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  1. I don't think there's anything more "Wrx" than having to answer "I'm not sure, but it's more than 4..."
  2. Interesting idea but I have to ask, why?
  3. Sorry Nessim but I don't think that's correct. I just ordered a set of 921 Forged that mistakenly came from Mizuno w/ ESX. JRoy if you contact 2nd Swing theyll have just what youre looking for; i hit them twice & returned them.
  4. Your clubs are too heavy if the bottom falls out of your golf bag when you try to pick it up! Sorry, couldn't resist. Pls resume the pi****g contest...
  5. Cant reccomend any of the Recoils highly enough. Great performance in a shaft that's easy on the joints, with a wide variety of weights & flexes. Hard to believe they don't have something you'll like.
  6. I seem to recall that the stiff Steelfibers were designed to emulate the S300's. If anyone can confirm or correct, I'd appreciate it.
  7. To me, the Steelfibers have more of a "steel feel" than the PGi's. Not completely, but lean that way.
  8. I have not hit the 115's but I do have the i95 Steelfibers so can offer a bit of comparison you can take with a grain of salt. I found the PGi's to have a smoother feel, not as damp as Recoils but more than Steelfibers. Not as stiff a feel, more of a smooth flex. I'd say the trajectory is a bit higher, not drastically so but a very "Pro" trajectory. One big difference w/ the KBS's is that they get stiffer as they get heavier, so keep that in mind. They don't come in multiple flexes, but you can adjust a bit with soft or hardstepping. I doubt you can go wrong, but best of luck!
  9. Finally finished the full set & got them on the course. In a nutshell, my experience matches Weezel verbatim, trajectory is high, but boring; shots turn over & fly don't just land in their own pitch mark. Not surprizingly these are longer than the Recoils but not a full club, closer to the 1/2 club Weezel reported. Like Kid, I also put the logos sideways so mine look similar, but with black MCC's. I'm no photographer but here's a pic: Big test will be this week as I just received a set of JPX 921 Forged with 95g Recoils that I'd ordered before I was picked as a tester. It will certainly say something if these shafts with 7 year old heads knock those out as my gamers and onto the BST. Stay tuned!
  10. 2nd Swing has new uncut 65g Evenflow in Reg for<$100. You're welcome & good luck!
  11. Either way you could use the taper shafts you have. Worst case is you have to buy some shims, which are cheap.
  12. The old Fuji Vista Tour Pro, was a sweet looking shaft. Red & Black on chrome. Very unique look back in the day, and it was basically a poor man's Speeder to boot.
  13. Also, for what it's worth the Recoil ESX's are light with a high ball flight. May want to try those as well.
  14. FYI, if you head over to "Tour & Pre-Release" 4 of us are testing the KBS PGI graphite iron shafts & they've been pretty &%$#@ impressive so far. Good luck!
  15. No argument about the graphics Weezel, that's really a personal taste thing. Completed the set today, going for a test drive tomorrow. I'm sure y'all will be on the edge of your seats waiting for my report. LOL!!
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