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  1. The Tommy Armour Atomic can be had for $200. Yes, it's DSG's house brand, but the reviews are good and it's closer to the tier of drivers from the big OEMs, in terms of performance and build quality, than it is to any other house brand or Walmart level driver out there.
  2. Looks like a homemade attempt at a shotmaker
  3. The "brown" stuff just looks like light reflecting off the plastic, to me.
  4. > @brew4eagle said: > > @Brooky03 said: > > Went into DSG to buy a M6 but the employee said they were out of forms. Looks like I missed out. Gonna kick myself if Rory wins. > > The 'form' prints out with your receipt when you pay. The little postcard form is for non-purchase entries. Oh, nice! Looks like I'll be heading back there tonight
  5. Went into DSG to buy a M6 but the employee said they were out of forms. Looks like I missed out. Gonna kick myself if Rory wins.
  6. Their logo is a straight knockoff of The Golf Club (video game). That's something.
  7. I'm with you. I don't know what a seller could do. I don't think they have a mechanism to deny the eBay discount code, because they're not really in the picture to begin with. I guess they'd have to pull the listings or increase the price to negate the discount? Seems like a lot for the manufacturers to ask
  8. You can still buy leather golf shoes and the switch from metal spikes wasn't the shoe manufacturers' decision. Anyway, back to the Jordans. The Jordan brand doesn't sell a high volume of golf shoes. I'd doubt a counterfeiter would bother going through the extra effort to fake Jordan golf shoes when they could just keep faking the basketball shoes, probably with much better margins.
  9. They fit true to size for me, but I'd consider the shirt length a tad long. Good if you tuck in your polos.
  10. It would make more financial sense to buy a driver at the beginning of the golf season and then sell it at the end. Rinse, wash, repeat. The depreciation of the driver, assuming you don't wreck it, would be less than the amount you'd pay to rent it. I think the subscription model only makes sense if: a) you can't scrounge up $500 up front, or are unwilling to put it on a credit card. and/or b) you don't feel comfortable selling used clubs.
  11. This entire thread is an exercise in semantics.
  12. I have a 58 degree, which is a lob wedge in practically everyone's book. When you're short sided, it's invaluable. I also prefer to play a full swing from 100 yards out and the 58 allows me to do that.
  13. I'm the guy who keeps score until a stretch of really bad holes and then says, 'to hell with it.'
  14. If you're addicted, yes, it probably helps. If you're not addicted, it would probably make things worse.
  15. If it wasn't a score that was being posted, part of a competition, or money wasn't on the line, then I don't see why it would matter. Rib him if you want, sure. But making a big deal about it or scolding him would be a jerk move.
  16. Keep your current shaft, sell the replacement XR and buy a Big Bertha DBD head with the money. This requires a little more leg work for OP, but it's not a bad deal considering the broken club is out of warranty.
  17. Golf is expensive as it is, and a lot of players don't know their own, exact, handicap. Compelling somebody to wager is obviously dumb. A lot of athletes enjoy the game plenty just competing to win.
  18. I don't have a full practice set, but I do have a 7 iron blade that I always start with on the range. I hit shots with it until I get 3 good shots in a row, then I move on to my gamers.
  19. I wouldn't worry about the jacked lofts that much. They're stronger nowadays to counteract the higher launch that modern GI and SGI heads usually provide. Iron length is where manufacturers tend to do the most cheating, so check that the length/lie is appropriate and go from there. You could always shorten the irons to more traditional lengths if that's a consideration. Carrying a hybrid in place of a 5 iron is not uncommon nowadays with golfers playing GI and SGI sets. If he hits hybrids well, I wouldn't hesitate to start the iron set with a 6. If he prefers irons over hybrids, a moder
  20. I know the sales associate didn't seem too interested or worried about it, but I'd be hard pressed not to go back there and bring it to a manager's attention if the clubs are still sitting on the rack. Not all customers are informed enough to spot even obvious fakes. If they go to eBay and get screwed over, that's on them, but they shouldn't get screwed over with fake sticks at a big box retailer. Maybe the manager won't care or believe you either, but it's worth a second shot.
  21. I witnessed a situation today that I thought I'd share to see how others would have handled it. I went to a local shop to look for a new (used) putter - since mine was taken from a driving range, but that's a story for another time - and I overheard a conversation between a pretty confused looking customer and a sales associate. The customer first asked if he could tell how long irons would last based on the face of the club. The employee said no, not really, and that you can't tell how long a club will last by looking at it. The customer then asked if the shaft would make a difference, t
  22. As others have stated, forged vs. cast doesn't influence the difficulty of hitting irons; that comes down to cavity back vs. blade mostly. Forged clubs offer better feel, usually, but at the cost of durability. The grooves on the faces will wear out faster and eventually impact launch and spin. Cast clubs can feel harsher or more 'clicky' but the grooves will never wear out. It all depends on how much golf you play per year. If you play multiple times per week, you're going to wear out the forged faces to the point of a noticeable - although perhaps insignificant - change in ball flight a
  23. I wonder if the oversized putter grips precipitated this change or if bags were designed like this before that. Also, ya gotta have a slot for the ball retriever, haha.
  24. I buy used because there is no way in hell I'd pay even half of what OEMs charge for new clubs. So I will probably never buy clubs fitted and built to my specs. I enjoy the game plenty with the standard, banged up stuff. What I will do, and have done once with mediocre results, is get evaluated in a launch monitor to see, generally, what type of club suits my swing. There is plenty of information out there to make an informed decision once you know your launch monitor numbers. I'd just use this to find the used OTR club that comes closest to what I need.
  25. It's one thing to hit the golf ball and another thing to hit it straight and far. I grew up playing the 3 main US sports (football, baseball, basketball) and I was good at all 3. My hand-eye coordination is better than most. That certainly helped get the clubhead to make contact with the golf ball, but that didn't help me fix my 60 yard slice, or learn to keep my head still, or learn how to rotate my hips or shoulders properly. If anything, hand-eye coordination might've limited my game somewhat (in the absence of good coaching) because I could sway my hips, move my head off the ball signi
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