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  1. Interesting. I always Thought MJs biggest hitting issue was Uncle Charlie.
  2. I seem to remember the Callaway Hickory Stick was pretty popular in the 80’s...
  3. I say “long irons” - can’t cut one to save my life...
  4. Just sold mine. now in the TSi2. First Titleist driver since the 975D
  5. I believe Nancy Lopez did that her entire career. She did OK .
  6. ebk

    Chasing 82

    Shouldn't there be a countdown to 88?
  7. I may be the least qualified person to give swing advice, but my suggestion to Mr. Wolff would be that if he ever thinks about changing that move, he should first speak to Jim Furyk and to Jim's dad.
  8. ebk

    TSi3 or TSi2

    I think with these drivers, it is critical to get fit, and to try variety of shafts. They are indeed awesome clubs. Likewise the fairways. I liked the driver so much I also got a fairway (TSi2 for each).
  9. If you buy G/Fore stuff, do you get tips on how to cheat at getting your kid into University?
  10. Or drop one at the plaque at Baltusrol and see who can replicate Jack’s shot...
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