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  1. Hey guys, long time member on here. Just wanted to add a site that I use to ship from Canada to the US which saves a bunch of money and hassle. Netparcel has a website that is free to make an account and gives discounted shipping rates. It’s anywhere from $30-$50 cad for me to ship to the states usually but through netparcel I’ll pay $10-$30 max. You can print the label from home and drop off at a variety of postal services. Just thought this might help people with the dreaded international shipping! FYI I have no affiliation with netparcel lol just looking to help out. Cheers
  2. Okay so I’ve got my iron set from last season which are a set of callaway apex raw MB’s. The 5 and 4 iron weren’t really touched as I played different irons for those. They will come as heads only because I don’t think anyone will want the TI x100 amt shafts that are probably around 1” short. Heads are all 2* flat at the moment other than the 5 and 4 iron. All in good shape, 7 iron has a small ding which I added a picture of. These seem to be harder to find now and I contemplated hanging on to them but would rather see someone use them. I purchased from here and was told they were from a tour van, take that for what it’s worth. All I know is the shape is awesome and the feel was impeccable, loved these irons. Looking to get $650. Next up is another purchase from the forums, a Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3 iron. Shafted with a PXI 6.5. Straight from the oven, has the serial and everything. Serial actually has BK stamped on there so maybe a coincidence, who knows. Maybe Brooks will send you a DM and try to buy it off you in the future... SOLD Next is a 4-pw set of the legendary srixon Z745 heads. I was going to refinish these and play them again but instead bought the new srixon irons. They’ve been sitting in my basement for a couple years, obviously used but not abused. $300 Lastly I have 2 shafts. Both I’ve used and loved but it’s time to move on. Kuro Kage 70 XTS and a Kuro Kage 80 XTS. The 70 has the diamana graphics, hell this could be one of Rory’s old shafts who knows. It’s just a great shaft but I bit too spinny for me now. The 80 has the original KK graphics. 80 is 41” tip to grip and the 70 is just a shade under 44.5 tip to grip. The 80 has no tip installed and the 70 has a tm tip installed, slightly worn out but still works fine. Not sure how to price these as I can’t find any online at the moment. Will take $200 for the driver shaft and $150 for the fairway shaft. As always I happily look at offers and also remember I’m in Canada so I usually agree to split on the shipping with the buyers. I’ve bought and sold loads of stuff on here in the past and haven’t had issues. happy golfing.
  3. Shipping from Canada so usually just split shipping fees with buyers. Selling some of my golf clothing that no longer fits, some have been worn more than others but all in excellent condition. Some items haven't even been worn. Shirts are all XS Lululemon Evolution polos. Shorts are Nike modern fit Dri-fit size 28 waist. Pants are Lululemon ABC Pant Slim *Warpstreme 34" size 28 waist. Shirt colours are red, grey, grey/white striped, blue. Shorts - navy, grey, khaki. Pants - Black, blue. Willing to sell all as a package or individual, pricing follows... Shirts $30 each Shorts $25 each Pants $40 each Tour Striker Planemate. Used maybe 5-10 times, have extra clips as well. Comes with all 3 bands. Looking for $120. Thanks
  4. Selling my skytrak as I’m looking to upgrade my setup. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, only use in the off season. In great shape, comes with original box and paperwork. Looking to get $2500 and shipping from Canada so we can work something out with shipping costs depending on location etc. Thanks!
  5. Shipping from Canada FYI so take that for what it is... Callaway epic flash tour issue 3 wood with a 70g diamana ZF TX shaft. $250 callaway apex Tour issue 19 degree hybrid with a Diamana 90x flex shaft. $120 taylormade tour issue 2016 M2 fairway wood head, 15 degrees actual 15.1. $75 taylormade tour issue 2017 M2 fairway wood head 15 degrees, actual 14.8. $95 scotty Cameron Newport 2 studio style refinished, 33inches and in awesome shape. $400 kuro Kage 80XTS shaft. Tipped 1” and length is 41” without a head on it. This is a tour only shaft I believe Fleetwood plays it in his 5 wood and Day plays it as well. Looking for $125 lastly I have a few pairs of shoes. These I wore very sparingly as they never really fit properly. - White and navy pair of Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 shoes. These are size 7.5. Looking to get $50 - White and black pair of Nike Tour Premiere shoes. Size 8, looking to get $85 each. all prices are without shipping as that will need to be discussed with buyers individually. Thanks
