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  1. I'm not sure I'm good enough to tell a Titleist from a Top Flite, but the new KSigs work just fine for me. Not being the most consistent hitter on the course it's hard for me to say for sure, but I've not noticed any distance loss with them. In fact I've hit a couple of my best drives ever this year with the ball. Unfortunately the putters only come in 34", and I prefer something a bit longer. I like to stand pretty much upright when I putt. And I do kinda like my counterbalanced Odessey putter, but I've not really seen those around any more so I may have to move away from t
  2. Unfortunately I go through them fast enough that I have to pick up a box pretty much each time I go. I almost wish I wasn't happy with my current wedges. I really want the lob wedge from the Kirkland set but don't need the gap or SW.
  3. I've was playing around with some used Srixon balls before deciding to return to the V2. I don't keep a ball in play as long as I'd like, but I noticed more wear on the Srixon that I do the KSig,
  4. I wish they had a longer version of the putter. I like to stand fairly upright and what they have is just a little too short for me. Hopefully down the road.
  5. I still don't know what the story with that is. How can different balls have the same markings? The conforming ball list still has two balls, on marked as <<Performance +>> and the other as <*Performance+*>.
  6. I expect the three piece will be around even after the release of the new 4 piece. The V2 is too new to be phased out when (if?) the new ball drops (pardon the pun).
  7. What's the harm? When and if the new ball comes out you can return any unused V2 balls.
  8. From what I recall from the Kirkland thread, the compression of the V2 is fairly high. Like something in the Pro V1 range, but not quite of the V1+
  9. That's much more comparable to my swing than the 115MPH range. It sounds like those losing a lot of distance might be those big hitters and wouldn't affect me so much.
  10. What is your typical driver distance? In my case I wouldn't know if the 10 yards was because of the ball or just my not catching it quite right. I'm not sure 10 yards off a the driver is enough to be a deal killer for me.
  11. I'm just looking for a good, balanced ball. My concern around the Kirkland was the reported loss of distance, so if I could find a ball that provides more distance without sacrificing too much in other areas, that would be great. But from what I'm hearing any ball in this price range would be a modest distance gain for a major loss in greenside spin. But, on the other hand, if there was a ball with comparable distance but with an advantage in some other area, maybe it flew straighter off the driver, I'd consider that as well.
  12. No insult taken. I've been playing the Ksig for just that reason. I'm in not way interested in paying for a premium ball, but am just keeping my eye open for something that might perform better for me at a comparable price. Seems the general consensus here is that is NOT the Gamer.
  13. Have you tied the new V2 ball that came out late last fall? Seems folks are reporting it's longer than its predecessor.
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