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  1. Well, for work reasons I went two years without touching a club. Trying to get back to it and cannot get comfortable. Video today - posture is horrible (don't recall being that bent over previously), balance was not great, EE has always been an issue, as was OTT. Now I just don't fell right pretty much across the board. This is seven iron. Any thoughts? (My thought is to give up the game altogether...). Thanks.
  2. Well, since Mr. Langer has two green jackets, I know who I'd pick...
  3. I don't hit 4 iron anymore because they invented the hybrid... I'm no fan of the USGA generally, but I guess they are a necessary but sometimes out of touch organization (see Lee Trevino's quote about becoming a USGA Committeeman). They do the Rules, conduct the national championships, etc. However, they too often have really messed up, especially with some US Open setups, but also with taking forever to make some rules changes, most notably anchored putting. And they may be (Probably?) out of touch with most golfers - do they really care about recreational golfers?
  4. I don't have a dog in this hunt, but it seems to me that Bryson has gone about improving his scores/wins in a way he devised, stuck to and is comfortable doing. Good on him. He has had some good results. Good on him. He's way early in his career - too early in my opinion for anyone to think he has a sustainable unfair advantage over the other guys. And certainly too soon to say rules, etc. should be changed. I'm old enough to remember watching JWN blow it so far past guys that it was a joke (Jack was incredibly long compared to his peers, especially since
  5. ebk

    Masters Favorite

    This is a weird year for sure. Winged Foot in September and AGNC in November are kinda unprecedented, so the conditions are not as predictable. One thing for sure - Winged Foot really has no water to speak of - AGNC has a lot, which should make a bomber who misses left and sometimes long (such as #15) think twice... I'm hoping for Webb Simpson, but that's on behalf of a family member who in mid July picked Morikawa , DeChambeau and Webb to win the three majors...
  6. But they probably know the greens and the approach/miss areas really well, which could help guys who never the played the course in competition.
  7. A tradition like every other for me. Rejected again. Happens every year.
  8. Where I went to school, we were taught to capitalize all words in a title, with only a couple minor exceptions. Similar to the Subject line in a memo - capitalize most all of the words (e.g., “This Memo is About Capitalization”). But we can agree to disagree, because perhaps others’ learned differently.
  9. Yes, there is a grassy knoll. It's three fairways over, behind the snack shack. And Phil is playing from behind it...
  10. I remember 1974 US Open. The course won.
  11. Well, it's a tradition like no other for me. Apllied every year since they did the online lottery. Rejected every year. I'm sure for 2021 the tradition will continue.
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