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  1. Someones gotta go try and pick them up. Which course is it?
  2. If he would sell it for less and then you buy a $50 patch. Thatd be sweet deal. New Hoofer 2s just arent out there.
  3. Yeah I agree. Still a cool find for that guy. Ive also seen guys get a custom patch to cover unwanted logos. Sort of what The Buck Club did with their carry bags a while ago.
  4. CRAZY FIND on eBay. Not buying because of price point, but found a brand new Hoofer 2 in an attic I think. Check out the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PING-Hoofer-2-Carry-Stand-Golf-Bag-New-Old-Stock-NOS-with-Tags-Vintage/224084560877?hash=item342c7b0bed:g:9XgAAOSw8lZfEhxG
  5. I never knew the bottle holder held the bottle back and at an angle. I like that and the colors!
  6. Hey @Continental Golf During the refurbishing process of irons could I ask for the irons to be brought back to stock specifications, including the right head weight (using tip weight if needed)?
  7. Thanks for helpingThanks for being willing! Its a great Ping Hoofer 2 in black for $50. Figured another $35 via ParcelMonkey will get it to me in SoCal. If anyone else is in the area and willing I'd be appreciative.
  8. Anyone near the Lake Harriett area want to help me out? Hoping a forum member can pickup a golf bag for me and help ship it to SoCal on my behalf. Thanks!
  9. Wow! Just checked out this link and I'm impressed. Im trying to buy a bag in MN and get it shipped to SoCal and these guys have a rate of $35 with shipper dropping off at FedEx location. Thats a steal. Hope to make this work.
  10. One of my favorite features of the new Hoofers is the "grab handle" at the top of the five section.
  11. I agree with this positive attribute of Mercari's system
  12. I could see that, but I feel its like eBay...a great spot to sometimes find deals or AKA people selling things that they dont know the actual worth.
  13. My question with this post is what about Nike clubs?? Haha.
  14. I swear I always wish Titleist bags were just better than what they are. Im pretty loyal to Titleist, but their bags are junky. They look AWESOME imo, but I've never bought one.
  15. Aloha. Selling my NOOB 2004 SC Hula Girl Headcover. It does not come with a divot tool. Asking $200 shipped in the CONUS Mahalo!
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