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  1. 15 minutes ago, Redjeep83 said:

    “Dak Prescott suffered a compound right ankle fracture Sunday night, ending his season for the Cowboys“


    this guy is back out there playing high level Football after a year and they are saying he is better than pre injury.  Not golf. Tigers biggest issue is still his back for a golf swing.





    Easier to heal in your 20's than 40's.  I hope Tiger returns and gets to 18+ majors but it's not looking good.

  2. 1) The regular season points only get you into the playoffs. After that the playoff events should have no cuts and the top x players move on to the next week.


    2) Change the field sizes to 70, 50, 30.  No other sport let's everyone into the playoffs.


    3) Use courses that have held majors.


    4) Everyone starts at even par and whoever wins the Tour Championship wins the FedEx Cup.  





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  3. Liberty National's pro shop didn't have any Sim2 drivers?  He could have just popped his shaft in it.


    Having said that he still averaged 300 yards with his 3 wood, two of those tee shots were 320 yards.  

  4. 24 minutes ago, oughtaquit said:

    Profound indifference to this week’s event. Come on folks, feign a little interest for Matty’s sake, if nothing else. 

     The depression is setting in knowing the Masters is 8 months away.  

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  5. 8 hours ago, bladehunter said:

    Just finished watching what I recorded.  Woof. I thought Rory was going to take gold and ascend to world #1 there for a long time !  That is a scary world to think about.  

    of course I’m Using the previous logic in this I thread that said that the best players in the US etc were here. And I’m talking about a Sabbatini.   So lots of dream land components.  Goodness.   I hate it for Hideki though.  If a few putts don’t burn the lip  and he doesn’t bogey the early par 5. It’s a different tune. But ifs and buts don’t get the win.  

    According to your selection criteria, Xander wouldn't have even been invited.  I think the US sent the best of what they had available.  DJ and Koepka chose not to compete, Bryson was out with Covid.  Only player left off was Speith but Reed was higher on the rankings at time of selection.


    As for Sabbatini, name a better golfer from Slovakia.  I don't buy his argument on changing citizenship to "grow the game" but they allowed it and he ended up with silver.

  6. 7 minutes ago, bladehunter said:

    Very much a true statement 

    How you define best golfers?  The players that chose to play on the US  team are at the top of the world golf rankings for American players.   You can't force players to play if they choose not to.

  7. 37 minutes ago, JohnnyCashForever said:

    The US has never sent its best golfers to the Olympics.  Not in 2016.  Not this year.  Of course, this goes without saying.



    What's your criteria for "best golfers"?  I'm looking at the world golf ranking when they selected the golfers:


    2) Johnson chose not to compete

    3) Thomas

    4) Morikawa

    5) Schauffele

    6) Dechambeau out with Covid

    7)  Cantlay can't find an article but assuming he chose not to compete

    8 Koepka chose not to compete

    9) Reed









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  8. 5 hours ago, Dave230 said:

    Yeah, some people don't realise that in almost every Olympic sport, it isn't the top 50 or 100 best athletes in the world. Because if that was the case, then America would have lots of sprinters replacing smaller countries, Kenya and Ethiopia would have lots of long distance runners etc. Dominant nations in a sport could have up to 20 to 25 athletes present. US would field 5 or 6 basketball teams. That's not how it works or ever has, the limits on the number of participants per team is quality over quantity and gives the Games a more international feel than it would otherwise. 

    I guess I should have explained further but thought this went without saying, the Olympics are about identifying the best athletes by country every four years. My point was we should include both professionals and amateurs.  Limiting it to only amateurs waters it down.

  9. Just now, m d g said:

    Do you think the low amateur at the Open or the Masters feels bad about their award because they didn't beat the pros?

    I'm glad you used that example.  I see the Olympics similar to the Masters or US/British Open. Where amateurs and professionals compete and the best score wins.

  10. 1 hour ago, Ghostwedge said:

    As for the " well the rest of the world athletes are pro's " so what, they don't get to participate then. The IOC sold out to corporate and it's to bad for amateur sports.




    I keep seeing people comment they are against professionals in the Olympics but why?  A gold medal would be less prestigious knowing there is someone or multiple people that could beat the gold medal winner.

  11. 27 minutes ago, MattyO1984 said:

    Honestly, the thing that has surprised me most about this thread is how many people that think the Olympics should be for amateurs alone. That ship sailed decades ago. 

    Agreed, the Olympics are about identifying the best athletes on the planet every four years. How they "pay the bills" should not matter.


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  12. I love the Sim2 fairway wood lineup this year.  I got the 15* Sim2 Ti and Sim2 Max 7  and 9 woods.


    The 3 wood is an absolute rocket off the tee and easy to get airborne off the ground. The 7 and 9 woods have been a game changer for me on shots between 200 to 225 yards.  Both are easy to get airborne and very accurate.  They aren't hook biased like hybrids.

  13. I think some of you are making too big a deal out of putting.  I just looked at strokes gained putting this year, last year, and 2019.  In 2021, only 3 of the top 10 have ever won a major.  It was even worse in 2020.  Bryson was the only player in the top 10 to ever win a major. Only 2 players in 2019.

  14. 6 minutes ago, bscinstnct said:

    These greens were slow this week. 


    Unless he can putt lights out on major type greens speeds, his chances of winning a GS get hurt pretty bad. 





    Were Heading Park's greens on the slow side?  Trying to remember but I'm drawing a blank.

  15. 20 minutes ago, paulshack said:

    He has 2 majors and you guys are estimating double digit and 18plus majors 


    This happens to every major winner always posts or threads "Wow so and so will continue to dominate and win everything like they did this weekend" 


    Great playing this weekend, the next year or two will show us... Fun to speculate but let's be realistic l.... 10yesrs ago  we all thought Rory would have 10 by now too 😂,

    That's all this is speculation sir.  Having said that, prior to Morikawa, I was convinced if Tiger didn't get to 18 then no one in my lifetime would (I'm 36).  The guy is only 24, no weaknesses, not a head case, and not a gym rat so should have a long career.  



  16. On 7/14/2021 at 10:40 PM, pollock21 said:

    It’s the definition of Beta dude. They just stood around and waited for someone else to handle it. Beta, wuss, whatever you call it, it is what it is. 

    Exactly what did Rory have to gain by going after the guy?  I see two possible outcomes:


    1) The guy had Rory's club in his hands and could have knocked Rory's teeth out with it.


    2). Rory tackles the guy then gets charges pressed against him and sued for assault, has to waste time in court and put up with negative press.



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  17. 5 hours ago, sonnygolf said:


    And miss out on a chance to make $8m a year? Geez the tour has basically told them "Guys troll each other, make any news possible to get golf some media attention,  and we will pay you $8m a year".


    This is going to go on for  the next 10  years+ that way Brooks and Bryson can pocket $100m each. Bet they even message each other in private and have a good laugh about trolling everyone. 



    I thought it was staged at first as well but Bryson just blows it off as being funny and doesn't egg it on like Brooks does.  



  18. Brooks never should have made this public.  My concern is some wacko in the gallery harming the player they don't like. Security is severely lacking at these events. Look how easy it was to walk up and steal one of Rory's clubs.  

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