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  1. (I haven't gotten through this whole thread yet so I apologize if this argument has been made) Bobby Jones is #3 - he retired at 28 after winning the Grand Slam.
  2. there is no better place to go for opinions on golf equipment or for advice/recommendations when it comes to anything golf.
  3. thanks for the help guys!
  4. Here's what I would say about my requirements - i'd prefer to not go with full cord but hybrid would be ok - i don't care too much about feedback so that's not really a consideration - wet weather is not as much as a problem as hot, humid weather is (i try to avoid playing in the rain :) ) - I don't change my grips out very often so i'd prefer something that will last a while
  5. I'm long overdue for new grips on my irons. What should I go with?
  6. Thanks for the opportunity. I'd love the [color=#231F20]Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder[/color]
  7. thanks Joe, do you know where i can find that video?
  8. the biggest problem i have is not compressing the ball well. does anyone have any drills or tips on how to compress the ball better? thanks!
  9. awesome giveaway! http://www.bettinardi.com/product/inovai-counterbalance/
  10. [list] [*]Dec 6th Jacksonville [*]What is your current driver / shaft combination? Adams Fast 12 with a stock shaft [*]Why do you want to try and test the Titleist 915 Driver? I'm on an endless quest to find the right driver [*]Your Current Handicap? 7 [*]Are you righty or lefty? righty [*]Have you ever been professionally fit for a driver? no [*]If chosen, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread where you are required to take and post quality photos and give a review and feedback on the club? yes, i'd be more than happy to [/list]
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