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  1. I recently set up an indoor hitting net and am in the market for a personal launch monitor. Given my space and it’s features I’m particularly interested in the SkyTrak. The only issue I have is that the hardware was released in November 2014; I’m concerned that if I buy it this holiday season they will do a hardware refresh shortly thereafter (specifically the PGA merch show in January). I know one obvious answer is to just wait and see, but the large majority of the use of it will be December to March so waiting until mid-January will cost me a fair chunk of that. My gut feeling is that th
  2. I hit the 110 MSI at PGA superstore and it did wonders for my dispersion. Incredibly stable with a nice little kick. I'm sure the 125 MSI shares these traits, but even more so. Unfortunately, as a medical student I can't afford one. Winning one is the only chance I stand of getting one, it would be greatly appreciated. 70 S if I'm picked
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