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  1. Mine was 197 with a 17 back weight
  2. Is this chart still available? Seems to have been lost in the forum upgrade.
  3. Anyone know if 24 5/8” is correct? I have a TP in my driver that when I bought it was told it was tipped 1”, but going by 24 5/8” it’s only tipped 1/2”. I also have an IZ currently being shipped to me and would like to check how much it’s been tipped.
  4. I see ten shafts pictured but pricing for five only. Are the other five for sale?
  5. I ordered a 6g from Billy Bob’s to replace the stock 3g but it won’t screw all the way down to be flush with the bottom of the 3-wood. It’s not even close. Looks like the threading ends too far down from the head of the screw. Going to call them on Monday to see if it’s a known problem.
  6. Not exact same, but I have an AD TP 7X(3/4” short) in my driver and an AD DI 7S in my 3-wood.
  7. If I follow a thread that hasn’t been posted in since the board change it doesn’t show up in my Activity Stream unless I bump the thread.
  8. Looking for some help. Want to shorten a 35” Atlanta to 34” and put on a TOUR SNSR Contour. I like the way it feels now but prefer 34”. Everything I’ve read says current grip, Stroke Lab Pistol, is 75g and back weight is 30g. SNSR is 90g. So I think shortening the shaft and increasing total weight on the grip end might make the head seem lighter. Would I be better off leaving the back weight out? How about sawing the weight in half so it’s only 15g? Do they use lighter back weights in the 33” and 34” putters they sell as stock?
  9. Guess I should have read the whole thread and seen this post. Looks like cutting down my Atlanta 1” shouldn’t be a problem. @knudson81 did you end up removing the weight completely after cutting it down? What did the weight weigh?
  10. When’s the last time a major winner played Symetra the week prior? Would be something if Popov pulls it off, but I expect the pressure to get her.
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