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  1. This thread has been going for 5 years and 580 pages. If it has died, it was far from quickly!
  2. I don't recall any announcement being make in the past prior to the balls just showing up online. Keep the dream alive!
  3. It was the red ball. Right through the loop-the-loop, under the windmill, and smack into the clown's nose. What a day.
  4. Yep, I've got a few. And they came in a plain envelope rather than the cardboard backed packaging.
  5. Hmm, must've changed. I could swear last time I bought gloves on line there were 5. But it's been a while.
  6. IIRC, the one from online comes with an extra glove for some reason.
  7. Yes, that's the older version. The newer V2 ball seems to have gotten much better reviews.
  8. Wouldn't you notice if you were losing a full club or more?
  9. Damnit, you all have me questioning ball choice again. I'm no where near consistent enough to compare shot-to-shot. I do no some of my longest drives haver have been Ksig, but if that's what I'm playing..... I've considered switching form the K-sig a couple of times before and have always come back to it. Bottom line for me always comes down to what will perform better for a similar price? I loose too many balls to play anything much more expensive.
  10. Ok, lets get back to talking about gas pumps and booze rather than what might be actual evidence of whether the 3 piece is being phased out in favor of a new ball.
  11. Are they hiring?!! Went to my Costco yesterday. They've restocked the gloves but still not balls.
  12. History shows they aren't too concerned about the time of year when they release a ball. IIRC the first time I was the V2.0 ball was right around Halloween last year, and it seemed to me at the time that the end of the golf season seemed an odd time to release a new product. Costco seems to take a longer view and will release it when it's ready. Now that I think about it, maybe that WAS the strategy. They new the new ball would have a strong demand so they waited until the end of the season to give them time to catch production up with demand. Or maybe China is behind it, or Russia. At this point I'm starting to feel like a conspiracy theorist coming up with ideas of when we'll see the new ball.
  13. Ok, so that means at least SOME of the balls have been produced and they're not just specs on a computer somewhere. That sees to make is less likely that they will never make an appearance. But alas, when?
  14. We know the 4 piece has been on the conforming list for some time. What exactly needs to happen for a ball to be placed on the list? Are specs just submitted or does a ball actually have to be produced and tested? I'm assuming that actually testing all the balls by the USGA would be so onerous that it would take forever for balls to get added, but simply submitting specs would make it awful easy to produce something different labeled as what was submitted.
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