – just works for me for some reason), it became a much better club for my swing. It felt better, it became more consistent, and definitely straighter for me. Distance was just a little longer but I think that is most likely to the “my mental perception” of improved feel. Again we’re all different, so what works for one…you know the rest.
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