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  1. I’m looking for a blade or mid mallet style left handed putter. scotty , pxg, or any other similar styles let me know what you have. Thanks, Rob
  2. I’m looking for a Piretti mallet style putter. Send me pics and prices of what you have. Thanks, Rob
  3. Beautiful putter. I have a new Special Select Scotty Cameron Squareback coming in Monday. Wish I would have seen this 1st. GLWS
  4. I have a Callaway Rogue 3-wood I bought from someone and during shipping the shaft got broken. It was splintered so I had to heat it up and drill out the old pieces of the shaft. My question is after removing everything it seems the hosel is very shallow, like 1 inch deep. That seems very shallow... does anyone know if this is the actual depth and if it is any suggestions on new shaft installation would be much appreciated. Thanks, welchrob
  5. Ok folks let’s gets some offers on the bigger ticket items. I’m buying a car tomorrow. Need some down payment money. :-)
  6. Great items here!! PM me with any questions.... Thanks! 1. Cameron Golo 5 in GREAT condition. 35†$SOLD 2. Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 putter 35†$210 shipped 3. Vokey TVD 50 M (BV- Bob Vokey) stamped. Black Tour Issue DG S400 shaft. $SOLD 4, Titleist Leather Driver Headcover. $55 shipped 5. Titleist 917D2, 9.5* with a ProjectX Evenflow Blue 65g shaft in 6.5-X flex. This club has only seen about 10 rounds and is excellent condition. Original head cover included with the neutral and draw/fade weight. Club is standard length & swingweight. 45†long. $SOLD
  7. I posted a good bit of ads in the classified in the past with no problem. But for some reason I can’t login to my account on my home computer, work computer, or at my wife’s work computer. I’m logged in to my mobile phone but that’s it. I’ve turned cookies on and logged in ever way I can with no luck. Won’t let me change password any way I try. I even created a new account and it won’t let me log into that either. I went ahead and paid the money Sunday to make a new listing but haven’t heard back yet that it was ok to create a new listing yet. I was going to try and list from my phone. J
  8. Enabled Cookies but still saying same things. Still won’t even let me change my password.
  9. Yes tried both ways. I’ll look at cookies. PS: I sent PayPal and a message for a new listing. Thx
  10. I stay signed in on my phone all the time. I just tried to login on my home computer and it won’t let me. Said username or password wrong. I know it’s right but when I try to reset password it tells me the code doesn’t match. Never gets to the point where it sends a code. Just put my email in and and press send and it says wrong code. Any ideas? Thanks, Welchrob
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