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  1. What are you looking for? A Cancun vacation where you can enjoy some beach time and nightlife, with a side of golf? Or a true golf vacation? Not gonna find a lot of single ladies at Bandon or Streamsong for example. Answers/recommendations will depend on what you are seeking in a trip.
  2. Spends pretty quick if you’re spending any decent amount of time at the club
  3. it’s sort of counter intuitive. you probably have the straps 90 degrees off. If you are looking down at the bag, the top left loop connects to the top of the right shoulder strap. The bottom left loop connects to the top of the left shoulder strap. I’m not at home but I can take a picture tomorrow if that doesn’t make sense
  4. I live in Houston and my carbon putter doesn't look anything like that. You also really shouldn't leave your clubs in the trunk here, only a matter of time until you have a head fall off from the glue melting or problems with your grips... Keep the putter clean during rounds. Always put the cover back on so no chatter/dings. After the round use a silicone gun rag. Don't let moisture accumulate on it for long periods of time.
  5. Every time I play at a pubilc course in Houston, there is something that just about ruins the experience for me. Either slow play, or bad conditions, or slow greens. And unless I can get a tee time at memorial park, the public courses are all running close to or over $100 bucks a round. I'm not trying to be a snob. I've just been very lucky up until now to live in places where good golf was affordable. I had a season pass to a Pete Dye semi-private course for $1500 for 7 years, at a course where you could just walk on anytime except weekend early mornings and pace of p
  6. Rivermont is in Johns Creek would be your closest, dues are right around that. Low initiation fee. Single owner club. But they are on a pretty long waitlist. Horseshoe Bend is another around that price point though I think they raised their initiation a lot. Berkeley Hills in Duluth There are a lot of mid-priced clubs in Atlanta.
  7. Moisture kills shoes like nothing else. Do everything you can to get them dry quickly after you wear them. Stuff them with newspaper after, use a hair-dryer on low heat, use shoe trees, some people like those charcoal odor eliminators.
  8. I know of multiple clubs in ATL with similar or lower dues that I'd join 100x over a ClubCorp course.
  9. My first pair of gallivanters is approaching 2 years old. They have a little wear but I take good care of them (clean after each round, use Saphir cream regularly, polish them every couple months, use shoe trees). They still look good enough that I get people asking what brand they are frequently. I've since bought 4 more pairs. Addicted. They are the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever owned.
  10. I honestly don't play much in the peak Houston summers as a result. It's just not fun. I'll go hit balls in the early morning, and I'll travel to cooler climates.
  11. IMO Dormie Club >>> the other options Coore/Crenshaw design that is a really fun layout. Brand new clubhouse opening next month. In Pinehurst so easy to make a destination trip out of it to one of the golf meccas of the US. Is Dormie Club not an option on whatever thing you won? Vic National is the most highly rated if you care about such things. I haven't played it but by report it is a very difficult design with a lot of water. Ballyhack is supposed to be gorgeous but again very hard. Might be a good choice for a fall trip as you cou
  12. Played 7 courses in Ireland and almost double that in Scotland. About 5 or 6 actually followed up on the handicap verification. Never heard of having to have a letter of introduction from a club.
  13. I wouldn't go that far. Grasses are dormant unless courses overseed. Might be shorts, might be 40s and grey skies. I wouldn't plan a major destination trip that time of year anywhere north of florida.
  14. I don't like the branding of their shirts/hats/bags, but they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and I think the style of the gallivanters is terrific.
  15. Life is too short to dream!! I have 4 lefty dream sets currently in possession: -Titleist 731pm -Callaway tour authentic x-prototype -Nike VR pro blades -Miura Y grind mixed set The only "dream set" I think I'm missing is a classic set of Titleist 600 series blades. If I ever come across one in decent shape/price I'll pull the trigger.
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