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  1. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Newport Beach, CA 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes - Driver only 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons, hybrids, maybe fairways
  2. GIR is one thing, but proximity to hole is also important. Supposedly, Hogan was complaining about not making enough birdies and his wife suggested he try to hit the approach shots closer to the hole. Golf is simple...
  3. She must be dragging - between travel from West Coast US to MD for the Girls Am, 8 rounds there, travel to Europe, jet lag and then this event. She had a wild third round. Nice run of four straight birdies after three straight bogeys. Then a dust up on the back nine. She is gritty. In addition to having great talent.
  4. I won’t express an opinion until I see the bearded guy’s right hand… Seriously, that “tradition” needs to go away.
  5. Way to go, Rose! And congrats to runner up Bailey Davis.
  6. Me, too. I'm oh-fer however long they've doing the lottery.
  7. I believe some top juniors get access to a lot of stuff. I don't think her family is extremely well of. But I see an 11 year old girl at range whose father brings trackman, laptop, laptop stand and a whole bunch of stuff to range. Mom brings the chairs, umbrella, etc.
  8. When I see her on the range, she doesn’t even have all the fancy stuff. She has an old stand bag that she carries out to the range. No staff bag, nor doodads - maybe has alignment sticks. Last couple years she’s had a trackman but seems to not use it every time. Once, a few months ago, I saw her walk to the hitting spot with an adult and a bag like she uses in tourneys. But only that once (and I don’t think the adult stood by her while she hit). Seems like an old soul in a teenager’s body.
  9. I first saw Rose several years ago. I was hitting on the range and she took the space next to me. She was around 11 years old, I guess. I was blown away by her swing, her routine and her attitude. She was by herself - no parents, no coaches. Very diligent and organized. I’ve seen her at the range a lot, and always just her - no coach/parents/entourage hovering around. I went home and told family and friends I had seen the most incredible young girl at the range. Her swing then was very similar to now. So was her demeanor. Been following her ever since. The guys at the course speak highly of her as a person as well as a golfer. I think she will be a successful golfer and more importantly, a successful human.
  10. Rose is awesome. Haven't seen any video - looking forward to watching the final. Glad she has an experienced caddie. Not having one may have really hurt at ANWA (I think she wins if she used a local looper). Rose is also quite humble. Refreshing to see her comportment on the course.
  11. If you've seen her swing now, it didn't really look much different at age 10 or 11 - so yes, born to play golf.
  12. I think playing on the weekend is an accomplishment. Top 20, top 10, top 5 all spectacular. Wishing her well. Saw her about two months ago at the range. She had about a five iron: right to left, left to right, high and straight, flighted down and straight. Repeat. Repeat. Finished with a few 10 foot flop shots, wide open face. All of them right on target. She has the shots. BTW, her line to win dropped to 125-1...
  13. The current US Women’s Am Champion is 5-1 for top 20, 12-1 for top 10, 28-1 for top 5 and 200-1 to win. Playing in her third USWO, and fifth (or sixth?) major. Seems worth a punt...
  14. I suggest getting Monte's video. Start by watching the non-bunker stuff. Don't worry, it will make sense for sand as well. Same concept - minor tweaking. It's really good.
  15. Yes. I’m rooting for Rose. She just very recently turned 18 and graduating high school. She has such a great game. And a great temperament.
  16. I gave up trying to get to a certain number. What I really would like is one pain free day on a day I’m playing golf. Had one of those days in about 1989, and as a 12 HCP shot 75 (3 over). It was the last time I played a pain free round - hadn’t had one in years before that and haven’t had one since. Not complaining, just explaining why I really let the day and the round happen, and check out my index when the email arrives. I’m old (mid 60’s) took up the game after college, broken down (50+ years of ice hockey) and currently at 8.1. Play maybe 2x/month if I’m lucky.
  17. LW. As Monte said. If greens really firm, I open face slightly and aim left.
  18. Yes, Inbee Park is one of the best ever putters on LPGA. But Google Kathy Whitworth...
  19. So, I guess that buy three dozen get the fourth free promotion was VERY compelling.
  20. Best wishes to you. Hope to hear from you from time to time - maybe see some photos of your art. Keep on keepin’ on.
  21. “You can talk to a fade, but a hook won’t listen.” Attributed to Trevino. I saw him at the end part of his prime live a few times. His fade wasn’t the Sunday game with the hacks at the muni fade. That sucker sounded and looked like it came out of a rifle. Hogan, JW Nicklaus, Norman, DJ, and a whole lotta others were plenty long while hitting a fade.
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