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  1. Yeah hopefully it isn’t terrible my thought was the c taper feels heavy at 110 so I don’t know
  2. Hi a little background driver SS 101-105 starting to get back pain from golf usually hit c-taper lite 110s. Was thinking to switch to graphite and looking at the pxg irons. They come stock with the MMT 80 stiff shafts. Would this be a big difference? I get the c taper lite 110s to be kind of heavy for me
  3. Wondering everyone’s thoughts on the gen 2 pxg woods vs SIM My golf coach, unbiased review thinks I may be better fit getting rid of my pxgs. I just hit the sim and didn’t think it was THAT much different than what I was hitting with my pxgs any thoughts?
  4. Title states it all any opinion on the Mizuno hot metal pro 919s that I am currently gaming vs PXG gen 2/3 players irons. Currently thinking I play them well but have heard such good things about pxg irons
  5. I own the proto x+ have hit several drivers in recent weeks. Bought a proto x+ while it is a good driver I don’t seem to think it’s “that much better” than anything else out there. Any opinions on this?
  6. Am glad to be welcomed to the family! Upgraded from 9* Xf gen 2 to Proto + 10.5 (only option) any advice for people who hit it high already? They only have the 10.5 I’m thinking of just dropping the loft. Any other Recs for weight placement without losing forgiveness? playing hzrdus smoke stiff
  7. Hello, long time lurker here I am about a 3 hdcp. Driver swing speed 104 mph. I currently game a pxg 3 hybrid with the hzrdus smoke 80 g shaft and mizuno JPX 919 Hot metal pros with the kbs c taper lite stiff 110s my question is about my 4 iron, ideally I would like something I can hit low if it is windy off the tee. I am looking at getting the pxg gen 2 driving iron in 4 with the smoke 80 g shaft. I don’t use my 4 iron too much for approach shots. Do you think 1. I should look at a driving iron if this seems reasonable to replace my HMP 4 Iron 2. Would you get steel or graphite shaft in the driving iron 3. is it reasonable to hit it off the fairway also?
  8. Titleist Scotty Cameron GoLo 6 Putter Right 9.9/10 MINT condition 35” ORIG HC. No dings or chips anywhere comes with original grip and original headcover Used sparingly $190
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