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  1. You know who else is a dick? Michael Jordan. I'd bet quite a bit of money that Brooks wins another major this year.
  2. That's garbage. Doesn't matter in the end but it's still garbage.
  3. DQ'ing a guy for moving the ball one dimple haha? The anal rules freaks in this thread are insane. I'd hate to play a round with you guys.
  4. These call-in rule violations have to stop. Takes all the fun out of the sport. Luckily he's winning by enough strokes that it won't matter this time but it's still ridiculous.
  5. Who gives a shit if the ball moved less than a millimeter if it didn't improve his lie? What a stupid rule.
  6. Awesome shot!! I was cheering for Finau all week but I'll be happy to see Rahm go to #1
  7. There is only one guy in the ballpark right now (Rory McIlroy). 4 Majors (3 different), 11 PGA Tour wins and 13 European Tour wins at 27 years old. He'd have to win 6 Majors in 12 years to even be in the conversation. 10 Majors in 12 years to match Tiger. That's how dominant he was.
  8. I agree with cmatthews77. Phil is just outside the Top 10 for me. All-time great.
  9. Henrik Stenson is a stone cold killer. How has he not won more Majors?
  10. Best post I've ever read in almost 10 years on GolfWRX. Nailed it.
  11. 1. St Andrews 2. The rest I might call it the British Open but I still have a great respect for the history of the game. It is amazing to me that golf has been played there for almost 500 years.
  12. He hasn't had a great year but Troon sets up perfectly for Rickie Fowler. My money is on him.
  13. Did anyone else think the timing of the penalty had anything to do with the broadcast? Joe Buck was talking about all the great breaks that Dustin Johnson was getting with the original ruling and then taking his ball out of the rough on the line of sight rule. Less than 5 minutes later Jeff Hall came on TV to announce a potential violation. My theory: The USGA was mad that the Fox crew basically said they were helping DJ win the tournament so they over-corrected and penalized him later. Even more pathetic if true and the USGA should have cleaned house and fired it's leaders on Monday morning.
  14. I have a big problem with Jeff Hall saying "there was better than a 51% chance that DJ caused his ball to move". You better be 100% sure to penalize the US Open leader on Sunday.
  15. I'm not the biggest Lee Westwood fan in the world but I loved his sportsmanship with DJ yesterday and I think we can all agree he's the best player (by far) without a major. If Darren Clarke could win the Open at 42 in his 20th attempt there is still plenty of time for Westy to win one.
  16. THANK YOU! If it's a practice swing with no intent to hit the ball who gives a s***? Just put it back. Like accidentally knocking your ball off the tee.
  17. Nothing worse than a man who can't admit when he's wrong. Shame on you USGA.
  18. His real fans always knew this day would come! Just like Jason Day, Dustin Johnson was too good not to win a Major.
  19. Old rules guy scolding that young woman... Go home USGA.
  20. Rory has a history of cleaning up the USGA's mess...
  21. Piss off. agreed F off. 99% percent of Us want DJ to win. Solid par DJ lets go now. Just trying to grt peoples concentration back to the golf instead of pontificating about a penalty that may or may not jappen. You're welcome. Go Lowry. Lol at "You're welcome." Let this be a lesson to new members. Doesn't matter if you have 6 posts or 6,000 posts if nobody respects you.
  22. If DJ wins you should leave and never come back.
  23. Stay classy playa! Playa is the worst part of GolfWRX just like D'Annunzio is the worst part of Caddyshack. Very fitting avatar.
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