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  1. > @GolfChannel said: > No, I have never belonged to a private club. I have never seen the benefit or necessity to do so. The only place I almost joined one was in Charlotte which basically has almost no public golf available. They had a trail membership which allowed me to work around this and golf at 8 private clubs without actually having to join any of them. > > While in college, I worked for the original production side of the Golf Channel and have been fortunate enough to pretty well see every level of golf from beat down muni to clubs which most of us will ever get a snif
  2. I’m assuming Cook’s Creek is literally, not figuratively, underwater at this point. I hope they’re able to recover this season.
  3. Anyone know of central Ohio courses that aren't flooded?
  4. In terms of budget Ping irons, I think the Eye 2s more than hold their own against anything that came out before the S55 or i200. Plus, the Eye 2s have an exemption and will be legal forever as long as you're not on the tour. For woods, I'd recommend looking at the G25 line as a good starting point.
  5. > @"Schley " said: > No idea for Illinois golfers???? Not many. The Murray brothers, maybe?
  6. Had them for about a month. Great irons. Soft, forgiving but workable, and consistent as all get out. No real distance gain from my last set, but the consistency and feel more than makes up for that.
  7. I usually cut down and put new grips on, but that's entirely personal preference. If you're putting well gripping down, I wouldn't do anything to change it.
  8. > @"Judge Smales" said: > @ratdg1 > We live in a golf neighborhood, so at least 50% of the membership use their own personal golf carts. His son’s (7 years old) clubs are always on the cart because he takes him to go play at night, etc. Oh, I gotcha . That's not really a thing around here.
  9. I'm still confused as to why he put his son's clubs on the cart. Was his son originally supposed to play and didn't show up?
  10. Why would lasing the distance from behind the ball be more accurate than from beside it?
  11. If you’re interested in joining a club, York is looking for members. It’s on 23 just north of 270. Always in good shape, very walkable, good people.
  12. > @Tommyj said: > Lee Westwood's usual setup includes two U wedges, one at standard loft and the second at 53*. God help his caddy if they ever get them mixed up.
  13. Get the u wedge. Drop the 3 iron.
  14. > @JDFish said: > > @ratdg1 said: > > Anyone played Denison this year? How is it? > > I play there every Saturday. It is in great shape. If it is wet, the rough is really tough. The greens are slowly being made speedier. Memorial Day weekend it played really firm and fast and was a lot of fun. It appears they have been replacing sand in the bunkers, though not all of the bunkers have been completed. I just wish they would spend some money leveling the tee boxes (my only pet peeve there). Thanks! I assumed it would be in good shape but wanted to check. I
  15. Anyone played Denison this year? How is it?
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