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  1. Love everything about this bag....especially the crimson ghost on the front. How do you like the 718cbs?
  2. The Royal LinkTech Cord is an amazing grip for the price. I also agree with dr bones, the pistol grip is excellent.
  3. Annnnddd he just earned his $10m for the match against Tiger. I guess the big cat was right when he said "We'll play for whatever makes him uncomfortable."
  4. Do most of you guys use Rakuten for used clubs? Also, how are the older S-Yard line of drivers and fairways?
  5. What generation Egg? One of the few pieces of jdm equipment I've hit was a spoon hd fairway (2nd or 3rd gen?) It was stupid good and actually a big part of what prompted me to start the topic. I really appreciate everyone's feedback!
  6. I've searched the JDM forum and didn't come up with much so if there's already a similar thread, any link would be greatly appreciated... I'm relatively new to JDM products, but reading a similar topic in another forum I was able to learn about a ton of older solid performing USDM clubs. So let's see it. Driver to putter, what would your cult classic JDM bag look like?
  7. I did check their site and couldn’t find one. That would be ideal. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Nippon-NS-Pro-950GH-Utility-Steel-Shaft/292466797847?hash=item4418612d17:m:mjD3mjd35r7_-QESICejULQ Found this, but $25 for shipping is a bit excessive..
  8. I don't have any experience with the 950 iron shafts in hybrids, but the Nippon NS Pro 950 Utility is another alternative. I believe tourspecgolf still sells them.
  9. I really want to like the guy. I too have struggled with mental health issues but I just can't get over the walking contradiction that he is. I have a hard time trying to mesh the over the top bible thumping with the outright abuse he lays on his caddy and other people. You want to bible thump like Ben Crane or 1/2 the other guys on tour, cool. You want to have an attitude and get fired up like Tiger and Pat Perez, cool. You want to talk about Jesus and then drop every four-letter word in the book on your caddy, that's a problem. His clubs are nice though. #PrayForTedScott
  10. Previously played Steelhead XRs with Project X LZ (steel) shafts. Currently playing 09 Burners with Project X Rifles. FOR ME, playing GI irons with heavier/stiffer shafts really transformed the club. I don't see myself ever going back to smaller, one piece irons.
  11. Annnnnddddd.....I'm out. Couldn't even make it a month...pitiful.
  12. Pulled these off of google images, but the Iron Factory brushed/satin refinish looks incredible.
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