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  1. I love the Sim2 fairway wood lineup this year. I got the 15* Sim2 Ti and Sim2 Max 7 and 9 woods. The 3 wood is an absolute rocket off the tee and easy to get airborne off the ground. The 7 and 9 woods have been a game changer for me on shots between 200 to 225 yards. Both are easy to get airborne and very accurate. They aren't hook biased like hybrids.
  2. I think some of you are making too big a deal out of putting. I just looked at strokes gained putting this year, last year, and 2019. In 2021, only 3 of the top 10 have ever won a major. It was even worse in 2020. Bryson was the only player in the top 10 to ever win a major. Only 2 players in 2019.
  3. Were Heading Park's greens on the slow side? Trying to remember but I'm drawing a blank.
  4. That's all this is speculation sir. Having said that, prior to Morikawa, I was convinced if Tiger didn't get to 18 then no one in my lifetime would (I'm 36). The guy is only 24, no weaknesses, not a head case, and not a gym rat so should have a long career.
  5. Two years as a pro in the majors and already has two legs of the grand slam. Besides Tiger, I think he has a shot at getting to 18+ majors.
  6. Exactly what did Rory have to gain by going after the guy? I see two possible outcomes: 1) The guy had Rory's club in his hands and could have knocked Rory's teeth out with it. 2). Rory tackles the guy then gets charges pressed against him and sued for assault, has to waste time in court and put up with negative press.
  7. I thought it was staged at first as well but Bryson just blows it off as being funny and doesn't egg it on like Brooks does.
  8. Brooks never should have made this public. My concern is some wacko in the gallery harming the player they don't like. Security is severely lacking at these events. Look how easy it was to walk up and steal one of Rory's clubs.
  9. Welcome to the age of social media where some people will do anything for a view or like.
  10. I guess Phil doesn't want his first US Open win to come from the Senior US Open.
  11. I've been working from home since last year and love watching rounds 1 & 2 during the day. The featured groups are always good pairings. Well worth the money in my opinion.
  12. I'll stick with my Sim 2 Ti 3 wood for an alternate club to use off the tee.
  13. It is a mortgage company, they'll quote his score lower than what it actually is.
  14. For someone that seemed to be so sensitive to mental health, you sure like to try to silence people and belittle them. But show me some stats on why this is a bad idea. Take a look at the world golf ranking for the 3 FedEx Cup champs that haven't won a major after the end of the playoffs, all were higher ranked compared to Curtis and Micheel after winning their majors. All professional sports award their title after a regular season and playoffs. You could make the argument that the 125th player that barely keeps his card could win the FedEx Cup, but in the major
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