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  1. 12 DOUBLE dozen, so a paltry 288 golf balls. Maybe I'll order the max and open my own pro shop.
  2. The article is linked somewhere back in this thread.
  3. I recently made a purchase from GollBallNut.com, and just wanted to give them a shout out. Since I go through balls faster than the house that gives away full sized bars goes through candy on Halloween, I ordered 4A near mint quality. I looked them over and they all seem to be in great condition. Several logos, a few discolorations from grass and dirt, but I didn't see any scuffs or damage at all. And their prices seemed to be better than the other used ball sites I've checked. If you're a cheapskate like me you might want to check them out.
  4. Ah, well that clears everything up. Thanks for the insight.
  5. Well now I've got a dilemma. I bought a mess of used Srixon Q Stars from a used site (hopefully the condition will be decent), so now I need to decide whether or not to keep the 2.0 balls I bought or not.
  6. I'm considering placing an order form Lost Golf Balls, and am wondering about the quality of the near mint (4A) balls. How much of a difference is there between those and mint?
  7. I must not be finding the right codes. Not that I swing consistent enough to trust any difference is in the ball and not me.
  8. Where do you find the balls for the same price as the Kirkland ($12.50 / doz). I'm still playing the Kirkland for a large part because even used 3 piece balls from the big boys were significantly more expensive.
  9. That's interesting, but it seems that the Kirkland ball cores line up with what's shown on each of the boxes. Doesn't seem like the color change is random here.
  10. Maybe I'm a fan-boy, but I just can't see Costco putting the same ball in a new box and passing it off as something different. Plus that doesn't account for the different color cores from what was in the other original 3 piece ball, with corresponding diagrams on each of the boxes showing the appropriate colored layers.
  11. I agree on all counts, but would think that the different color layers highly suggests it is not the same ball. Different colors implies different construction to me (as does the anecdotal evidence of different playing characteristics).
  12. Except the "<<" ball was supposed to come out "at the end of October", which is exactly when these appeared. I'm still not convinced this IS the new ball with a bogus stamp. I'd love to get clarification.
  13. I agree that's most likely, but extremely odd. The colors of the layers in the balls we see cut open match he illustration on the new box, so I suspect it's the new ball. But the old side stamp is confusing. Technically, if that turns out to be true, are these ball conforming and allow to be used in tournaments and such if they have a wrong stamp? I do know the new 3 piece has been on the list for some time. If someone wants to take the time (I don't), they could probably search back through the thread and find the first mention of it.
  14. Sorry, see it on my phone and saw that as a roll eyes emoji.
  15. Why the sarcasm? I merely made an observation. I'm no lawyer, I could easily be wrong but there's no need to get pissy.
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