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  1. Kohler gets all the publicity...and they've earned it as a host to a US Women's Open, PGA's and now the Ryder Cup. They also enjoy a pedigree back to a "name" course architect. On top of that the Tour Pros destroyed Erin Hills at a US Open. Public sentiment seems to fall along those same lines. Partly it is luck of the draw, as it was a very wet June immediately prior to the US Open at Erin and the wind did not blow during the event as is typical for that time. If that Open had been more along the lines expected: firm, fast and windy Erin may be regarded by the golfing public at large as much more challenging. I've played Bandon, SV and Kohler. I would put Erin as a cut above. It certainly has a more Halloweenesque history with murder, near bankruptcies and changes in ownership prior to the first ball being struck. Given the amount of land adjacent and the deep pockets of current ownership I am somewhat surprised there hasn't been more of a destination, multi course initiative. Phred
  2. Carry please. A pushcart is a fine alternative, but the simplicity of picking up your bag, walking directly to your ball, getting your number and swinging is ideal to me. The limitations with pushcarts, although minimal, are picking a route from tee to fairway and not always the best thing to bring right up near the apron of green when undecided about your wedge. Where I play in the midwest tee to fairway is a nonissue, but in Arizona where you have to pick a pathway often through a sandy wash from tee to fairway it is a trickier proposition. Phred
  3. Higher hands at address is something I need to check. A former LPGA player took me under her short game wing last winter. Much to the improvement of my score. And yes, upright club and green side is great. For the longest time I wanted to always lob the ball to the hole on a chip. Now she has me using 9 iron, PW or other when appropriate and to hit with a putting stroke to get the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as possible. Amazing improvement in distance control and proximity to the cup.
  4. Fair enough, and I was being a bit of a snot. I some times rankle at the idea everything from clubs to courses needs a ranking. Did you like it? Did you feel like it was a fair value? Did you have fun? Chalk it up to this being a rainy day with no golf and a long honey-do-list. Ornery.
  5. Does it really matter? Top 10, top 50, top 100.... I could care less how some golf aficionado ranks it. It is a bold idea and should be fun to play.
  6. If I am not mistaken there was a player poll a few years back and Rickie was named something like The Most Underachieving Player. It stung him. And I think he agreed in interviews that he also felt he had underachieved. None of these guys get to sniff PGA Tour level without being intensely competitive. At the same time, Rickie is not the first to wander in the desert looking for a lost game. Jordan went through his humbling soul searching period and appears to be emerging on the other side. I hope Rickie gets his mojo back, contends in majors and gets one to put on his mantel. In 2014 he was T5, T2, T2 and T3 in majors. The talent is there. And Rickie in contention is good for the game. Phred
  7. Did the SV manager give you any information on how they are thinking about public play? I was approached early on in the project (I'm not special. I had friends who were "founders" at SV) about membership and they made it sound as if public play would be extremely limited. That may prove to be a moving target as plans continue to evolve. Phred
  8. It has been tough sledding for airlines, particularly international airlines, in a COVID world. I guess I am not that surprised that ANA wanted to step away, but Poppy's Pond, tradition, the Dinah Shore....Yes. I'm an old fart.
  9. The problem SV faces is endemic to the area. Very poor part of the state and little in the way of local golf for kids to have learned the tricks of the trade. That isn't to say SV shouldn't have a quality training program. Perhaps that is a weakness in an otherwise excellent venue. We are also in that shoulder season where many of the experienced caddies at SV, Erin and Kohler start heading south to their winter gigs. Phred
  10. Strawberry Creek is not public, but I have gotten on via a reciprocal and I have had others tell me they have gotten on with a phone call or polite email. I wouldn't expect to get on in prime hours.
  11. From a Wisconsin perspective The Bog is good, The Bull is better. Brown Deer in Milwaukee is very good. If you stay north after Troy Burne (love that course) Turtle Back in Rice Lake is good. Between Milwaukee and Chicago is Strawberry Creek.
  12. Most clubs I that I am familiar with have an unpublished "vibe." There was a local club that was the money game club with decent coin changing hands. You needed to be comfortable with that to be part of the main stream. Another club is the Blue Blood club. Socially, financially connected or you won't be invited to apply. Another has a serious down stroke and a difficult course. It is a "players" club. That reputation in and of itself sent many beginners to other venues. There is another in the area that is apply, interview, play rounds with an existing member yada yada yada. They will check your handicap. If you are not a legit 12 or better you won't be invited to join. If you are on the course more than 3 1/2 hours the pro is instructed to go out and bring you in to the club house. Or so I am told. The above are exceptions, but they exist. Every club has a vibe or a reputation or genre and like tends to attract like. Phred
  13. The Irish is right there and worthy of your time. The Bull is a really good course with some Nicklaus design features that people either love or loath. I haven't yet played it under the new ownership and will let others pontificate on conditions/value. Sentry World is an interesting call. Personally I like the course very much. Relative to the others you have mentioned it will be an easier track. It has been closed for two years and is owned by a golf centric insurance company. Making money is not their top priority, hence the conditions are immaculate without paying nosebleed prices. Some of what you get is purely aesthetic. Flower beds and landscaping that make the course standout yet don't impact play. Personally I would leave Sentry World as parkland style compliment to a dunes/links style trip to near by Sand Valley. Phred
  14. Another fan of The River Course and BWR here. The Straits gets the acclaim and properly so, but there is a lot to love.
  15. I could have been fine from the Carolinas to Florida to Texas to Arizona. Each has it's own pluses and minuses. How they fit with your lifestyle and wants is another matter entirely. AirBnB/VRBO gave us the chance to spend time in each before making a decision. Lots and lots to think about other than raw climate data. Housing prices, private/public play availability and pricing, restaurants, entertainment, recreation, ocean or dessert, crime rates, tax rates, healthcare, congestion,.... Phred
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