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  1. It's pretty much a guarantee that Titleist will release a black version ~9-12 months later to boost lagging sales. Seems to be their answer to the longer release cycles.
  2. Also it pairs pretty well with the canvas driver cover... I'm thinking Canvas driver cover, Swag April COTM (Silver/black skulls) fairway, suede putter cover, black towel, and a white bag. Pretty good looking setup...
  3. Pretty much all of the major resorts - Bandon, Sand Valley, Whistling Straits, Cabot - are nearly 100% booked for the summer, definitely if you have a large group they won't have rooms/times. Pinehurst might b/c people avoid it for the summer. Kiawah and Hilton Head are big enough you can probably find something but both are hugely popular in the summer. May try "second tier" resorts in Michigan/Midwest like Forest Dunes, Boyne Highlands, etc.
  4. Call me a snob if you will. I just cannot imagine traveling internationally to go to ...myrtle beach...
  5. When I lived in Nashville, I played less golf than any other period of my life for exactly this reason
  6. Hilton Head is bigger than Kiawah but still very remote and quaint. It has more bars so there is a little more nightlife. It has a ton of golf courses, I think some of the better ones are not through Sea Pines (the group that owns Harbor Town), and some of the best ones are off-island nearby. I think your group should decide what you want between one of two options. Primary golf trip - pick one of the "all in" places with package deals. Your Pinehursts and Streamsongs, etc. Food is good although mostly meat and potatoes type meals, plenty of drinking, but mostly just
  7. I love me some swag, but that article can hardly be described as a “review” more like propaganda
  8. I’ve been to Branson before, just not to Big Cedar proper. I have no doubt we will have a great week. I want to do it at least once, just like you said I’m not sure it will be $$ worth it to do again after that. I’m a total C&C sucker though - I told my wife my new goal is to play every one of their tracks before I die...(9 down and adding 4 more this year)
  9. I would only go to Kiawah if it was a purely golf focused trip (or a family/beach oriented trip but that’s not what is being discussed). If you’re looking for nightlife and partying, with golf as a secondary concern, look elsewhere.
  10. I am very worried about the overpriced aspect, but giving it at least a try once since they have a Coore Crenshaw course and a TW course. We also love hiking, biking, and it’s a beautiful area along the lakes oh - And for the BBQ - not only is it just a BBQ restaurant, it’s a rebranded Famous Dave’s... You’d think a world class resort in that part of the country could do their own BBQ...
  11. as a Christmas gift to ourselves we booked a cabin for a week this spring. We figured at worst with covid we could largely social distance that way and stick to outdoor activities where risks were low. Now we are fully vaccinated and super excited. playing Payne’s Valley, Ozark National, and Top of the Rock. still largely going to use the cabin for kitchen/cooking/grilling. Driving so we are loading up a big cooler with supplies. cant wait!
  12. You'll love Chechessee. I didn't think it was the best hole on the course but I didn't really have a problem with it. Of course I bombed my drive and then hit a lovely R->L three iron that cut to the left of the fairway bunker and left me a nice short iron approach. Easy to not hate the hole when you play it like it is meant to be played...
  13. It’s expensive for sure. jacks cabin looks amazing but also wildly impractical - 2 king beds and allegedly for 4 people. So I guess if your bros are okay bunking up it’s fine, but not exactly ideal. I’m not really sure who it’s marketed for
  14. I would try to change from the holly inn to the Carolina or the manor.
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