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  1. That's it! There'll be a set of 790s on fleabay soon! I played Thursday and flew too many greens. One pitiular where I had 147yds and I knew an 8 was way to much so I went with the 9 and dang near came up 20 short. Yaya I could work on different shots with the same club. But these things are so unpredictable. I've had a lot of different set and never have I been so inconsistent. Plus I just don't need the extra distance these are capable of..
  2. You guys are awesome,,,, wish we could all tee it up! I'm jones'n to play?
  3. It's ridiculous how hight the AW, PW AND 9 iron fly. Pretty sure that has to do with the loss of distance I'm experiencing. Everything else seem to have fairly normal trajectories
  4. Typically I'm used to seeing a slight draw,,, now everything seems to be a fade. Really stinks when you setup expecting a draw and that fade happens. Plus I'm to stubborn to start playing a fade. You'd of thought with spending this much on clubs I'd of got fitted! Guess now I'll look into it! Thanks for the feedback guys!
  5. Shafts are Dynamic golf 105 s300. The Nike blades that I played before these have x100 shafts. Really appreciate all the feedback. I agree I really need to figure out where I'm impacting the face of the iron. The foot spray is a cool idea! Hopefully today I can get to the range and try that.
  6. Ya I get it I should of done a lot more demo-ing. I finally decide to ditch the old Nike blades and end up with the most forgiving distance improving irons on the planet. No worries I'll figure them out. It's just a little frustrating when you pure a 6 iron and get over 200yds,,, especially when the back of the green is 190 out and think no way will I be long! But with the PW I can't even get 130 out of it. The Nike was a solid 140 all day! Btw got brand new.
  7. When I bought these all I did was hit a 7 iron a few times and I was sold. I never realized the distance jump I'd be getting. EXCEPT the short irons. I'm luck to get 110yds out of the PW and the 9 is only slightly more. I even have the AW that I hit about as far as my 56. All the irons are ridiculous for distance gains. I haven't had a enough rounds yet to really figure them out. So far their just totally unpredictable. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
  8. Damn it! I've had the same ol clubs for 15 years,,, I want the latest and greatest! I can't choose their all so great.
  9. Didn't tiger win his first masters with a steel shafted cobra?
  10. Seriously? Dude your chirping is even more ennoying then what CBS has already admitted to adding to the telecast. Look it up! There are plenty of articles,, my favorite is this little quoted bit. "Actually CBS might be smart in going with fake background noise. After all, when Tiger Woods hits a bad shot the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes a bogus chirp from a white-throated sparrow look absolutely tame. Just ask NBC about that" Sorry Tiger, love ya man! What the chirp you say?
  11. Was it me or did the bird chirping sound track get enoying to you also?
  12. For me it always been whatever white tee I find on the box. Typically I'd get home and empty out a pocket of cracked, bent, split and 1" long tees. Lately though I've had my best luck with orange tees. Don't know why, orange isn't my favorite color, can't really see um at address and I'm not superstitious. Probably just jinxed myself! As for lean, I've never thought about it. Pretty sure I lean it back and point the line at my target.
  13. Ben hogan has an awesome ball. Think I still have one in my desk drawer.
  14. I bought my set brand new around 2001. Their the apex plus 3-E, then added a 2 iron. I also got the gap (F), sand wedge and lob wedge in the exact same model. Having the wedges match has kept a consistent feel throughout the set. I always felt the playing a iron that cosmetically looks right to a person is critical for the confidence level. Needless to say I've always felt these clubs are perfect and never looked to change them. only until recently I've been toying with the idea of retiring them.
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