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  1. What a sensational set of irons, lipped a bird for 68 on 18 tonight, never had better turf interaction with an iron, get excited every time I pull one from the bag. sorry for my bias against Titleist for all these years
  2. T200 is all you need to know, my first set of Titleist irons, long time Mizuno player
  3. I have always been adamant about not playing Titleist, now have T200 and proV1 left dot in the bag, really enjoy both.
  4. What has everyone found to be their favorite shoe this year? I am pretty much a full convert to True Linkswear now. I wear the knit 2 when warm and dry, the new sport lux if wet, so comfortable and light, great traction for spikeless.
  5. T200 are awesome, loving them, only other thing I did this year was replace F9 fairways with Radspeed.
  6. I played 19 with mine yesterday, normal TP5X player. I was quite impressed, more spin with shorter clubs and green side, but was like TP5X off the tee. Nice ball, had to grab a dozen to go with the new T200
  7. Yes, can work the ball, but still give some help. I am a low ball hitter, these have given me a little extra height which is awesome. Yes, you know where you missed. This iron set is exactly what I have been looking for, been in the Mavrik Pro, these look and feel better, forgiveness is minimal between the 2, same lofts and higher launch with T200
  8. I have 4 rounds in now with the T200, quite possibly my favorite set of irons, nothing I don’t like, very impressed with looks, performance, feel. They did an exceptional job on these.
  9. I took my set of T200 out yesterday, can’t agree with your assessment. They look great, feel great, love everything about them
  10. These irons are dope, 72 today, first round, bought blind. clicky my a**, these things are pure. I hit the 6 once today and flew it 12 ft under the pin, beautiful looks, feel, whole package
  11. Ogio silencer, discontinued, but have 4
  12. Damn they look good….. Heading out for 18 in a bit, will give some feedback this evening
  13. Looking for a GW for my buddy, he has 919 HMP, any set GW will do from 919/921 series thanks
  14. I have the tour version of the F9, 3 and 5, small but awesome, played since release, til I picked up the regular Radspeed 3/5 this year, such great woods. I also play F9 hybrids, love the rails, clubs have a great feel also
  15. It’s all Cobra with the fwy and hybrids
  16. I just ordered a dozen. I normally don’t play anything Titleist, but with new T200 arriving tomorrow, should have a dozen left dot to go with, right?
  17. I did a pre order on these in mid July, supposed to ship by 8/20, had a delay, arrived yesterday with a nice towel and a $25 gift card for being 10 days late. Nice shoe, like everything about them, probably wear today for a round…..
  18. Just got shipping notification through DD, 8/2 order date 6-G LZ 5.5, GP TV 360 white, 1 flat. Thursday delivery
  19. First set was Mavrik Pro, still playing since release, really nice irons, T200 on order, should be a bit more compact with less offset, should be perfect, hoping for that shipping notice within a few days
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