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  1. Is that dirt or rust on the faces of the Tommy Armours?
  2. Any trade interests on the SLDR irons? Have i-25 5 thru LW, 9 clubs, stiff Ping CFS steel, ID8 grips, black dot.
  3. Any trade interests, you didn't say. Got a like new Ping G30 SF tec 12 degree (set to 11) with the bi-matrix (Bubba shaft but not pink) in stiff flex. Straight as an arrow!
  4. Is the Ping putter still available and do you have any trade interests? I've got a whole bag of TM stuff, irons, Jetspeed driver, SLDR 19 hybrid, and a 12 degree mini but all have stiff flex stock shafts.
  5. [quote name='tdelam' timestamp='1411262931' post='10154929'] I tried my buddies a few times, it's a very very longggg... GLWS [/quote]Was it longer than your mini 14?
  6. The iron sets I have are Miura forged 4-P, 4,5,&6 are CB, 7-W are blades, in very good condition, a set of Maruman Conductor XC31's, blades, 1 iron and 3-AW, 10 clubs. The Miura's have KBS Tour in stiff and the Marumans have Maruman specific Vanadium shafts(don't ask me?) in regular flex except the 1 and 3 iron have an additional blue band which the guy I bought from here on WRX said they were stiff flex. The 1 iron is surprisingly easy to hit just move the ball up just a bit. But I've not played the 1,3, and mostly 4 more than a few times. Back during the winter I bought the Miura's from a WRX'er and two weeks or so later found the Marumans and played them ever since until yesterday to not mess them up. Both sets have the usual minor chatter but no scraps,gouges or the like. I was holding out for LH SLDR's but may get new 2013 X forged instead. Let me know.
  7. Jon, is the Callaway bag still available? Do you have any trade interests?
  8. Any trade interest at all? Have LH set of Miura forged combo, 4,5 & 6 CB, 7-PW MB I bought from WRX'er this past winter and only played them two weeks before I picked up a set of LH Maruman Conductor XC31's I've played ever since, which they would be available as well, 1 iron & 3-AW, 10 clubs,all blades.
  9. Would you consider $250 for the Marumans? Are all the back sections as clean as the one shown?
  10. [quote name='unitzero' timestamp='1385823674' post='8228124'] Are the Callies gone? [/quote]
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