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  1. It appears Wilson worked hard on their shafts for proprietary reasons. Think “fat shaft” as well. Just thinking out loud and that is very dangerous lol.
  2. Thanks, NRJ. Pulled out my trusty caliper and sure enough .343” +\-. Thank you for the insight. Mystery solved.
  3. Thanks, Stephen. I will certainly purchase one including the handle. Looking on there, they are rather expensive. I’ll get the .355 for now and join on to your Christmas list for the .370 lol. Thank you for the oil tip as well. What a great forum. Take care and happy holidays.
  4. Just read a quote back up from K-fan discussing a reamer. This might be my best option???
  5. Ok. The shafts are pulled. Definitely not .370 diameter. However, a .355 tip will not insert all the way in. Goes about a 1/3 of the way then starts to bind. There was very little glue holding the shafts in. Given this, a compression fitting might hold true. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The hosels are very clean no restrictions regarding glue etc. any thoughts how to get my .355 into the heads? Thank you all.
  6. Wow. Thank you so much for the insights. If you are taking it easy Saturday and begin to hear cussing-don’t worry it will just be me in my garage pulling shafts lol. I appreciate you all so much and thanks for the video too.
  7. Thank you for the replies. The compression fit sounds like I’m going to have an interesting experience. Hopefully my Mitchell shaft puller is up to the task. I’m a little worried that I might have to ream the hosel somewhat for the .355 shaft. I’ve never done that and while it won’t be a full .355 to .370 ream, I certainly am open to suggestions. Kwelifan how did you modify the hosel to get the .355 to seat and fit. I really appreciate the help everyone has provided.
  8. Oh my, I hope not threaded; whereby, that can make a very interesting reshaft. Maybe we will get some more input on this. Thanks
  9. Hello all. I need some help on the Wilson fg 51 tour blade irons and the hosel size. In my DD research, I discovered that When Wilson released these irons they came with two steel shaft options of either the fire stick or TT Dynamic. I’m pretty sure that the fire stick shafts were parallel (.370) only ; therefore, if true, making the hosel .370. However, I am not sure that if you ordered TT dynamic if they were .370 or .355. Could Wilson have had two different hosel sizes per your shaft order. Or, were the TT dynamics parallel shafts making the hosel size .370 as well. I swear my question was far simpler than what I typed lmao. Please, what’s the dang hosel size for the fg-51’s? thanks.
  10. 1. Cleveland Tour Action TA-1 iron heads only 3-pw $150 2. Ping copper SW head only $50 3. Hoffman Bailiwick 3-PW. Shafts are Prototype F3-110's. The 6 iron measures approximately 38” and each iron follows the measurement up and down +/- 0.5" except the three iron-the shaft was never butt trimmed. The iron shafts do not have extensions nor have they been tip-trimmed whatsoever. The iron shafts are straight installs-no "stepping" whatsoever. Trying to think of something else to use the word "whatsoever" again-lol. $299 Sorry, shipping is not free unless asking price is proffered. CONUSA only for shipping. USPS Priority mail only. Paypal only. Thanks
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