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  1. Can anyone give me some insight on this?
  2. Can anyone compare the Evenflow Blue 65 to the Tensei Taylormade offers as a "stock" shaft in the M5? Interested in comparing stiff in both. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  3. The MCC's that were recommended are very good but might be a bit of overkill at this point ($10+ ea.) I'd recommend a good "velvet-style" grip, Golf Pride Tour Velvets or Lamkin Crossline. You could even go with a knock-off of that style for the time being, as it's easy to change grips down the road when you know better what you like. Honestly, I didn't like the Dyla-grips when they were new, so I doubt they've gotten better w/ age, & anything would be an improvement. Good luck!
  4. A lot of rave reviews here so sorry to be the voice of dissent. I've tried them & found them tough to control around the green. Ball came off very hot & I found them tough to control distance-wise. I'd play in a gap wedge but not in anything that's more touch shots oriented.
  5. +1 on the grips. You can replace those for very little $ and your Eye 2's will play like they were new. Have fun & welcome to the fraternity!
  6. Interesting that this became kind of a "poll" on what Wrx members thought of Winn grips. That said, I agree with the majority, they're too soft & don't last. A $10 grip has to last more than a few mths. I'll stick w/ GP MCC.
  7. Noticed a Winn grip on a putter the other day (Harmon?) Which got me thinking, you see a fair number of Winn's on recreational clubs, but does anyone use them on tour?
  8. For whatever it's worth, I softstepped a set of 1050GH's (similar but a little heavier) into a set of Cally Apex's. Feel great but SWs are a bit high, D6/7
  9. Thanks for the info gents. Stuart would an inch tip or 2x hardstep make any difference? Just curious. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Can anyone else give me some advice on this? Need some help y'all!
  11. Hey shaft Gurus, if I hardstepped (or tipped 1/2") a set of Recoils, how much stiffer would you think they'd play? Half a flex? More? Less? Thanks for your help.
  12. I guess I'm unique here but I can't remember the last time I bought tees. That said, I use whatever comes out of my bag & frankly don't give it a lot of thought. I doubt I can blame my #@$%& drives on my tees!
  13. I've had good luck with hitting my wedge with a "magic eraser" occasionly, keeps rust under control without ruining the raw look.
  14. The Cleveland 53 Diadic (sp?), was a great wedge.
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