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  1. I switched to Z-cord last year. I found the UTx to be inconsistent in the amount of cord and needed to be built up too much in order to get the cord to pop.
  2. Mine’s coming Tuesday. Don’t have a LM yet but might order the PRGR. Anyone change the grip? Might do that when it comes. Also, this is from the site Includes Single User License - Enables training and tracking for up to five local (i.e. family) users under one login. Multi-user Coaches License license sold separately. 2-year Single User License, accessible on iOS. Does this mean we have to pay again after two years?
  3. I think Suzanne Peterson will be next Euro captain. I’d like to see Laura Davies but I don’t think she’s interested.
  4. Along with those already mentioned, some Callaways are nice because the double strap can easily be switched to single by using the slot in the handle. Vessels are the worst.
  5. Here’s what you wrote, ”That means players who're outside of CME Points List #100 aren't qualified to play this tournament.” That’s not true. What @JungleJimbo asked is true. The popularity of this tournament is the big purse AND the last chance for players like Creamer(above 100) to move up the points list.
  6. Plenty of players outside the CME 100 are qualified. Look at Creamer. She’s 179 in points and is in the field.
  7. I think Masson will get picked.
  8. Yes, but only 1/4”. When I pulled my shafts in order to soft-step them I decided to only cut them down 1/4” rather than 1/2”. Definitely a bit of a mental trick for me too.
  9. Gave mine away and don’t remember. Have a Trouper 2.0 now. Never had a problem with the stand on either.
  10. Second the Theraband Flexbar recommendation. Get the green one.
  11. They’ve brought the original Utility back, Navy and Slate https://www.jonessportsco.com/collections/stand-bags/products/utility-stand-bag-navy-1?variant=38019285057726
  12. PM’d about the the GD AD-95x a few days ago but never got a response.
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