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  1. Conceptually I love the idea, but I also love having 14 clubs which I find annoying with a true Sunday bag. I walk 200+ rounds a year with a light weight stand bag and call it a compromise.
  2. Done and done. My short game is very good. Putting is a tad streaky, but wedges and chipping are a strength. I do practice with a purpose and I have dedicated range sessions. They have a plan and a purpose. It is not just scraping a ball over and taking a swing. Once upon a time I was a 5-7 handicap, then 5 kids and all that goes with it. I quit the game for 20+ years for many of the reasons that you cite above. If I didn't have the time for dedicated practice and free swings on the course, I wouldn't have fun and I wasn't willing play mediocre golf. But I have discovered t
  3. I've flirted with a single digit handicap, but we have never had a long term committed relationship. From time to time I seek relationship therapy in the form of lessons. Being a golf junkie, I enjoy learning more about the game and thoughts on the golf swing. BUT, to improve is to change. And change is hard. It feels foreign (otherwise you would have been doing it properly to begin with). Still, I want to move on from flirting to commitment. So I do it. The part that is awkward, that I really hate, is that first week of trying to take the change from the range to the tee. Those round
  4. Emerald Ash Bore has made tree removal in the midwest less of a choice and more of a necessity. My home course has removed some 200 trees, 90% of which were 'buffer" and not in play. We did lose one that was a hooker's nightmare off of a par 5 tee and we will lose a second that defines the tee shot on another hole. I get it. Trees age and die or are subject to disease, but some become old friends.
  5. The only constant in golf has been the desire to get a ball from the teeing ground into the hole in the fewest number of strokes. Outside of that it has changed, evolved and been subject to local culture. Old Tom Morris and his phalanx of playing partners would probably be aghast at what is considered proper dress at Augusta, Pine Valley etal. Where is the coat, the vest and the tie? Personally I think it is great that there is an increasing spectrum of golf venues, styles of dress and social decorum. But just like making dinner reservations, it is your responsibility to know t
  6. I think walking in general has had a bit of a resurgence. And that would lend itself to an interest in Sunday bags. Just a thought.
  7. Yes. The only club that may not be hit multiple times is the 4 iron. Lie, wind dependent.
  8. There is an article in today's online Golfweek that includes an aerial video tour. Looks fun!
  9. Washington County is a worthy track a stone's throw from Erin Hills.
  10. Stay away from ladders! Lac La Belle is nice. Better than nice. Erin Hills is elite. We have daylight until 9 PM this time of year. A 3 PM tee time is no issue getting in a round and as the evening cools it will make an arduous walk more pleasant.
  11. In a world that has the attention span of a gnat it is 3 1/2-4 hours with friends. Connected by competition, humor and quest to hit that magic shot.
  12. I have become a fan of electrolyte powders that you can empty into a 12oz bottle of water. Staying hydrated is important, but replenishing electrolytes is key to retaining focus and warding off fatigue.
  13. Coolibar for long sleeve polos and SParms for sleeves. My Arizona go to dress code.
  14. Having taken sun protection more seriously: Coolibar and SParms have become go to gear.
  15. Karen Crouse of the NY Times (and one of the better sports/golf reporters around) wrote an interesting article on Michelle Wie West, her decision to return to competitive play and the economics of women's golf/sports. Whether you are a fan of her or not it is a great read and for those of us old enough to remember the playing days of her father-in-law, Jerry West, an interesting reminder of how far all professional sports have come. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/03/sports/golf/lpga-michelle-wie-us-open.html
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