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  1. Play a lot of ping pong in the winter, some seriously good players in our group.
  2. Sad to see Kimi go, but it is time, been a fun ride watching his career. A little more reliability and he would have had multiple driver titles, still the last to bring it home for the Scuderia. I hope Max wins the title this year. Hope to watch Kimi’s son one day.
  3. I played the F9 tour 3 and 5 still have them, that 3 wood was a bit small off the tee, but just sent them out to my folks place in California for when I go out. Radspeed inspire a bit more confidence without being as big as some of the newer stuff, will not even look to replace next season, really like them, 5 wood is a favorite of mine, great out of fairway bunker on par 5.
  4. I was able to wear the dead golfer lux knits yesterday, awesome shoe like most everything they make.
  5. Thank you! Things happen, keeping positive, feel confident things will work out, already have some leads on a new position. I feel like the weight and length of my driver keeps my tempo in check, hitting it really well . I read up on your stuff this morning, congrats on working with Edel, very cool, and those wedges are gorgeous. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  6. So, yeah, been a minute since I posted in here…… Life has definitely thrown a few curves, covid, wife lost job, got new job. I returned from my annual California golf trip end of October, back to work 11/1, and got laid off after 24 years. They paid us through 11/30, then I have a year of severance that kicks in 1/1, and 20 years experience in high stress IT work. Enjoying a little time off over the holidays, then should have no problem finding something and double dipping with severance pay. Enough of story time, on to golf….. I played more rounds this season than ever in my life, live in a small town with a solid little 9 hole country club, bought a new 2021 EZ GO cart. I live a couple minutes away, can drive carts in town, so just drive cart to and from course. I am not sure how many rounds, but went through 2000 tees thi season. I break 70% off the tee, but a ton of rounds, guessing upwards of 200. Great group of guys, about 20 that play at least somewhat regularly, even have a resident club repair guy. Most of bag is different now, but really digging current set up, posted a 69/35 yesterday and all time best 67 last week (not a real difficult course),but the convenience and group of friends trump all else at the moment. I had a bias against Titleist for some reason, always seemed elitist, but decided to open a bit and try something new, got T200 early September and fell in love instantly, best turf interaction in a set of irons ever, then put a TSi3 @ 46.5 with 6 grams of neutral melt and a +4 weight, finally kicked the 2016 GBB out, amazing driver, love the MD5, garage Toulon Portland may never leave the bag, Radspeed fairways and F9 hybrids, love the rails. Portland has 40g plate, 386g, like things heavy. My swing has just kinda developed a bit ( never had a lesson in my life), now hitting a tiny draw with most clubs, but very rarely turn anything too much, driver and 3w are more just straight, baby fade. Playing best golf of my life at 50, and loving it. Looks like 2 more days in the season here in Iowa, can’t believe we are still playing, near 60 today and tomorrow then she drops and probably won’t warm up again. Current set up, TSi3 driver at 46.5 with 6g hot melt, and a +4 weight, RDX smoke black, Radspeed 3/5, RDX smoke black, F9 4/5H, T200 6-G, LZ 5.5, MD5 52/56, and custom garage Portland at 386g, still with TP5X, but dabbling with pro V now. Jumped on some new apparel also, public rec workday pants and True shoes, stocked up, loving the lightweight and comfort of both. sorry for ramble, a few pics…..
  7. Yeah, long and heavy, but feel like it helps with tempo. I only weigh 140, longer arc, more mass gets extra distance without over swinging.
  8. Shorter does not mean more accurate and better strikes as a rule. I am 5-8, and hate short, regular lengths and light heads. I have been playing a 2016 GBB for 5 years with dual sliders and at 46”. I test every year, nothing beats it. I did just get a TSi3 with 6 grams of melt, and a +4 weight, was standard length, was not working, had a 1” extension put in, so now 46.5” with 10 grams extra weight, missed 1 fairway yesterday, love it
  9. I have tried every season to replace my 2016 GBB, possibly found it, TSi3, RDX black, 46.5 with 6 grams hot melt, and a +4 weight, unreal today. 2 more days of nice weather here in Iowa, 61 and 64, then season probably done. New outlook on Titleist after bagging T200 and driver.
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