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  1. My G425 Max Driver and 3 Wood, and G425 hybrid came in today.  The instructions show two pages, one that shows clubs with 5 adjustments and one that shows 8 adjustments.  


    I checked and it looks like all three have 5 adjustments.  Do they sell another adapter for the 8 adjustments or is that only on certain clubs? 

  2. My driver(Max), 3 wood (Max), and 3 hybrid all came in this morning.  All have Tensei Orange stock stiff shafts.  Just got done cutting them down and regripping them. 


    I've been searching for a club between the 3 wood and 4 iron and I think the G425 3 hybrid is that club.  The way it looks behind the ball and feels in my hands just gives me confidence.


    The 3 wood has a shallow face, but it doesn't look like it at address.  Not much to say about the driver yet except I didn't the head to be heavy.  Hoping the forgiveness and accuracy that everyone else has shown is true.


    Will be a few weeks until I can hit them. 




  3. 1 minute ago, Chazb said:

    To me that sounds strange,people who did not pre order are getting there clubs ahead of people who did pre order.

    I ordered my 425 max on the 11th of January with the stock shaft cut down to 44 inches.Oh well at least it’s to cold to use it but ping  could have least sent a e mail saying there is a delay.

    The big box stores get their orders first.  Same thing happened with the Oculus Rift and XBox One X.

  4. Was looking at TGW, they are offering free next day air shipping for the G425 lineup.  Only club I saw on backorder was the Max 3 wood with Stiff Tensei Orange shaft.  It would be available 2/22.


    I'm not using Dick's again.  I still don't have a shipping notification.

  5. 1 minute ago, xandersingh said:

    I ordered first day of pre sale with Global Golf for an all stock 5 wood. Shipping is expected 2/16 but i tried to cancel my order a few days ago (it will be in stock tomorrow at a local store) and they said ping couldn't cancel since it was already boxed up. hoping a magically get a shipping notification tomorrow!

    I'd call your credit card company and tell them to cancel payment. Unless a shipping notification can be provided (especially it being a stock product).  Otherwise it can sit in their warehouse for months before they ship it out.

  6. 9 minutes ago, WarEagleGolf said:

    The story on golf.com about the backup, the fallen containers, and the need for bolstering the production line with everyone in the company is disheartening for delivery...I can say that for sure. 2-3 month backlog already due to the popularity of the release, already.   And it's not officially out yet for two more days.  

    I've tried searching for this article and can't find it.  Can someone please share the link to it.

  7. 16 minutes ago, caller said:

    Had time behind G425 LST. 
    man it launches long! Got my swing back. Now I am torn between Max



    Smash was only 1.36, get that up to 1.45 and that will give you an extra 20 yards.  I am loving the side spin and back spin numbers.  I'd go with the Max if I were you, you'll enjoy the forgiveness on days when your swing isn't on.

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  8. I wonder what the average tenure on jobs like this are?  I would imagine pretty short.  I get tired of doing my own clubs which I only do a few times a year.  I can't imagine doing it as a full time job.

  9. The 983K was the first driver that I could really get airborn.  But my all time favorite sub 460cc driver was the 905T.


    As others have said, big difference between then and now is off-center shots were far more penalized then.

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