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  1. Only holes that need changing are 14 & 17. 


    On 14 I'd like to see a fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway to make them aim further right to bring the left to right slope of the fairway into play.


    On 17, bring Eisenhower's tree back but put it to where it comes into play for the modern day players.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Need4spd said:

    No one will ever touch Jack’s records. Tiger will probably be the closest to ever do it though. 

    Who would've thought after the 2008 US Open that he would only win one more major?


    He's my favorite player and I hope he proves me wrong, but poor decisions ultimately did him in.  Abusing his body, Navy Seal training, injuries he wouldn't let fully heal before playing, going to Sean Foley, and of the course the grand finale, falling asleep at the wheel destroying his legs.


    Like I said, I hope he proves me wrong, but he could easily be at 20+ majors right now and 100+ wins on Tour.


    I also agree that no one else will break Jack's record, shorter careers will be the new norm.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Stuart_G said:


    So what are the ball numbers?  speed, spin, launch angle, spin axis (or back/side spin numbers).


    If changing loft doesn't do much to the spin, then that's another common indicator of a face impact location issue.


    Don't think of it as a swing flaw, think of rather as less than optimal delivery of the club into impact.  That is assuming the face impact location is good.  As mention before, that's the first thing you really need to check.  You can't rely on just feel to judge the impact location, you need to use the foot powder spray or impact tape.

    Ball speed this year between 145 to 150 mph.  Launch angle usually between 14 to 15*.  Backspin anywhere between 1,000 rpm to 2,000 rpm.  Sidespin with the G425 is insanely low (very straight driver) usually less than 500 rpm, sometimes close to zero.  My mishit is a hook.  Height between 80 to 100 feet.


    Just ordered some foot spray.  Will post pics of impact later this week when it gets here.

  4. @Stuart_G @Typhoon1992 I'm using the GC2 (ball stats only so no club data).  I'm currently using the Ping G425 Max 9* with stiff Tensei Orange AV Raw 65.  Last year I used the SIM 10.5 cranked down to lowest loft with stiff Ventus Blue 6 made for shaft and had pretty similar ball stats except my ball speed was about 10 mph faster.  But that is mostly attributable to taking the winter off I think.


    I don't think it's a swing flaw as I'm hitting the 425 Max great, just don't get the low spin.  I've read that more loft should produce more spin but that didn't work for me.  

  5. Bought the Ping G425 Max 9* with stiff Tensei Orange AV Raw 65 shaft.  Played with it for a week now and am struggling to get enough backspin with it.  Have been getting a lot of shots in the low 1,000 rpm range.  


    Have been reading on here about too low of backspin and most people recommend lofting up.  I already the launch the ball pretty high (14.5* average).  I tried lofting up to 10.5* today and I lost distance and didn't help with backspin.


    Does this mean I should try regular flex?  My bad shots with the G425 have been a bad hook. Ball speed averages between 145 - 150 mph.

  6. 4 minutes ago, daddyg70 said:

    I was told my pre-order G425 max will arrive with the others on Feb 4. Called to confirm it's there and the manager said no. They said it will arrive by the 16th. She said mine is custom but it really isn't (45.25" tensei orange 55 stiff) The shop only has the 65 stiff in stock

    2 weeks for them to chop off half an inch?


    I preordered the 9* G425 Max with Tensei Orange 65 stiff.  I cut it down and regripped it so I wouldn't have to wait.  Sad part is I'm still having to wait to hit it thanks to mother nature.

  7. Take a look at the shaft specs the club companies offer then compare that to the specs the shaft company show.  I've never seen a no upcharge shaft have the same specs.


    Having said that, I've had good results with the "made for" shafts.  My SIM had the Ventus Blue 6 stiff and it gave me good results.  Same with the Hzrdus Black Smoke in the SIM 3 wood and SIM Max hybrid.

  8. I bought the G425 Max driver and 3 wood and 425 3 hybrid.  After reading the instructions I realized I could adjust the heads flat.  I didn't have any trouble removing the head from the shaft with the hybrid, but the driver and 3 wood heads were both stuck.  I had to pull as hard as I could and both had a little rubber ring that flew off.


    The hybrid didn't have the ring.  Should I put these back in the driver and 3 wood?


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