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  1. [quote name='Macjonb' timestamp='1410083499' post='10078549'] So the shafts have no tips? Do you have any pics of the end of shafts? And what would you sell both together for? [/quote] Pm'd you
  2. I had them both on my 910 and 913 there's no tip but I'll included it [quote name='PinonMagnolia' timestamp='1409709705' post='10053719'] Fujis come out of a 913 or a 910? The tips are different for the 910 and 913 fairways and hybrids. [/quote]
  3. [quote name='kratt11' timestamp='1409712570' post='10054059'] I just want the putter grip. Impossible to find right now [/quote] Sorry man impossible to take off without cutting it.
  4. All items are 6 months old and in very good condition paypal only [email protected] no trades! Ping Sydney Putter 35" with a superstroke Flatso 1.7 grip: $125 Shipped 910F 15* Wood Fujikura Motore Speeder TS VC 8.2 Stiff Flex 335* $130 shipped 910H 19* Hybrid Fujikura Motore Speeder TS HB 8.8 Stiff Flex 335* $130 Shipped Mizuno MP54 irons w/KBS Tour X-flex standard lies,lofts and lengths: $440 Shipped SOLD!!!! Mizuno T-4 Wedge Set 52* 56* 60* w/ KBS c-taper Stiff Flex: $140 Shipped SOLD!!!! Nike Air Sport II Golf Bag: $80 Shipped SOLD!!
  5. SR3 Are amazing!!! so much better then the pro v1x and longer!
  6. Any updates on how the bag is holding up?
  7. And what does this have to do with Tour and Pre-Release Equipment?? Congrats!!!
  8. Used Nike Vr Pro forged Wedges x3x grooves in Black Oxide finish: 52*10, 56*10, 60*6 These are CONFORMING grooves w/S400 shafts. They have 16rds in good condition, just got on Mizuno staff no longer need them. SOLD!!! $155 shipped
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