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  1. Just ordered my first ever set of Titleist irons T200 6-G LZ 5.5
  2. Never owned Titleist irons, can anyone get decent pricing?
  3. Damn the T200 is so tempting, looks great. I have never owned a set of Titleist irons.
  4. Looking for 70g 6.0 for 3w and/or 80g 6.0 for 5w, Radspeed heads
  5. Can dealers get heads only? I have never purchased Titleist irons, looking to maybe do a build
  6. As I said, may be wrong, just different than I have seen over the years
  7. I can’t imagine the Apex are anything drastically better. I have been wanting to do a new custom build, so the new T200 are intriguing, but pricey. I would love to find a new/mint set of heads, would just build another set with different shafts
  8. I have been playing them since release, great fit for me, like the elevate 105s. I change irons often, haven’t looked at anything since
  9. I am confused here…….. I have played almost every release since MP 64, and not sure why any credence is being placed on these pics we are seeing. I may be wrong, but do not think we are getting anything like what has been shown here JMO
  10. Looking for new or mint set of heads for a build 6-G preferred
  11. Anyone know shaft options, they offer MMT 105s?
  12. Agree, especially when they are probably $200 or more a stick. They do look very good.
  13. Wish more info would come out on these, thinking of saving up for a sweet custom build on a set with MMT 105
  14. Never owned a set of Titleist irons, am getting along well with players distance irons. I think a set of the new T200 with MMT 105s and white pure pro grips would suit me well, but guessing that would not be cheap
  15. Ordered a second pair of the True knit 2 pebble edition (amazing), and did pre order on the new sport Lux in concrete
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