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  1. I liked hearing he thought the Speed was a little draw biased, think I may try that one, like the smaller head
  2. I don’t fear the left side, the opposite, so would have a Max 9 turned up to 10 with weight towards heel. The Ventus black will help kill spin, play it in my GBB now. if the Speed is fade biased, probably have my answer. Thanks
  3. I am still in 2015/16 GBB, going to order a head blind, not sure if speed or regular max, like the slider weight, but speed head looks better, anxious for reviews on Monday
  4. Looking for a reg, firm, stiff set of iron shafts, prefer with decent grips, 95-115 weight, 5-P, for 919 HM
  5. There are several I like, but worry about the non wide options and ability to keep clean. the white/platinum 270, newer white color Of infinity pro and the light color roshe g.
  6. I guess I don’t check as often as I used too. are the 270 and react infinity pro, both a more narrow fit also?
  7. I suppose Monday before we see address pics of the new Epic MAX?
  8. Elevate is a great shaft, actually interested in the new 115 ETS
  9. This might be my first Ping driver, 425 MAX with some hot melt towards heel side
  10. Looking for HM or HMP, probably 5-P/G, stiff, looking for a set in nice condition.
  11. My Toulon Portland is 386 with the 40g plate, no counterbalance, love a heavy head, just feels right.
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