  6. Tensei with Titleist tip sold. Need the rest sold by weds. Rogue price drop to $185.
  7. Few higher end items up for sale. I’ll be heading to the states this week to ship out so let’s get this stuff sold ASAP. Thanks I have two almost identical Tensei Pro Orange 60TX shafts just with different adaptors. Both of these are tipped 1” and play right around 45” in their respective driver heads. I played the Titleist shaft for about a season and the other was barely used in a backup driver. Looking to get $200 each on these. Next up I have an M4 Tour issue 3 wood with a Tensei Pro White 80TX shaft. This is also tipped 1” and plays at standard 3 wood length. Only hit this a few times on the range and it couldn’t crack the lineup. $310 shipped for this. Throwing this one on again... Aldila Rogue 130MSI 60TX driver shaft. It is tipped 1” and played 45.5 in my M5. Pretty much new, used it for a few range sessions. $200
  8. Dropping shaft to $200. Need sold by tomorrow thanks guys.
  9. Should be the last batch of stuff for awhile here. I am heading to the states on Saturday to ship out the stuff I sold last week and hopefully this stuff as well! Would love for quick sales on these so I have priced accordingly. First up is a Cameron & Crown Newport 2 putter. These are all 33” and have 20g weights in them. Great putter, used for a full season (which is a long time for me) but I’m happy with my current putter situation and don’t need any temptations. Comes with headcover and brand new ping blackout grip. Asking $310 for this. Next is an Aldila Rogue 130MSI 60TX driver shaft. It is tipped 1” and played 45.5 in my M5. This thing is basically new, used it for a few range sessions and couldn’t knock out my current shaft. $210 Lastly just a small Nike shirt that I wore one time, little bright for me so can’t see myself wearing it again. I’ll take $35 for this. Thanks guys, will reply to all pm’s as quickly as I can and again I plan to ship everything out in one go so let’s get this stuff sold. Cheers! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/i4/zdy024pismny.jpeg "")
  10. Srixon irons sold (5-pw) so 3 iron and 4 iron still available if someone wants. Also shorts are gone and so are Nike black and grey pants. Stuff left... - UA pants - Golf balls - TM 3 iron - White Nike pants
  11. Hey guys, few more items up today. I am located in Canada but will be heading to the US in the next week or so to pick some stuff up so I will ship these out while I’m there to cut down costs. First up I have a set of Srixon 765 heads. Set is 4-PW and are in excellent shape, haven’t left the plastic since buying them on this site. I bought them as a backup set but decided to move in another direction. These were previously used for only a couple range sessions and barely have any marks on them at all. I also have a 745 3 iron head in the same shape if someone wanted that along with this set as well. Looking to get $315 for these. $350 if you want the 745 3 iron included. Next I have a tour issue RSI TP 3 iron head. Never used and still in the plastic. $50 Next up I have a dozen Clear golf balls. If you haven’t heard of this brand just google them. They make other sporting products but are starting to make golf balls now and they’re super expensive. I believe around $80-$90 per dozen. I’ll sell these for 50% off at $40 if someone wants to try them out for half of the price. And finally we get into the clothing for the small fry. I’m around 5’8 and 145ish, I wear a modern fit small in Nike golf clothing and a slim small in any other brand. I have 3 pairs of Nike Modern fit woven pants size 30x30 (grey, white, black) and 2 pair of under armour slim fit 30x30 (navy, black) golf pants for sale. These all were barely worn and some of them not worn at all. I’m looking to get $45 each or $200 for all 5. Again, smoke free home, well taken care of slacks here guys. Also have 2 pair of Nike modern fit washed 30 waist shorts in white and grey. These again were not worn that often and in nice shape. Looking to get $28 for each or $50 for both. Thanks!
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