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  1. rwl

    5 Hybrid vs. 5 Iron

    Went out yesterday w/ a 24* Titleist hybrid set to 25. It was deadly on the range but flew really high on the course which killed me into the wind. Sorry gents, 5h is not for me.
  2. Yes still play them & would be way ahead to make them my full-time gamers. Only downside is lofts are weak by current stds so you hit one more club a lot. Yeah, I know that shouldn't matter but I'm weak, what can I say? Distance loss keeps bringing in my Apex which are a full club longer. Bottom line, play what you like!
  3. Played yesterday w/ a friend who`s much better than I. Interestingly he's replaced his 5 iron w/ a hybrid. I recently did the same w/ my 4 iron, which got me thinking. Anyone have experience replacing their 5 iron & if so, w/ what? Thanks.
  4. Played until recently. Great driver, still as long as anything out there. Went to Ping for more forgiveness.
  5. Thanks gents, I'll pass this along
  6. A buddy is trying to hit his 4 & 5 irons higher. He's happy with the Tensei he has in his hybrid & looking to use the same. Anyone foresee problems with this? Thanks for your help.
  7. Another vote for G400 LST. Mine has 75g Evenflow Blue & isn't going anywhere.
  8. Sorry T but did anyone ever play this? I've never seen one in the wild.
  9. Agree w/ most everyone else, 1" no problem w/ extension. I've never had a problem. That said, I'd try it as is first. Good luck!
  10. Don't think he's used them since turning pro, just don't know when he started. Anyone know?
  11. No argument, & it seems like a lot of his problems are driven by his driver (pun intended). I've long thought his problems started when he tried to get longer, which resulted in getting wilder off the tee. Just wondered if the grip change was an interesting coincidence as I've tried the grips & didn't care for them.
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