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  1. What shaft did you have in the 910D2? That driver was the club that made me lose interest in Titleist drivers.
  2. Played both the SIM driver and 3 wood last year. High launch, low spin is great for distance, but not so great for accuracy. You need backspin to absorb sidespin otherwise hello slices or hooks.
  3. Won't be able to play until March so my bag is set: Ping G425 Max 9* Tensei Orange 3W: Ping G425 Max 14.5* Tensei Orange 3H: Ping G425 19* Tensei Orange 4I-AW: Taylormade P760 DG S300 54*/60*: Vokey SM7 Black DG Wedge P: Odyssey Toulon San Diego Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X
  4. Ordered Driver, 3W, and 3 Hybrid yesterday. They didn't mention any delays. the shipping status actually says expected delivery of 1/22 but that is probably auto generated. Hoping all of the hype is true on forgiveness.
  5. PW(46*), AW(50*), GW(54*), LW(60*) PW/AW are Taylormade P760, GW/LW are Vokey SM7 Black. Combine the wedges with Pelz clock method and I can hit any shot between 40 - 130 yards.
  6. Ping G425 Max has my attention. Every review I have seen says this club is very accurate off the tee.
  7. I play the 10.5* head turned down to the lowest loft. I tried the 9* head but got better numbers with 10.5* head.
  8. I haven't been this excited about club releases since Titleist 2005 & 2006 lineup.
  9. Yep, Second Swing has a pretty complete list of shafts. Ventus Blue and Black are both $350 up charges.
  10. Have never bought a Ping driver before, but Dicks and TGW don't have a very large selection of custom shaft offerings. Is that normal for Ping? I didn't see any Fujikura shafts to pick from. Would love to hit the Ping G425 Max with the Ventus Blue or Black.
  11. If the G425 Max is as straight as Rick Shiels and Mark Crossfield videos showed today then sign me up!
  12. Low 72 hole score at the Masters is 20 under par. I'm gonna go with 50 under will never happen. If Bryson or any other player turns par 4's into par 3's, then they will adjust the course to defend itself. Money is no object to these people, they will buy the entire city of Augusta before they let video game like scores happen oit there.
  13. I use Net Return Pro XL and Trustrike mat. Do not go cheap on either, you will regret it. Balls go through cheap nets,and your wrists and elbows will thank you for getting a good quality mat.
  14. Don't really care what score is but I try to avoid stupid mistakes. If I can go the entire round without a lost ball, penalty, double bogey, or 3 putt then I'm pretty happy. Sadly it doesn't happen very often .
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