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  1. This is really helpful, thanks. It seems most people who had the surgery were pretty happy with the results so I'm glad to hear from someone who just let the shoulder rest. So you got back full use but would you say that you got the shoulder back to full strength?
  2. I haven't been able to go in and get it diagnosed officially but, at least over video conference, my doctor does think I've torn my rotator cuff. I think it's been torn for a couple of months now so I'm going to actively rest the arm first but the doctor did say sometimes only surgery fixes it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experience, either with surgery or without and whether you ever get your old flexibility back. I'm in my mid-40s and foresee playing for decades so if surgery will ensure being able to play golf for a long time, I'm open to it
  3. Through 25 years of golf, I've never started the year with a birdie. This year though, Jan 2, I started the year with eagle. Par 5 starting hole (510y). No warmup, the drive was long but not accurate, finding a fairway bunker. I caught the bunker shot thin but there wasn't really any lip so it shot out fast, low and veering right. The ball hit a small boulder near the 100y marker and bounced straight into the air, course correcting towards the green, landing about 25 feet away from the pin. Fairly straight putt which I just wanted to get close but it fell in. Certainly not an example of stella
  4. I've owned/played these since 2014. For my part, If there's an easier to game blade, I haven't seen it.
  5. I've been playing 120g steel forever. When I started to experience post-game right elbow pain last year, I dropped down to 105g steel but put off graphite simply because I really prefer the feel of steel. The last game I played before courses closed in my area, I started to feel elbow pain in my left elbow, as well as the right. I figure I'll spend the break either getting new clubs or reshafting my current set because I can't see the pain as something I can ignore anymore. I mean, technically I could since it's something that manifests after a game and doesn't affect me during, but I can only
  6. I hit these great. When it came to choosing between the i500s and the Hot Metal Pros I have, it just came down to brand preference. I also had questions about how the finish would hold up but I've seen some used sets online and it doesn't seem bad, given what it is.
  7. The 4i is about a 180y carry and the 3i is about 195y. Again, I don't really understand the physics of it but I know I have to fight that urge to kill the ball on a shot. This, even though I know full well that a smooth swing will go the distance I want it to go. Kind of makes me understand now why golfers cheat with beta blockers. Smooth just flat out wins.
  8. Shorter shaft, flatter lie angle in general. Not sure what the specific variance is but I don't think it should be anything too crazy.
  9. I'm actually the reverse of what I've read. I dropped my 3h and 4h and went back to a 3i and 4i. I managed to teach myself to hit long irons smoother instead of harder and I find them easier to make contact with than a hybrid or fairway wood. Once I got the easy long iron swing down, long irons became straighter and more consistent for me than hybrids. I will say though that something that may have affected that was that I moved from steel shafts in the 100-115g range to 80g graphite. I'm guessing the lighter shafts make hitting the long irons easier.
  10. +1 for PP9003. Lots of people overlook these but they're simply solid performers.
  11. I was hitting a full 50 or 54 wedge for 90-110. For the last 4 months though, for a basic 90-110 shot, I've found more success lobbing PW shots at the flag, trusting my feel to hunt a pin down versus yardages per wedge. Honestly, I don't think I'm more successful with this method than using the 50-54 but I prefer the challenge and feel+flight of my half-PW versus the full wedges. My scores aren't any worse so I'm sticking with it. Anyway, once upon a time, I used a PW for everything inside of 125 so I should be fine.
  12. Depends on how much I like the clubs. If I really like the looks of a set, I'll give it more time. Even then, 10 rounds is a lot. After 1 round, I can pretty much already kind of tell how much work I'll need to put in to be able to hit the set consistently, as well as the pros and cons of it. I might spend another round or two to make a decision but 3 rounds is the most. If I don't want a set after 3 rounds, another 7 isn't going to change my mind.
  13. Did they really find scientific evidence to back the physics of "aim small, miss small"? Or did they just want to come up with a slogan that would speak to better players and those who want to play better player equipment?
  14. Because no one wants to play those. Even if they were proven to be more forgiving, I don't think you'd find many people who'd want that product. Opinion/perception trumps all.
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