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  1. Anyone have feedback on the new ADV rain gear, fit? Thanks
  2. Looking for black bottoms in XS, white coat in small thanks
  3. They had the wide ones at Carl’s for $99, went ahead and ordered today, thanks.
  4. Callaway adapter 60g, 6.0 or 6.5, stock length or longer
  5. My first ever Titleist driver, love it, the 2016 GBB finally got beat out, so muted with hot melt, awesome.
  6. Question about the ZIT currently on NDC in wide. Is the white shoe totally white, or is it a light grey in front? looks different on TGW
  7. I have the F9 Tour 3/5, but sent the 5w out for my bag in California, 3 is in my back up bag, pretty small 3w head, but awesome woods, doubt I would sell em, playing Radspeed now
  8. LH regular small, looking for several
  9. I jumped from F9 tour to Radspeed in fairways last year, but F9 hybrids could possibly get upgraded, looks good
  10. Looking for a few dozen, new, no logo
  11. Looking for one or both, stiff, not Recoil thabks
  12. 4-P modus 115, TV anyone get a decent deal? Thanks
  13. Garage Portland with a slant, black steel, white and blue paint fill, 40g plate.
  14. Play T200, but same lofts set GW, 52 bent to 53 and 58
  15. All these stretched back drivers look awful at address, and are too light. it took 5 years to get me out of 2016 GBB, with the beautiful head and performance of the TSi3, won’t look at a driver for a few years
  16. They are my first set of Titleist irons, had them since early September, easily 40 rounds in. I very much like them, play 6-G. I hear a lot of people complain about feel on here, but I think they are solid. They may not have a forged mizuno feel, but not much does. Higher ball flight and a few extra yards for a small guy that is 50 now. No issues holding greens, able to flight PW and GW. I played some of my best golf this fall, including a personal best. They are set in the bag for next season.
  17. I have the tru lux sport in the light grey color, good traction, clean up easy
  18. Just got a bag of 1000 tees yesterday, just need some balls and gloves
  19. A lot of people complain about T200 feel, don’t get it, feel solid to me, and am coming from 7/8 years of Mizuno
  20. No issue with the polymer backs on the T 200, but I do keep 3/4 with covers on them so they don’t bang around
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