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  1. 25 players, no Nasa, no Inbee https://www.lpga.com/tournaments/diamond-resorts-tournament-of-champions/tournament-entries
  2. The last time a golfer made the Forbes Top-10 was 2015 when Stacy Lewis was listed at $6.4M. https://www.topendsports.com/world/lists/earnings/women-paid-forbes-2015.htm In 2017 Lydia was listed at $5.9M but it took $6.2M to make the top-10. https://www.topendsports.com/world/lists/earnings/women-paid-forbes-2017.htm
  3. 2021 Priority List is out https://www.lpga.com/-/media/files/priority-list/2021/2021lpga-priority-liststart-of-season010721.pdf
  4. Obviously GC has the data and knows better than us what draws viewers, but looking at today’s schedule there’s no reason for me to tune in before the third round starts. 2:00 am - 6:00 am - second round repeat 6:00 am - 10:00 am - second round repeat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm - second round repeat 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Golf Today 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Golf Central 5:00 pm - third round I’ve already seen the second round. The three hour block before the third round will be the same stuff over and over. They need to separate those two shows. Get G
  5. Previous year top-80 has been a category since at least when ANA took over sponsorship.
  6. She’s 153 on the most recent Priority List. That shouldn’t change much, if at all. https://www.lpga.com/-/media/files/priority-list/2020/2020lpgapriority-list-finalocs082420.pdf
  7. I think that’s old. The two current CME ambassadors are Sarah Kemp and Cheyenne Knight. If Knight hadn’t qualified on her own she would have been given the other exemption over Gulbis.
  8. Yep, Women’s Olympic Golf is currently scheduled for Aug 4-7. Anyone playing Evian will have to miss the Opening Ceremony.
  9. I thought they might try to reschedule the International Crown for ‘21. With the next three Solheims being ‘21, ‘23, and ‘24, they’re going to have to have them both in the same year at some point unless the next two International Crowns are ‘22 and ‘25.
  10. I wonder if Judy’s contract doesn’t allow her to work on NBC even though GC and NBC have the same parent? Could be like Faldo who’s on GC and CBS but never NBC. If I remember correctly, she’s also worked The Open on ESPN/ABC which could preclude her from being on NBC. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense.
  11. Pocket right of cooler is bigger than it looks, almost too big. It extends down and to the left under the cooler. Can easily hold a dozen balls. I have five in there in the pic. Left is smaller and has a mesh barrier to stop things from falling out. Good place to throw tees, markers, divot repair, glove after round. Biggest complaint is the fake divider tightening straps. Stick out way too far from the bag on the left side. Ones on the right have the buckle and can be tightened or removed. They should have put buckle ones on the left also. I put three 16.9 oz wate
  12. Sunrise is 7:07am. You have to give them time to set up the course. Yes, they went at 8:00am today but they didn’t make changes from Thursday. 9:00am is probably earliest they’d be ready. Twosomes is 33 groups. That’s 16/17 groups off each nine. Today was 13 groups and times went from 8:00 until 10:12. How long do you want first group off to have to wait when they make the turn?
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