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  1. I know February is better, but the folks live out there from 11/1-5/1, so do a guys trip out before they go out for the winter. It is still not bad, just have to keep up on what course is doing what. it beats Iowa at the end of October....
  2. I just booked flights for our group of 3 in Palm Dessert 10/19-10/27, folks have a condo at Monterrey CC, and an SUV sitting there, just fly out and have fun, will be 3rd straight year, tickets were not bad at $260, can’t wait to get back.
  3. Head too light, same with Speed, Mavrik was also kinda odd sound, Speed was better, but just not as consistent for me as 16 GBB, can’t kick it out
  4. New TP5X, but do have some 2019 left, don’t play anything else
  5. Still think the 16 GBB and 17 OG Epic are the best, at least for me, and that is what I still play. I have had a Rogue, did a demo on Flash, owned a Mavrik and a new Speed, all are gone.
  6. I have my cart now, the custom new TP5X have shipped, be here tomorrow, but the 3w is still at least 3 weeks out
  7. How is everyone liking the rad speed 3w? I ordered in mid March, still going to be at least 3 more weeks, ugh
  8. Had to finish the other day in 50’s , drizzle and 30mph, hit a full PW from 89 yds. been windy a lot so far this Spring
  9. Black, 14.5 3w, prefer stock FX3 stiff shaft, grip not overly important new or close to new thanks
  10. Just pulled the Lamkin deep etch off my Toulon Portland garage, went with Traxion Pistol GTTour 1.0, love it, needed something just a touch bigger to fill my hands
  11. Taking long enough, been almost a month, no shipping notification yet
  12. I got the wide, they fit much better than the original version which I had to send back for being too loose in the heel. I am not claiming them to be the greatest looking shoe ever, but they fit perfect, seem very comfortable, also got to use my birthday coupon
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