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  1. Not even a stretch. Your classic nuisance lawsuit designed to get the other party to stop just because defending it would be too expensive. Based on some of what's been posted here it sounds like that's a Titleist SOP when some upstart undercuts them.
  2. Thanks. It's great to have this all in one place to everyone who may not have followed the whole thread is on the same page. I'm out of the V1 or would have posted something myself.
  3. I'm in that group myself, first of all. And secondly I'm not calling anyone out. Do what you want; guy I played with a lot last year was a huge vanity capper, but that's his business. I'm not calling him out for any of his mulligans. As for it being a "BS rule", on that I disagree. There are balls that are specifically designed to be longer because they are smaller or lighter or whatever than the USGA rules allow. Having rules on what constitutes a "golf ball" is perfectly valid, as is a method to enforce it. Otherwise we could just go out with a super ball and see how far that goes. I don't think the Kirkland balls fall into that category (and as I said, I play them). I just have one of the inquiring minds that wants to know.
  4. The V1 and V2 both were/are stamped <dot Performance+ dot>, but seem to have a different construction and playing characteristics. I'm just wondering if that's a problem. From my (very limited) understanding of the USGA conforming ball rules, I didn't think you could do that. But I have to assume that they wouldn't release a ball that was illegal, so I'll keep playing them until I learn otherwise. Bottom line, I'm a nerd. I just want to understand stuff, including the conforming list and why or why not a ball would need to be resubmitted.
  5. I guess I just don't fall into the "it's not illegal if you don't get caught" camp.
  6. I simply believe it's better to know the rules than not; I like to understand things. I play the V2 so I don't think it's unreasonable to want to know if it's conforming, and why or why not. I hardly think I'm "perseverating", it's not like I'm losing any sleep over it. Just curious.
  7. Yes, but there is only one ball with this stamp on the list right? And two "different" balls with that stamp. Does that make both conforming? Or, as is quite likely, am I missing something?
  8. Because if this is technically a non-conforming ball it would be illegal to use in competition or any round you post for handicap. I'd kind of like to know if that's the case.
  9. How many people have to care before I'm allowed to?
  10. Which is maybe why I thought it was required to have a different stamp on each "different" ball per USGA. But maybe that was just a bad assumption on my part. But we only see one ball with that stamp on the conforming list. Can a new version inherit a stamp, or was the V2 never put on the conforming list, technically making it an illegal ball? I'd really like to understand all this.
  11. This is my single biggest question around the Kirkland balls, outside of if and when a new 4 piece will hit the shelves. Why do they have the same stamp? I didn't think it was even allowed to have different balls with the same stamp.
  12. Girevik


    Depends on the version. Some folks had some balooning issues in windy conditions with the prior version, but results have been better with the more recent one. OP, Costco has an amazing return policy. Buy some and try them. If you don't like them take them back. How can you go wrong?
  13. Remember there's nothing preventing us amateurs from switching balls. If you're concerned about it, play the Ksig most of the time, but on a hole that you think you may have a shot where it would impact you tee up something different. For me, though, it's all about value. I'm not willing to pay 3x as much for a ball that may give me slightly better performance. I'll pay a little more for a lot better, but not vice versa.
  14. This thread has been going for 5 years and 580 pages. If it has died, it was far from quickly!
  15. I don't recall any announcement being make in the past prior to the balls just showing up online. Keep the dream alive!
  16. It was the red ball. Right through the loop-the-loop, under the windmill, and smack into the clown's nose. What a day.
  17. Yep, I've got a few. And they came in a plain envelope rather than the cardboard backed packaging.
  18. Hmm, must've changed. I could swear last time I bought gloves on line there were 5. But it's been a while.
  19. IIRC, the one from online comes with an extra glove for some reason.
  20. Yes, that's the older version. The newer V2 ball seems to have gotten much better reviews.
  21. Wouldn't you notice if you were losing a full club or more?
  22. Damnit, you all have me questioning ball choice again. I'm no where near consistent enough to compare shot-to-shot. I do no some of my longest drives haver have been Ksig, but if that's what I'm playing..... I've considered switching form the K-sig a couple of times before and have always come back to it. Bottom line for me always comes down to what will perform better for a similar price? I loose too many balls to play anything much more expensive.
  23. Ok, lets get back to talking about gas pumps and booze rather than what might be actual evidence of whether the 3 piece is being phased out in favor of a new ball.
  24. Are they hiring?!! Went to my Costco yesterday. They've restocked the gloves but still not balls.
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