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  1. I do not know what ND looks like. Maybe someone who’s done it will reply. After Progress Check you answer some questions and it then gives recommendations. Progress Check has you do some lead and trail swings with no weights. My lead and trail were pretty similar, so probably why they’re at the bottom of my list.
  2. The app ranked the programs from most recommended to least. FSS Neural Drive Foundation Neural OverDrive Heavy Hitter Lead Arm Trail Arm I’ll go through FFS again but if they recommend it a third time I’ll try something else.
  3. Looks like LPGA gets bumped from NBC to GC because NBC now has football and on top of that LPGA has to be done before PGA starts on GC.
  4. Progress Check done and back into Full Speed Spectrum.
  5. The guide on my TiVo shows the Sunday NBC coverage as 2:00-4:30 EST
  6. Finished Full Speed Spectrum today. Set a new record with 195g on my very last swing. Will do my Progress Check on Monday or Tuesday.
  7. Not LPGA, but Rachel Heck has a deal with PING.
  8. Seeing this thread for the first time and was reminded of a Malaska video where he uses the tennis/batting/pitching comparison. His re-recentering is a little earlier, but still better than too late.
  9. Does this look right? I wanted the bottom groove so raised the head up off the base. The black mark is the midpoint of the bottom groove.
  10. I actually watched this recently because I bought the same gauge you returned. I was a bit surprised it’s the only video I could find on using a loft/lie gauge. Only had to time to quickly check one iron so far and I got 2 up and 2 strong from what I thought it would be. That could be right, but more likely user user error. Going to have to try the @Awainer1 method. Does mismeasuring as upright also mismeasure as strong?
  11. I have four “Full Speed Spectrum” sessions to go. Not sure what I’m going to do for the “Progress Check” after when I’ll have to swing my driver, which I can’t do indoors, and it’s 15 degrees outside.
  12. I wish Golf Galaxy offered a grips-in-box option like Carl’s. Maybe I’ll give them a call.
  13. Can you write a little bit about how you use this to calibrate? I ordered this gauge today. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-golf-club-gauge/p/gw1040/
  14. I went through the same thing and eventually saw gains with 195g(week 16). Trust the process.
  15. https://fairwaygolf.se/MediaViewer.aspx?media=Images/TaylorMade/Taylor_Made_SLDR_Tuning_Guide_635311860027185899.PDF
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