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  1. Geez Phil, I see a lot of 320+ drives combine that with 70% fairways hit and nearly 80% GIR, hope this continues through the US Open.
  2. 6 handicap, Sim 2 Ti 15* PX Hzrdus Black RDX 60 6.0. Easy to get in the air and long, almost as long as my driver off the tee.
  3. My Sim2 Max 7 wood came in Thursday and I absolutely love it. Thinking about getting a 9 wood or hybrid to replace my 5 iron. Anyone try the same thing and were you happy with the results? What club did you get and what shaft?
  4. I ordered my Sim2 Max driver, Sim Ti 3 wood, and Sim2 Max 7 wood on 3/22, all with 6.0 Hzrdus Black RDX(60 driver, 70 fairway woods). Was quoted a month when I ordered. 3 wood got here in 2 weeks, driver 3 weeks, and 7 wood a little over a month. I just checked the custom shop on Taylormade for the 3 clubs I ordered. If I ordered today, I'd be looking at estimated delivery of the driver and 3 wood on 7/2 and the 7 wood on 8/19. The shafts are a 39 day delay and the 7 wood head has an 87 day delay. I think the club companies are taking advantage of this situation, t
  5. Wow, had no idea he was 111th on the world golf ranking. Hard to believe it's been 7 years since his worst finish in a major was T5 in 2014. Why did he leave Butch?
  6. My Sim2 Max 7 wood with RDX Black shipped out today and will be here Tuesday. Ordered it 3/22.
  7. Happy to see Tiger isn't driving the cart.
  8. The corporate world is a popularity contest, why should the PGA Tour be any different?
  9. My Sim 2 Max 10.5* with Hzrdus Black RDX 60 6.0 came in yesterday. Hit it yesterday and today. Not quite as long as last year's SIM but man this thing is straight!!!
  10. Not a pro, but I can't grip a wood, iron, or wedge unless it has a Winn grip. I'm screwed if they ever go out of business.
  11. Only holes that need changing are 14 & 17. On 14 I'd like to see a fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway to make them aim further right to bring the left to right slope of the fairway into play. On 17, bring Eisenhower's tree back but put it to where it comes into play for the modern day players.
  12. Ordered Sim2 Max driver, Sim2 Ti 3 wood, and Sim 2 Max 7 wood all with Hzrdus Black RDX shafts on 3/22, was told about a month for delivery. My 3 wood was delivered on Wednesday.
  13. Not really a fan, but the way he was putting this week, gotta go with JS.
  14. Who would've thought after the 2008 US Open that he would only win one more major? He's my favorite player and I hope he proves me wrong, but poor decisions ultimately did him in. Abusing his body, Navy Seal training, injuries he wouldn't let fully heal before playing, going to Sean Foley, and of the course the grand finale, falling asleep at the wheel destroying his legs. Like I said, I hope he proves me wrong, but he could easily be at 20+ majors right now and 100+ wins on Tour. I also agree that no one else will break Jack's record, shorter careers will
  15. It should be ground under repair for everyone. In the meantime, I'll continue to use my foot wedge.
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