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  1. Finally got through at 1:58 minutes...
  2. I called both right before 6 and got that message, and immediately at 6 and got put in the permanent queue then dropped
  3. I think he meant PM But I also think clearly they are getting slammed today and my hopes of getting through are minimal at this point...
  4. Been trying to get through all morning but had work so haven't been able to sit on hold the whole time...I'm back in the queue now sigh Getting real sick of David Kidd's voice...
  5. Would love for them to actually update their lefty offerings, rather than just put new stamping on the same old models...
  6. Part of the reason I love visiting the Pinehurst area...pretty much every course has a local rule allowing you to ground your club in the sand
  7. Anyone know what time they open up the phone lines?
  8. For Memorial Park - walk on waiting list is hours. I have seen guys waiting when I started and still waiting when I turn at 9. Cypresswood - Scramble events I have decided I will never do another one. Last one pace of play was 5.5 hours and the winning group came in with like a 49 despite looking like they could barely walk straight. Livinng - can't speak to that specific complex but I don't love the area around Richmond and 69, especially near Kirby. You're going to be surrounded by strip malls and its always loud. If you want Upper Kirby neighborhood, I'd look a little further north - even just getting up towards Alabama or Westheimer makes a big difference.
  9. They allow carts on Ocean course for disability, just need a doctors note (and not sure they'd even actually check that, it is just what the policy says)
  10. I would agree I would look at the scorecard closely and make picks based off of that. A lot of courses the par 3s all cluster in a similar range. Or look at the par 4 yardages and think about what combination makes sense - hybrid-hybrid on a lot of the par 4s will make for a long day unless you're really good with it... I would go with either driver or hybrid + whatever mid-iron makes the most sense + whatever wedge is most versatile for you
  11. All of the above Cost Access Driving distance Architectural style/quality turf conditions/soil quality
  12. This has been my problem and why I haven't joined a club. Any of the decent choices are a 40+ minute drive which pretty much rules out any weekday golf for me, ever. And even on the weekends it is a slog of a drive. I'm not gonna lie if I had the job flexibility I would probably take a 10K pay cut for San Antonio over Houston, and golf is really the main reason why. I have lived in GA, TN, TX, IN, MI and this is the worst golf city I have ever been in.
  13. Braeburn: Initiation currently 35K, rumored to be going up with the newly redesigned course. Terrible neighborhood (you can see a burnt out tenement building from one of the tee boxes, the club just got broken into last week and all the range balls stolen, thefts becoming more frequent). Also a permanent flood risk. Champions: 2 18s which is nice, great golf, minimal facilities. Last I heard initiation was creeping up towards 20K. Still haven't reopened/rebuilt the clubhouse since the freeze and just changed ownership Haven't looked seriously into the other options you listed for variety of reasons (location, general reputation, etc) Public options suck. Tee times are limited. Have to plan in advance for Memorial and as you said makes a regular game or bigger group difficult. Also if you are not living in City of Houston proper greens fees are now ~140 Good luck.
  14. The course I mentioned before has the WORST routing. Front nine: -2 short par 5s in a row with no hazards, so everyone tries to go in 2 Back nine: -2 short/possibly drivable par 4s in a row Also features a 230 yard par 3 which is a bear for most public golfers and further drags play. But it's only ~6300 from the back tees so everyone plays them.
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